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Old 08-01-2012, 07:16 AM
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Default Sigh.. and woot!

This is just a rant and me being thankful I've taught Sunny a re-call!

I was walking home from the school yard with Serenity, Sunny and Zoe (a 13yo who walks with me sometimes). Zoe was walking Serenity, I was walking Sunny. I was close to home, coming up the alley way and a SBT comes running around the corner. THANKFULLY she ran to me and Sunny or there would have been a issue. Anyway, I didn't have the heart not to help this dog, even though I needed it get home. She had no collar. Zoe took Serenity away because she was freaking out, I looped the end of Sunny's lead around the Staffy's neck, Sunny actually behaved well and ignored the other dog (I thought he'd try and play with the SBT). We had an idea who the owner was because Zoe's dad had seen the dog earlier on so we headed to the house....

all of a sudden as we were walking, Sunny gets super excited and just pops out of his collar. I was not happy, he's worn this collar for a month now without a issue so I was shocked. Instantly, he bolts away. Here was really going to prove if his training had worked these past few months, without the e-collar. Normally he'd be gone and he wouldn't be coming back. As soon as I called his name, he turned around and came running back, I was shocked and so pleased. I was thinking to myself 'I better not have stopped to help a dog and I've just lost mine!' If he had not come back, I would of had one less dog for the night because it was so dark out.

I went to the door, it took bloody 7 minutes to even get the owner to answer the door. She goes out the back door and meets me at her fence, I ask her if she's missing a dog, she said yes. Cool. She then sas 'Come on tard! god' she then yells at the dog. This annoyed me but whatever, I told her why I was concerned her dog was loose, I asked how the dog got loose, she's just moved in that day, in the morning (ok, fair enough), she tied the dog up with a rope.. sadly I'm guessing she may have used a rope around her neck. I just hope there was a collar and it was loose. Better then a stupid rope being around the dog. I just hope she TRULY thought a rope could contain her dog.. I am glad she thought of containing the dog because there are gaps in her fence. To bad that didn't work. I hope she took the dog inside.

This just put a bad taste in my mouth and it's stupid and I'm annoyed probably because she was rude AFTER I HELPED HER dog. I just hope she was having a busy day and didn't think... and ether fixes the fence a bit or learns to contain her dog properly. SBTs around here have been getting stolen... and this dog is so sweet. I truly hope I see this dog has a proper set up when I go walking past her house again (I walk past that house almost daily since it's my route home). That dog was stunning, she was so darn friendly too. I hope I see a better containment and i hope this dog doesn't become a issue because I will do something about it because I don't need this dog harassing Serenity when I walk her.. Plus, it is unsafe for this dog to be roaming.

Fingers crossed I see she is responsible and I don't see her dog roaming the streets again.
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Old 08-01-2012, 02:21 PM
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Yay for Sunny! What a good boy comming right back!
Hopefully that Staffie isn't going to be a nuisance from now on.
We have a dog in our neighborhood that is left tied out during the day and he often finds ways to get loose and make trouble.
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