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Old 08-02-2012, 06:45 PM
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Default Reservations...

Does anyone on here have reservations concerning a full PMR diet or any other all meat diet? I was just curious because I am attempting to feed my dog the most appropriate diet available BUT I can't find any studies or literature that actually give the nutritional values of meats for dogs or even that they don't benefit from vegetables, fruits or grains....
Just trying to make an informed decision!
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Old 08-03-2012, 03:03 AM
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I was worried too, at first! I am an overanalyzer and wanted to do everything perfectly. Reading good raw books should help boost your confidence in the diet. Even though its a barf book, Give Your Dog a Bone is a great read.... Works Wonders is awesome. Personally, I do supplement with veggies (mostly biotin rich) and fruits, plus fish oils & a multivitamin. It helped at first to feed half premade.

<3 Erica, Gonzo & Fozzie
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Old 08-03-2012, 10:00 AM
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You've probably already been here if you're doing research but this is one of the best sites for info:

Once it makes sense in your mind, you have to just go for it and let the results speak for themselves! As long as you are able to feed a bit of variety in proteins (both bone-in and boneless) and organs you should be set! I also supplement with fish oil and eggs occasionally, with the rare fruit and veggie added in just from leftovers or whatever I happen to be eating.

Good luck! Feel free to post questions here there are a lot of members who feed raw.

~Aura & Riley~
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