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Old 10-13-2012, 08:40 PM
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It depends on the state laws and the people involved. In many states, the bitten person can opt for either the quarantine or euthanasia/testing. So many people choose the quarantine but they can force the issue testing if they're bitten (in some states).

It depends a bit on where someone is bitten, too. The virus travels through the nervous system to the brain. If you are bitten, for example, on a hand or foot you have time to wait for that 10 day quarantine to be up because it will take longer than that to reach the brain. So even if they aren't showing symptoms at the time of the bite, if an animal is shedding virus at the time of the bite it will start showing progressively worse symptoms in plenty of time to still get treated, well before the virus has reached the brain. If you get bitten somewhere closer - say on the face or shoulder, you may not really have that luxury.

Also, pre-exposure vaccination for rabies varies a lot among veterinary professionals. All of our doctors are vaccinated, but a few of our technicians have chosen not to be, and I don't think any of our reception staff is. So if I get bitten I really don't worry about it too much, ever, for myself.

Seems weird that the clinic tested it themselves, though. I always thought an official state lab had to test them as well.

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Old 10-13-2012, 11:11 PM
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Originally Posted by joce View Post
Yeah, I never heard of a dog being torn out of an owners arms showing no symptoms and being killed for testing. Especially for a bite in a clinic. It happens. You go to a clinic cuz your due for rabies shot.
About 5 yrs ago, I was working at a vet clinic where animal control actually came into the clinic and removed a dog because of rabies exposure.

Long story short, it was a large mastiff type dog, an adult. I believe never had a rabies shot. It killed a raccoon in the owners yard. The raccoon tested possitive for rabies. Animal control gave the owner a certain amount of time to bring the dog into them to be put down. They didn't bring the dog in. Instead they brought the dog into our clinic to get vaccinated (leaving out the part about it killing a rabid raccoon). Can't remember exactly how animal control found the dog, but I was there when they showed up to take the dog away.

Several years ago we had a lot of wildlife test possitive or rabies in this area, was always on the news. Fox, raccoon and bats mostly. There was actually a story of a rabid fox attacking a girl in some store parking lot. Anyway.... because of that, I always keep the dogs rabies current. Don't want to risk it!
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Old 10-14-2012, 06:36 AM
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We had a dog... maybe a year ago? Vaccinated once as a puppy but not vaccinated in 6+ years. Tangled with a coon, had bite wounds, coon tested positive for rabies. We did some sort of protocol of vaccinations (I think a total of three) for the dog and the dog was quarantined to the owner's property for six months.

Not sure that I'd have been brave enough to keep a dog in that situation, but it all turned out ok in the end.
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