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Old 10-24-2012, 11:16 PM
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Default If you had 10 Million dollars for ONE day...

What would you do with it? Saving/trust fund isn't an option because you only have it for one day - and any investing or purchasing stocks/shares/gold etc must be done within those 24 hours. You can't give the money away either - but likewise you can invest or buy things with the money for anyone you'd like.

Honestly I'd call up my friend and ask her what to invest in quick LOL. But right away I would...

*Buy myself a apartment/condo in the Downtown area and a house on a good plot of land in the more suburb area

*Pay off my parents mortgage and secure their house for them. Make wise investments for them as well.

*Buy materials for a good, large kennel for Katalin

*Do the crazy shopping thing XD. I would get a Cartier watch, Lambo Adventador, Bentley Sedan, Toys etc

*Buy a nice watch and a few good cases of red wine for my dad

*Buy a Birkin purse and some jewelry for mom

*A bally fitness pass, swim pool pass, speed dating pass, and life coaching for my brother

*Travel vouchers, spa vouchers, gift certificates, therapy vouchers, gas vouchers, and food vouchers for myself

*Buy something for charities and supplies for a good rescue.

*Invest into something lucrative and long term for said charities and rescue

*Treat my family to a nice big fancy dinner

*Treat my friends out to a nice night of eating, clubbing etc

*Buy a puppy from a breeder I was interested in to top it all off! (if they didn't have any on the ground that would be ok, I would be able to afford puppy later from investments anyways)

Let's have everyone else's lists - silly or serious or whatnot.
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Old 10-24-2012, 11:34 PM
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I'd buy an apartment in NYC - well probably in Brooklyn. If I could find a good deal though I'd spend probably up to 2 mil for a place in Manhattan.

I'd buy a house....somewhere. IDK where yet. Probably on Long Island near where my ex grew up...I guess I could always sell it and move if I found some place better.

Buy my parents a house.

I'd buy plane tickets to Borneo, Argentina, France.

As far as investing...IDK anything about that crap, it makes me nervous. I guess I'd hire a financial advisor to help me out. I'd maybe only invest like 2 mil though.

I'd throw a huge party.

I guess that leaves about 3-4 million? I'd probably buy a commercial space, and eventually try to open up a music venue there.

I'd renovate my old boss's store (wouldn't cost too much).

I'd spend the rest either on charity (supplies for the dog rescue, school supplies for inner city schools) or buying practical stuff.

So, mostly buy property.
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Old 10-24-2012, 11:37 PM
CatStina CatStina is offline
SBT Lover!!
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Location: USA
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*Pay off my car
*Pay off my loans
*Pay off the parents' house
*Pay off the parents' credit card debt
*Pay off the boyfriend's school loans and credit card debt (only a thousand dollars)
*Buy a plane ticket to Finland
*Or, hell why not just buy a Jet which I can later sell to get some of my money back!?
*Buy a really nice service dog vest, ID tag, harness and cards instead of the cheaper ones I have now
*Buy all of the really expensive Staffordshire Bull Terrier books that I really want (There's one rare book that is $400!)
*Buy my brother a (really safe and slow, but nice) car
*Buy the boyfriend a car
*Buy my dad a great car
*Buy my grandmother a great car
*Buy a place in Finland
*Buy that $90 brass SBT door knocker and leash hook set
*Buy a poop ton of Ella's Lead products
*Buy the boyfriend a new computer
*I like my computer, but I have $10 milion I have to spend, so I guess I'd buy one for myself, as well!
*Buy property and building supplies for my favorite reputable rescue groups
*Invest in my uncle's hydroponic farm and shipping container housing projects
*Buy gifts for all of my cousins
*Buy my mother those stools she really liked for her kitchen but couldn't afford
*Go nuts at the Lush store in the mall (I'll try one of everything, thank you!)
*Get my first massage
*Treat my mom, my grandmother and myself to a spa day at the Biltmore Hotel
*Buy one of those single cup coffee makers
*Buy my future puppy's breeder some dog food, treats and toys
*Buy Dog a Bowser bed and a new dog crate and a giant moose antler and everything else I've always wanted but couldn't afford for him
*Pay off my tab at work
*Invest in solar and wind power
*Buy products that donate money to causes I like

I don't know, I'd think of more when I had the money in my hands!!
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Old 10-24-2012, 11:37 PM
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Invest it all. I'd be on the phone with a financial planner/broker and let them take care of it all, because I have no interest in it and with ten million I could afford those fees.

There is nothing I desperately want today that I would go buy. I'd let the money accrue and retire early and travel my butt off.
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Old 10-24-2012, 11:37 PM
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Location: Southern Alberta
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But a house with land to build an agility facility with an indoor arena and huge outdoor field on. State of the art with an under water treadmill and stuff and an area for my friends to train sheep herding.

Buy a FCR pup or at least put a deposit down.

Then invest what's left over.

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Old 10-24-2012, 11:40 PM
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Pay off any debts for myself and family.
Buy a house and some land for myself. Buy a house for mum.
Purchase a couple of cars.
Send off giant checks to trial secretaries to cover tons of agility runs lol.
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Old 10-24-2012, 11:43 PM
Saeleofu Saeleofu is offline
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Posts: 9,036

Pay off all the bills
Buy a house with acreage in the Pacific Northwest
Make moving arrangements
Buy several cars (can sell the uneeded ones later, but I'd like several cars anyway to suit whatever needs I have on a given day, plus a couple for my parents and a couple for my little older brother's a douche so he doesn't get squat)
Buy some gold as "savings"
Buy lots of gift cards for grocery/clothing/pet/auto/etc stores, gas stations, Amazon
Stock up on dog food, since I'd be moving and unsure of where to get it once I'm moved
Buy a gift certificate to my university - I'd still want to finish my Zoo Science degree
Buy my parents a house with acreage
Buy my younger brother a house with acreage
Donate a large amount to the zoo to go towards their new elephant exhibit (sadly I couldn't fund it all, because it will cost more than $10 million by itself)
Buy a lot of wire crates, airline crates, portable crates - planning ahead
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Old 10-24-2012, 11:44 PM
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Buy a house and pay off all debt.

Buy my mom a house.

Buy all my good friend's houses, or at least put down the downpayment.

Go on a huge ass shopping spree for Frodo

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Old 10-24-2012, 11:48 PM
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Probably invest it all because I doubt I'd get a property bought before the day was over. I'd probably invest most of it initially anyways and then buy stuff more slowly with revenue. 10 million would get eaten up pretty **** quickly.

But I'd buy an apartment downtown, the biggest piece of land I could within reasonable distance of the city, some excellent horses and other livestock, build a house. Mature trees of my favorite species. Magnolias, arbutus, eucalyptus etc

Buy a yacht. A Maserati, a mini and some kind of SUV (I go back and forth on what I'd like).

Buy my parents places (I would buy my dad one of those old old chateaus in Provence).

Invest. Travel and go to university for many years. Give to charity.
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Old 10-25-2012, 01:19 AM
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I would buy a horse farm, there are 'millions' where I live and it's been my dream ever since I moved here.

Pay off my parents mortgage and whatever credit card debt they might have.

Pay university tuition in full.

Buy my mom, dad and myself a car.

Buy a mansion in Miami Beach.

Buy a yacht.

Donate to horse and dog rescues.


Buy stuff for my dogs that otherwise I wouldn't be able to afford.

Anything else I would give it to my grandparents, my aunts/uncles and cousins.
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