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Old 04-19-2013, 09:56 AM
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Glad you're staying safe, Fran. I don't watch the news so I don't know exactly what is going on over there, I just know there was a firefight and dead "suspect".

I woke up yesterday to a video of the Waco explosion that put me in a terrible mood for the day. A father videotaping with his son, not expecting the explosion obviously, and the son crying and screaming and panicing after the explosion. That. Broke my heart a little.
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Old 04-19-2013, 10:19 AM
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I hate the mailman. I've been fighting with the post office for days over where the eff my "signature required" package is. As it turns out the mail guy decided to redeliver it TWICE even though I didn't ask them too. So each time I tried to pick it up they were all "Uh we can't find it....derp derp." And another package was marked as out for delivery yesterday but was definitely not delivered so I have no clue where it is. I am not amused.

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Old 04-19-2013, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by PWCorgi View Post
I texted all my night team members once I got home to make sure they made it okay (since we are having a freaking BLIZZARD in mid April! ) and one of them hasn't responded.

I'm worried
Are they okay?

It was solid ice, driving snow, and ice pellets the other night. I had a couple friends the day before that offer to lend me one of their 4WD vehicles so that I could get around, and the weather wasn't even as bad as it was the night I ended up needing to go out. So, beyond a "hey, the weather is really bad out there, people in AWD vehicles are getting stuck" there was no further comment at me leaving or checking in to see if I was okay.. when I was gone for six hours.

So I'm feeling really loved right now. If I disappeared into a ditch somewhere I bet the only person who would notice within a few days Mandy when I stop responding to her texts.

My second vent:

I spent most of the night from 11 o'clock onwards violently ill. Like, throwing up until all I could get out was bile. Then I woke up around five or six to do the same thing. I have NO IDEA what triggered it because all I ate from 8 o'clock on was a clementine and some water.

I'm exhausted and drained physically, and I just don't want to go to work. At all. I want to nap some more.
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Old 04-19-2013, 01:08 PM
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My body is rebelling. My lower stomach feels like I ate a large rock. Bleeeh. I hope my water isn't poisoning us again...

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Old 04-19-2013, 01:55 PM
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One of my coworkers said in a conversation that "we need to be more careful who we simply hand those greencards out to", now realizing that I am a legal permanent resident and basically had to go through hell and back to become one.
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Old 04-19-2013, 02:28 PM
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I miss this girl.

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Old 04-19-2013, 03:04 PM
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Need to do a major clean of the ferret cage. Don't want to do a major clean of the ferret cage.
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Old 04-19-2013, 03:43 PM
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I am putting this in the venting thread, because its a vent.

I had a dream I had a baby, a perfect adorable baby. And when I woke up I was happy. Realized I want a baby. GRRR!!! But I guess my clock is starting to tick. I turn 25 May 1st. That's like baby making age ha ha

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Old 04-19-2013, 06:27 PM
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The ticking of my bio clock used to get me ... But it is squashed the second I see a misbehaving kid in public or see the horrid behavior of a teenager.

It's a good sobering reminder that I am not cut out for it.

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Old 04-19-2013, 08:12 PM
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so beyond sick of this kind of behavior. Like your religion only matters when you are muslim (because those are the terrorists you know!) from the same people who would ask you to not just christians for their SPARKLING WHITE track record

Disclaimer: I work for Trupanion and love it/our policy! But I do not speak for the company or as the company.
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