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Old 03-01-2004, 12:54 AM
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Default My papillon's biting... help!

Hi everybody, I'm new here... i posted in the dog chat forum about my puppy yuki's barking and growling problem, but i also need help on her biting... she's a bit obsessive about her ball and so when she brings it back to me for me to throw it, she nuzzles my feet and grumbles at me, telling me to take it. But, when i do, she lets go of it and immediately begins to bite my feet and growl. I tell her no bite but she does it more... Also, if i leave her in the kitchen for about 5 or 10 min., she gets mad at me for leaving when i come back and bites. I've also tried the spray bottle method but it just doesn't help. It's not a really bad problem; just supremely annoying and i don't want her to keep doing this as an adult. All my friends' puppies are so mellow and never bit anyone before... I'm so worried!
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Old 03-01-2004, 01:44 AM
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Sounds like Yuki's a high strung puppy. The two problems are undoubtedly related, and you're absolutely right to want to halt both.

The minute she starts the biting behavior, try completely ignoring her. Stop playing with her and refuse to acknowledge her existence for a few minutes. Set the ball up on the counter and turn away from her. They hate that and learn pretty quickly what gets them attention and what doesn't. Think of it like a kid who throws tantrums. You may have to get a bit more radical than the spray bottle and just throw a small glass of cold water in her face. It sounds awful, but it doesn't harm them in the least and the shock and discomfort makes a lasting impression. You almost never have to do it twice. If you've ever dealt with a child who holds their breath, it's the same principle.

I would strongly suggest you start acclimating Yuki to letting you reach in her mouth and take things and taking food out from under her nose. When you do it, be sure to talk to her, act like you're looking at it for a few seconds, then give it back to her, praising her for her good behavior. This will come in handy later on and will also help you gain some control over the biting.

She really does sound like she's rather fearful and insecure, so you will have to be firm with her, but show her plenty of love and affection. And you will have to be very, very consistent. What was the temperament of her mother and father?
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Old 03-01-2004, 12:38 PM
yukie yukie is offline
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Thanks for the help. I'll try it! Her mom and dad were both sweet, gentle dogs, and her mother loved to play ball as well. Yuki is pretty high strung, but she's a sweet puppy at heart. I think it's time I started spending a lot more time with her, because she won't allow me to pet her when I'm standing above her, or even when I'm holding her. You see, our family hasn't much time to take her places and do things with her, but I think we need to find time. I have school and hmwk, and my dad works. My brother doesn't have time for her at all, being in a major high school. My mom is stuck with her at home all day, and she has housework to do. Most of it is our problem, not hers, I'm sorry to say...
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Old 03-03-2004, 07:32 PM
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EEEE! I love papilons! I wanted to get one but my sister didn't let us.

Luke has a biting problem too. I heard that as long as the puppies don't bite hard, it's okay, they'll grow out of it. Whenever Luke had a problem we simply said, "No!" and spanked him. Eventually he learned that No! means Ouch. So we stopped spanking him. When ever he bites we say no and he stpos. If that doesn't work we either grab a toy and throw it or run to a safe place where he can't reach.
Sorry if I sound kinda stupid and obsessed,I go crazy over cute pets.
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