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Old 03-12-2013, 07:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Beanie View Post
Dang it.
I was all excited to go do cycling tonight. Got my gym clothes in the car so I can head straight there to make the 5:30 time. Ready to go. Super pumped. Yeeeeeah cycling.

Just got an e-mail asking if I could teach two classes tonight.

Dang it.
Eww I hate that I'm sorry!!

A couple weeks ago there was a school closing (long story) and at 11PM they decided that schools would stayed closed but our extended care program would be open. So my boss texted me "hey can you work tomorrow?" Like UHHMMM NO! I stayed up super late to watch the Oscars BECAUSE I knew I wouldn't have to get up early!! But I said yes anyway, and ended up having to work when I really wanted to have the day off! So I feel your pain.
Don't fear tomorrow.

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Old 03-12-2013, 07:27 PM
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Missing this boy today:

And these:

Sorry the pictures are so big!

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Old 03-12-2013, 11:21 PM
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I wonder if I am the only person who cries when they hear an active amber alert on the TV? I must have a mental condition

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Old 03-13-2013, 12:15 AM
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Why is dremeling so hard?! >.<

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Old 03-13-2013, 12:24 AM
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Up at 6am for work tomorrow, uuugh.

But, y'know. Work is work. Work means money. Money is good.

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Old 03-13-2013, 12:34 AM
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Have a fever. Cannot skip volunteering tomorrow or my dad will have NOBODY because everybody is sick.

Fever for me usually ends in a hospital or at the very least doctor trip.
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Old 03-13-2013, 12:45 AM
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My phone is pretty cheap - $25 every 3 months to keep it "active" then I get free minutes from buying groceries and phone cards and stuff, so I never pay for minutes/texts. I use the money I accumulate to buy data, which I don't go through very quickly.

Thing is, I have to add $25 every 3 months (or $10 per month) or I lose all my minutes/texts, all my data, and all my accumulated money.

WELL, apparently my 3 months were up last night. I got a text from the company to that extent, but I was so out of it it didn't even register. So I forgot to put money on my phone, and as a result lose ALL my data, money and minutes Then I had to stop and get a phone card on the way to handling class so my GPS would work, so I was a few minutes late and Logan didn't get a walk in before. He HAD TO PEE AND POOP so wasn't concentrating well. I did find a spare minute to run him outside to pee and poop and then he was better...but 5 minutes later the class was over.

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Old 03-13-2013, 06:07 AM
JessLough JessLough is offline
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So very sick. No way I am going anywhere today. Doubtful I'll make it to work tomorrow. I can't afford time off.

NEED to be better for Saturday.
Ella: 3 year old female ferret
Nacho: 9 year old male ferret
Summer: 5 year old female ferret
Goodbye, Rosey. You were the best girl I could have asked for. 10/15/96-03/08/13
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Old 03-13-2013, 10:45 AM
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Dropped Zander off at the vet already. Mildly freaking. In a way, it's like a huge burden has been lifted off of my shoulders, just not dealing with his skittish behavior, his anxiety, or my anxiety, but at the same time it's like too much weight is gone, and I feel like I'm going to fly away. Like nothing is keeping me grounded.

He took it well enough, walked into the kennel with no issues and was happy to sniff around. It was very... anti-climatic. I put him in and the tech just said, "Okay, call us at 4 and we'll let you know what's up at that time." End. I had a hard time walking away.

On top of that, there's some other personal issues that are making me feel uprooted and free-floating, but oddly enough...I don't exactly mind that. Right now, I'm more concerned about Zander and being happy to just chill with me and myself. I'm not entirely sure what it means, and I'm actually a bit upset I'm not...more upset. It's odd.

It's like I know I don't want ___. But I don't know how to tell anyone that I don't want it. I don't know how to say it, and then just deal with the fact that people are going to be upset and wanting to know what I really want.. But I still don't know what it is that I want. It's like, "I don't want apples." So what do you want? "I DON'T KNOW."

Confusion, confusion. Stress. Anxiety. I'm going to have to really get myself out and occupied today.

Also my headphones are missing. And I want to listen to music and videos and stuff.
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Old 03-13-2013, 10:46 AM
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While brushing my teeth this morning I remembered that today is the day I would typically be leaving for a long agility weekend in Louisville.
Except I'm not.
Because my agility dog is retired. And we don't play anymore.


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