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Old 01-06-2006, 06:20 PM
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Default Dog hoarding - good article
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Old 01-06-2006, 07:03 PM
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That was a good article - i went back to the table of contents and there appears to be many good articles here. I think I am going to forward the link onto my home account and read into everything further. Thank you fpr posting this!!
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Old 01-06-2006, 07:45 PM
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Wow, that puts a whole new insight on the problem. I always thought it was lonely little old ladies with dementia problems. The animals fulfilled some lonely spot in their heart, but they couldn't afford to take care of them properly. I had no idea it was about control. But, I still don't see how anyone can live with decaying dogs, and feces everywhere. The one thing I see different about hoarders vs. normal animal owners. We see the cute little dogs and we want them, but we have enough common sense to know we cannot responsibly give them proper attention, food, or vet care they need to be healthy and happy.
I think these people should be rotting away in a prison. They can practice their hoarding ocd with the other prisoners. jmo
Be the change you wish to see in the world... Gandhi
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Old 01-06-2006, 10:06 PM
Athebeau Athebeau is offline
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The reason I posted this is because in my area we have in the past 3 months had 3 seperate breeders dogs confiscated. In one case it was clearly due to mental problems and dog hoarding. The lady had over 70 Springer Spaniels and Old English Sheepdogs the house was disgusting and feces and blood every where and the SPCA officers could not get to the front yard without stepping in piles of poop.

It was really scary to see a well known highly respected breeder go down hill and fall into dog hoarding. All dogs were seized and have since found forever homes.

We also had another show person lose her Alaskan Malamutes due to disgusting environment and feces throughout her home.

And just recently another breeder/show person lost her Shepherds due to unsanitary conditions, and not proper facilities for outdoor living and buckets that were reported by neighbors to have been frozen for weeks and the breeder never bothered to fill with fresh water. How sad for these dogs...she still showed them though.

It just made me realize that sometimes we can over look a problem where neglect is possibly taking place. I think anyone who has 5 or more dogs should be inspected by the dept of agriculture or an SPCA officer. Even 3 or more dogs I do agree should have the home and environment inspected.

As of this month, our Province is inforcing a mandatory law that if you own 3 or more dogs you MUST have a kennel license. I applied for mine today. They will have an inspector come out to look at the outdoor facilities to ensure you have an insulated kennel, shelter on the outdoor kennel and runs large enough your dogs can jog in. If you don't have a kennel license and someone complains you could lose all your dogs.
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