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Old 08-09-2012, 01:08 AM
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Originally Posted by SaraB View Post
the masters agility class taught by Terry Smorch
I hate you a teensy bit right now lol

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Old 08-09-2012, 01:25 AM
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Ha.. there are none by me.


I have found one trainer who no longer runs much who has very kindly agreed to meet with me a few times though. She sounds awesome, so really grateful. But long term, no idea.
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Old 08-09-2012, 06:00 AM
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What's your instructor like?
Serious about training but nice, friendly and personable. She is patient, generous with attention/time and pretty agreeable. Firm too - which I appreciate.

The last entirely positive training oriented one was very...well, just a pushover basically. The only "correction" I've ever seen her give a dog was turning her back on it or saying "no baby...".
If that works for your dog - sure. But if you're dealing with a strong, very insolent puppy with attitude and she doesn't give a sh!t if you are paying attention to her or not...correction and appropriate discipline are in order.

At one of her classes I saw her turn her back on a 7 month old 100 lb male berner puppy who was jumping up at her and nipping her clothing/treat pouch - she was saying "I'm not acknowledging this and as soon as he stops...OUCH!!". The Berner had just ripped off a good portion of her jacket sleeve and made off with her treat pouch. As we say in Chinese: "Aiya..."

Ya, she wasn't the woman I wanted helping me out with my little LGD puffball.

If you don't mind sharing, what are the prices like?
$10 per class. So $30 - $40 a month. Very reasonable

What kinds of classes are you taking?
Advanced obedience. Described on the website as "OBEDIENCE MAINTENANCE AND SOCIALIZATION"

What kind of classes does the school offer?
Just different levels of obedience training and the trainer mostly does private sessions with clients.

Do you like the classes?
Totally - very enjoyable, abit challenging, and stimulating for both me and Katalin.

What would you change?
Not that much really.

What classes do you hope to take?
Rally, and perhaps nosework later.

What do you like about taking group classes?
I learn ALOT from watching other people and their dogs, and it's good for helping Katalin to learn impulse control in a high distraction environment and to start keeping to me and herself instead of bouncing all over the place.
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Old 08-09-2012, 05:20 PM
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The last class I took was a reactive dog class and that was back in January.

What's your instructor like?
I had two, and they co-taught very well. Both were very upfront about situations, explained things very well, and well... one of them is a friend.

If you don't mind sharing, what are the prices like?
I honestly don't remember, but it was expensive! (And worth it.)

What kinds of classes are you taking?
Calm, Confident, Collected (aka reactive dog class)

What kind of classes does the school offer?
All kinds of reactive dog classes, basic manners, privates, and "special topic" classes.

Do you like the classes?

What would you change?
I wish the building we were in didn't have stairs. Bailey doesn't appreciate stairs so that was a bit harder than I expected.

What classes do you hope to take?
None? I'd love to take more reactive dog classes, when Bailey can handle it, and my budget can handle it.

What do you like about taking group classes?
I don't think reactive dog classes can really be considered group classes as there's so little interaction with other people or dogs...
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Old 08-09-2012, 06:19 PM
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What's your instructor like?
Amazing!!! She has been my trainer for 10 years, since I was 14, when she first started training. She's the only certified behaviorist in the area, and the only force-free trainer that I know of around here. Gonzo would probably be dead if it wasn't for her. I see her articles posted by people from around the world, and she holds awesome seminars. (

If you don't mind sharing, what are the prices like?
$200/6 weeks of obedience
$150/4 weeks of puppy class
$150/hour for private consults
(They are worth MUCH MORE than twice the price of Petsmart classes! The price includes life long advice, help, and access to the website.)

What kinds of classes are you taking?
I'm apprenticing in the basic manners classes. I have taken Fozzie to puppy class through advanced obedience, and Gonzo went through advanced obedience, agility & rally, and got a few private consultations.

What kind of classes does the school offer?
Basic - Advanced Obedience & Puppy Class. She just got a new location and training schedule, and is currently the only trainer, as the other 2 moved to different states. They used to offer growly class, agility, rally and frisbee and hopefully will in the future (hopefully with me as a trainer!).

Do you like the classes?
Yes!!! They are as close to perfect, imo, as I've seen. There is no condescending, know-it-all attitude. There is knowledge, common sense, kindness and understanding toward clients & their dogs at all times. She has an amazing, 2 hour long orientation day that outlines so much about dog training that every dog owner should see... denouncing dominance theory, explaining the pitfalls of corrections and force in training, outlining the quadrants of operant conditioning and the value of markers. It's information that is backed by science but is put into a context that anyone can understand and identify with.

What would you change?
It would be nice if the facility was bigger. It's a good size as it is, and has nice flooring and A/C, but doesn't have enough room for an agility course or a large group. It would also be awesome if there was an outdoor area, but finding a huge facility in Sacramento is really difficult... especially since they consider a training facility a kennel. There is an outdoor area, but it's unfenced. In general it's a nice facility and a lot more secure than having classes in a park.

What classes do you hope to take?
I already took classes I'll definitely be bringing my future puppy to the puppy classes!!!

What do you like about taking group classes?
I think the puppy classes are the BEST, by far. Puppies get to play and socialize together for an hour, and practice commands with distractions, being handled by other people, and learning basic manners for 30 minutes. The price is so worth the great socialization! Fozzie gained so much confidence and manners taking their puppy classes, and I arranged playdates during the week with the puppies that he really hit it off with. It's vital for puppies to play with other pups between 8-16 weeks!

I love their group obedience classes, too, because I got to practice with my dogs in an environment that was distracting but controlled. Unlike the park, where off-leash dogs, rude people and other shenanigans can ruin your training experience. Here you can set up all kinds of scenarios that might trigger or distract your dog, get help from others and honestly I love feeling like my dog is the best one in the class.

<3 Erica, Gonzo & Fozzie
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