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Old 05-04-2013, 11:56 PM
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Kaleidoscopic Eye
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It's my birthday today and I got so many birthday wishes and phone calls. So often I've felt sooooo alone and separated from my family and friends, but the more I try to reach out, I'm realizing I'm not nearly as alone as I've been feeling, and that some people really do care.
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Old 05-05-2013, 10:25 AM
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Julee Julee is offline
Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: Kent, CT
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Happy birthday!

Had a little extra work this morning, pocketed $90. Woohoo!

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Old 05-05-2013, 01:19 PM
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I have a ton of grading and lesson planning to do, so my house is extremely clean Yay for my procrastination tool of choice being cleaning.
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Old 05-05-2013, 01:23 PM
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Mutts to you
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Location: Midwest
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Just found out my niece won her age group (12 and under) in a nationwide vocal competition, Musical Theatre category. Woohoo, Syd!
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Old 05-05-2013, 04:25 PM
MandyPug's Avatar
MandyPug MandyPug is offline
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My dog is fecking perfect.

And it's a beautiful day and she was bloody amazing when we went out to the field to work on some stuff.

I love her so much. <3

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Old 05-05-2013, 08:31 PM
ThatCrazyGroomer's Avatar
ThatCrazyGroomer ThatCrazyGroomer is offline
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Location: Glendale, AZ
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I should be cleaning... But I'm enjoying cuddling with Winnie while we watch My Little Pony. This is such a once in a blue moon thing.I just can't convince myself to move her.
In which creeper dogs, products and nonsense are discussed.
Formerly Backward_Cinderella

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Old 05-05-2013, 08:44 PM
sassafras's Avatar
sassafras sassafras is offline
Join Date: Feb 2011
Location: Minnesota
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My back porch is spring cleaned. It feels 3x as big as it did before.

Now to pick away at the clutter in the house.

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Old 05-05-2013, 11:12 PM
HayleyMarie's Avatar
HayleyMarie HayleyMarie is offline
Like a bat outa' hell
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Location: Beautiful British Columbia!!
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I had another amazing, sun filled day on the lake. I love having a boat and living where I live. It's so beautiful and perfect.

Teagan Westhighland White Terrier
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Old 05-06-2013, 12:38 AM
Babyblue5290's Avatar
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Happy Meal. Yum.
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Cleaned and rearranged the living room. Feels so nice and roomy now ^_^

Went and played disc at the park and Talon did great! ^_^ Art got to run around like a maniac until he couldn't anymore. Been a good day
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Old 05-06-2013, 08:42 AM
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Location: Brighton Ontario
Posts: 3,751

Made the flight!!!! Yay!!!
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