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Old 11-10-2012, 10:56 AM
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Default Geez, two dog fights in a week!

This past Sunday, I was at my friends house. She lives in a townhouse and I had Jackson out front with me on a short leash. Their neighbor has a small dog, probably about 17lbs, Shihtzu looking dog, and when the door opened, she came FLYING out and just attacked Jackson. He will always fight back, so then he started, so I ended up falling on the ground separating the two and getting grass stains all over my pants, LOL.

Just now, my dads JRT mix Lilly and Jackson were playing tug with a sock... they do that kind of a lot when I'm over visiting. Well I was on the floor with them getting them all amped up, and I saw it coming a split second before it happened, but Jackson was about to grab the sock off the ground, and Lilly came in and kind of bit his face trying to grab it at the same time, and then BAM all kinds of loud growls and noises and they were going at it. I got them apart but the problem with Jackson is he wants to finish so I had Lilly up in my arms and he's trying to come at her still. So I ended up having to pick them both up by their collars (LOL, they weren't hanging for long - but at least we know Ellas Lead and Paco's are strong, right? ) after about 30 seconds of separation, they were fine, now they are laying next to each other.

JEEZ! I never have to worry about fights with Jackson and this week I've had to separate two! lol. No matter how small the fight, it always works you up though!
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Old 11-10-2012, 01:41 PM
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That's great though that he's able to just let it go and be fine with the other dog a few seconds later. Dixie and Lucy would go at it so bad and would have to be separated for quite some time before they could be together again, and even then it didn't always work. I hated that. Chloe and Violet get growly with each other at times and it always goes right back to normal and it always amazes me, because I haven't had that in the past.
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