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Old 09-30-2012, 04:38 PM
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Oh, I forgot drying!

I have to keep him wrapped in a towl and furiously rub because as soon as he thinks he is free of the towel it is shaking time! And then he runs around the apartment like a wheelbarrow, head on the ground, front legs curled under and back legs pushing him along. It's lovely. -.-

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Old 09-30-2012, 04:40 PM
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He behaves but is scared. I think 99% of his discomfort comes from the sound of the shower and the act of having water squirted at him. He seems a bit better int he sink than in the shower. He is VERY stiff, tucks his tail, and just has a look of terror on his face. After I wet him down and start rubbing the shampoo in he gets comfortable again, tail comes up, his muscle relax, and he stops clenching his jaw. He'll shake off. Then when I rinse he stiffens up again and usually starts shaking a little. He might try to bail but is usually too stiff to move. He's never snapped, though he looks like he thinks about it when I spray behind his ears. I feel like a horrible person.

He goes in fine though, he jumps in by himself a lot and likes to hang out in the bathroom while I shower so he's not scared of the tub, just the process.

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Old 09-30-2012, 04:57 PM
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All the dogs are pretty good about being bathed. None will struggle or try and jump out. All know how to jump in and out now on command and turn when told too. Sheena and Luna both will give paws when asked too and shake on command as well or not shake when told not to. Daya is still learning. I wouldn't say any of them "enjoy" it though. They tolerate it is the better word. Their favorite part is the rub down after. We turn it into a huge wrestling match/massage and they all love that.
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Old 09-30-2012, 05:28 PM
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All three of mine hop right into the tub and stay there until the bath is done. They get a little goofy when you start drying them off with towels, but I kinda like that. lol Boone likes to get in the shower with me. The two girls will occasionally jump into the tub while it's empty and take a nap.
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Old 09-30-2012, 05:41 PM
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Pip doesn't care for it, but he puts up with it. He is just filled with woe the whole time.

Before today, I would have said that Squash is terrified of the bathtub and absolutely hates them, but the other thread inspired me to give him a bath today and he hopped right in the tub and behaved quite politely. The only thing I can figure is that for his very first bath ever he slipped around a lot but after that I got a rubber bathtub mat... he's had a few baths since then and he must have learned that with the mat he doesn't slip and the bathtub really isn't a big deal.

Both the boys stand nicely to be toweled off and run around with extra turbo zoomies after, and Squash also rolls on every available surface.

Maisy, I have no idea. I've never bathed her. I suspect she would be like Pip.

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Old 09-30-2012, 05:42 PM
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Rocky behaves but he puts a face of terror and it's very hard to bathe both of his sides because he turns into a statue LOL. However, he hates when I blow dry him, he doesn't snap or bark or whine but he looks at me like I am murdering him LOL. His favorite part is when the whole process is over
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Old 09-30-2012, 05:46 PM
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i WAS going to give Pepper a bath, instead I ended up with Victor and NEccy too so rub dub dub 3 dogs in a tub. All my dogs have always loved their baths, but nobody loved them more than Mary. IF you filled the tub for your own self and left while it was filling, you came back to find her in it, with her neck under the faucet letting the water pour down.

I was told NEccy hated bathes. I had to show them the video of where all I had to do was call her and point and she got right in. Now I don't even have to do that. All I have to say is bath time and she runs in with a wagging tail and that's the truth. She knows it will make her old bones feel better and afterward the rub down is fun time too.

OF all the dogs I have had, it probably took Victor the longest to come around to enjoying it, and not just putting up with it.

Mary's Mom Tate use to fall asleep while I poured the water over her back. She would nod nod nod and dunk down would go her nose in the water where she would sputter as she woke up only to fall do it again. Something about pouring the water slowly down her back put her right to sleep.

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Old 09-30-2012, 05:51 PM
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Mine are in the resignation group.

They'll all hop into the tub for me on command and stay there til it's over and just stand in place but they look soooo very mournful throughout the horrid procedure.

Then as soon as they are freed they are filled with love and joy and zoom.

One of our dogs when I was a kid...big Lab...about 80lbs when trim...he would get his baths in a metal water trough like are used for livestock. I'd drag it up to the backyard. He was the most uncooperative dog ever...I'd have to tether him before getting the tub out or he'd hide...then once it was full I'd have to carry him (and at the time I was about 12 and didn't weigh much more than he did) to the tub, half-dragging...then I'd try to put him in and he'd reach for the rims so he'd end up standing with all four feet splayed on the rim and not a drop of lava, I mean water, on him. It probably didn't help that I would be laughing the whole way because he was just so melodramatic about it...this dog who loved to jump into creeks...

But yeah now I'm old and more easily broken and actually train my dogs so they have to put themselves in the tub :P

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Old 09-30-2012, 06:03 PM
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None of them really enjoy it. The Dobes do put on the saddest, most tortured face you've ever seen though, haha. And Ripley's a dweeb and hangs his head down so all the water runs down his face, so I have to hold his head up sometimes depending on where I'm rinsing. Dance doesn't look thrilled about a bath either, but she doesn't look quite as sad as Ripley and Keira.

But they have each been taught to hop into the tub on their own, stand, turn when I tell them, sit when I tell them, etc. And when I'm finished, they all know to shake before I release them, and then they hop out onto a towel on the floor, sit there, wait for me to dry them and wait to be released again. Bathing any of my dogs is super easy. The only part that sucks is the bending for me - by the time I'm finished everybody my back kills me. But the dogs themselves are wonderful. If only they could apply their bath time manners to nail dremeling... then I could never complain about any aspect of grooming them ever again.
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Old 09-30-2012, 06:27 PM
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neither enjoy it but both tolerate it like champs.

Blaze has been taught to shake on command and not to shake until I tell him.

Solo just sits there with those big sad brown beagle eyes that could melt the devil himself lol

Both will hop int he tub at home (though I barley bathe blaze at home)

At work is another story. my work is a old bungalow style house. downstairs is the bathing room, you have to go down 5 steps. Blaze will never willingly go down there, even if he is done his bath lol. He knows when its time, and will run to the reception room, or to our back jog a dog room (One of those doggy treadmills room) and hide. then i will grab his collar walk him to the main room, where the stairs are, and he will drop. and roll on his side wagging his tail like crazy, so then I slide him across the floors until we get to the stairs where he walks down. its actually pretty funny. in the tub at work. I dont hook him up with the tethers we have. he stands the whole time for Ly (our bather) and she does her magic lol.
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