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View Poll Results: Live alone or share?
Do you live by yourself and love it? 6 11.76%
Do you share a home with someone and love it? 25 49.02%
Do you live alone and wish you didn't? 0 0%
Do you live with someone and want to escape? 14 27.45%
Unsure and want to go get pizza 6 11.76%
Voters: 51. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 09-03-2012, 09:56 PM
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I love living alone.


I've lived with my family when I was younger, then I lived with 5 other roommates in a large house (chaos and awful), and in my current house I'm on my second roommate. My god is is horrendous. There's not a pro to it at all and if I had the cash I would deal with rent by myself. Other people are messy, inconsiderate, loud, just a PITA.

I had a period where I was living in this house by myself for around 2 months and it was the happiest living situation I could've thought of. I do like people and consider myself social but I really am a introverted person when it comes down to it and I really like my own company. I could see living with a spouse but I can't wait to get out of the 'roommate stage' of my life.

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Old 09-03-2012, 10:00 PM
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If I could be more in harmony/peace with my family then I'd really enjoy living in the situation I'm living in now - but perhaps in a slightly larger house. 4 people and a big dog sharing 3 bathrooms (I'd murder for a ensuite), 2 bedrooms (My room isn't even a 'proper' bedroom - it's a larger sort of office/storeroom that I've shoved a bed in lol) and a small kitchen is abit much.

I'd rather be alone or with a good friend sharing a house/apartment given the reality of the situation and me and my family's relations though.
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Old 09-03-2012, 10:03 PM
stardogs stardogs is offline
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I lived by myself for a year in college and a year after college and I def prefer it to living with my parents or annoying roomies, but I also loved living with my 2nd roomie in college and now DH. I do need my "me" time, but I also thrive on human interaction and so I feel better when sharing a home with the right person.
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Old 09-03-2012, 10:08 PM
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I've lived alone and liked it.

I've lived with people and hated it...and for the last howevermany years I've been living with my spouse and I love it. Had some really bad match roomies so naturally I ached to live alone then.

Now though? I'd be fine going back to living alone, except that would mean I wouldn't be living with my spouse. Who, you know, I really like And honestly with our current property, it would be nearly a 24/7 job just to tackle the place by myself. Having a live-in workmate and best friend makes both our lives better.


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Old 09-03-2012, 10:20 PM
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I don't think I could live alone. My husband drives truck and we have 5 kids, all our kids are in school and have been for around 3 yrs or so now, and somedays I'm bored out of my mind when he goes to school, i get out and walk my dogs and do obedience ect, but somedays it would be nice to just have a lazy day and have someone to talk to.
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Old 09-03-2012, 10:24 PM
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I like having the house to myself, but I'm not sure I'd like living alone.
I love it when it's just my brother and I. He's home enough that I don't feel terribly lonely, but he's gone during a majority of the day or is asleep. Plus he cooks for himself, so I don't have to worry about getting enough protein on his plate. (I'm a vegetarian and he's pretty much a body-building carnivore.)
My best friend and I have had plans to be roomies during/after college since we were five. We'll see how realistic that is in a few years, though.
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Old 09-03-2012, 11:09 PM
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I still live with my parents.... so no don't live alone. And never have. I would love living alone during the DAY, but I get really bad anxiety if I'm alone at night, so I don't think I could do it. On the SUPER RARE occasion that my parents are out late at night, I turn on pretty much every light in the house, make sure everything is locked up and the TV has to be on just for noise. And then I'm still paranoid that someone is going to sneak in the house.

So anyway.

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Old 09-03-2012, 11:12 PM
sassafras's Avatar
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If I weren't married, I would live alone and love it.

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Old 09-03-2012, 11:39 PM
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I voted "share a home with someone and want to escape." You guys know I live with roommates, three other people, two of whom are married to each other. It could be worse, but I'm getting tired of sharing a house with other people. I clean stuff and it gets messed up again, they leave their stuff around, getting the bills paid is stressful because someone doesn't budget their money properly. They are very social people and like to have friends over a lot, whereas most days I'd rather just, not. I do like most of their friends though, and there are a few who I'm always happy to see. But I'm just not a person who needs a lot of social interaction. I do have anxiety issues, and what helps them the most is just being with dogs, and cats to a point.

I am also looking forward to when I am past the roommate stage, and have my own home with several dogs. I am not opposed to living with one other person, an SO who makes me happy just because they are there with me, that person who makes it a good day because their smile was the first thing I saw when I woke up; that person who's traits compliment mine and make me a better person just for knowing them. Someday.
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Old 09-03-2012, 11:56 PM
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I lived alone for half of last year after my roommate left (partly for personal reasons and partly because of me: I have night terrors and it was understandably very distressing for her). Although there were things I liked about it, I was very lonely a lot of the time. It's difficult for me to make overtures to people and so I spent most of my free time sitting in my room playing guitar or drawing. The last few weeks I ended up moving in with a close (but male) friend who was also dying of loneliness and didn't mind my occasional nighttime yelling.

Next year I will be living with three roommates (while in Africa) for half the year and with one (a good friend) for the second half.
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