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Old 06-12-2013, 08:38 AM
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I can smell Black Forest burning.

I have a blog!! TeamShortLegs - Last updated 10/13/2013
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Old 06-12-2013, 09:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Saeleofu View Post
No worries, here's my chihuahua

(and sadly, I'm not joking. He has been called a chihuahua. And yet when I actually HAD a chihuahua, the chi always got called a papillon o_____0)
Wow ... Gavroche has been called a chihuahua?! Now I really have lost all faith in the intelligence of the human race.

@Skittledoo a Great Dane ... REALLY?

I mean its one thing if they make an honest mistake about my dogs breeds, ok ... Cool ... NP, no one is perfect & it goes me an opportunity to tell dogs & educate someone

It's the people who are CONVINCED that your dog is [insert breed here] & NOTHING will sway them other wise ... THOSE are the people that make me

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Old 06-12-2013, 10:33 AM
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I feel like I'm going to be getting the short end.of the stick...
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Old 06-12-2013, 10:50 AM
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I was supposed to be bringing the horse home yesterday but that ended up being cancelled.

This morning, I was taken up to move 2 horses to another field and bring Captain home.

I ended up only being able to move 1 horse because although I was able to catch both, they misbehaved so badly (and I had so little help) because they havent been handled in 6-8 weeks that after half an hour all 3 of us were covered in sweat and the bloody thoroughbred mare decided that she couldn't go into the horse box, the gelding would load and then pull backwards because she was standing outside and I was ready to kill them both.

I had to take both of them back to the field, turn them both loose, recatch the gelding, lead him back up the lane. He went on the box perfectly, then decided to fly off again, scared several cows in a nearby field, spooked at the scared cows and tried to bolt. Finally got him on and delivered to the new field.

By then I was so tired, I said I'd get Captain this afternoon except no one seems to be able to take me up. I also have to get that mare (or any other horse) to actually load in the box and take them up to the new field.

I just want to be done with it! I'm regretting ever agreeing to do it!
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Old 06-12-2013, 12:43 PM
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I wish I could be like some of my friends. Oh I want a new car. I will just buy one!! I would like a laptop - let me buy that! New video game? BOUGHT. What's that, a new smartphone? Look what I have! Hey check out these new SHOES! They were on sale, only $120...

Every purchasing decision I make I have to agonize over. Can I REALLY afford this? What possible disastrous thing can come up that will make buying this "fun" thing that I don't actually need a terrible decision? It's the difference between being able to pay my mortgage, and, you know - not. Every dollar matters. Forget hundreds of them.

Not having to work three jobs would be pretty rad too, but I'm trying to figure out if I can add a fourth.

**** being poor. Or **** being responsible. Whichever.

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Old 06-12-2013, 01:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Taqroy View Post
I can smell Black Forest burning.
I hated this time of the year. So freaking sad.

I'm in an OCD twitchy mode right now because I'm at work and I want to make this awesome planner I just created in my mind. NAO. It cannot wait.

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Old 06-12-2013, 04:02 PM
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Originally Posted by noludoru View Post
Let John do it.

Come with meeeeee. <3
I would but he won't stand up for himself. He just lets them get away with crap all the time.

Please text me. I got a new phone from Boost and its the same number. None of my contacts synced though.
In which creeper dogs, products and nonsense are discussed.
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Old 06-12-2013, 04:11 PM
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Happy New Year!
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One of OH's horses that is supposed to run this weekend flipped (from what little he told me while he was at the barn just now ... He's gonna tell me the whole story when he can) while being shod ... Now he doesn't know if she will be able to run

Stupid horse ... She never was playing with a full deck anyway.

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Old 06-12-2013, 08:21 PM
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Stupid emotions and falling in love with dogs at work I can't have.

After switching to grain-inclusive food to try and put weight back on the dogs, Kiba and Lincoln need to be switched back to grain-free. Kiba since her coat has gone to **** in just a few days, and Lincoln's ear has blown up again. Now to buy a second food container for them as well as new food tomorrow, grrrrrr.

Last edited by MericoX; 06-12-2013 at 09:20 PM.
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Old 06-12-2013, 09:46 PM
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Huge storm is coming and our first event (at the fairgrounds where tents have been erected) is at 11am...
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