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Old 10-15-2012, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by zoe08 View Post
This has recently been on my mind lately, and my husband and I have talked a bit about it and we are both interested in adopting in the future. It would be several years away, if we get to a point where we can afford it. Though I think I would like to adopt an older child like 7+. Fostering is something that we might consider, in several years as we are not in a position to do that anytime soon.

I really like Yoko's take on the heritage thing though. I definitely think it is great to offer them a chance to know their heritage, but really if you bring an infant here, and raise them here, they are American. I can see that it would be much more important to continue the heritage if you are adopting, say a 10 year old, who would feel homesick from their country because they were raised there. But an infant wouldn't even know the difference.

I think saying that they need to have people in their lives that are their own race is basically being racist, only it's ok to be racist against white families trying to give these babies good homes. Saying that they need role models in their life of their own race is like saying that we are separated by race, when I thought we were trying to get away from that.

Yes I can see needing to learn how to take care of their hair and things like that, but if our type of hair or skin color determines our ability to be role models only to certain kids than it seems like we are going backwards in the equality department.
This is a great post. I'm not talking about heritage as much as I'm talking about race.

As much as I think it's important for a black kid growing up with white parents to have black role models...I think it's also important for a white kid growing up in a white family to have black role models. And any way you twist it. I guess what I'm trying to say has less to do with which role models are right there, and how the kid is introduced to and taught to cope with racial issues. But I do think it would be easier for a kid if they have a lot of diversity in their life...and maybe that goes for everyone, not just kids who are adopted.
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