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Old 09-16-2014, 09:44 PM
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Default Problems reading other dogs body language?

Tonight I had an interesting experience with Deputy (almost 8yrs old, diagnosed Canine Cognitive Dysfunction in January) and am wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this?

Dep has spent his whole life in multi dog households (foster mom had over 10) and has always gotten along. I have a 3 acre pasture that Dep, Abby, Kieber and my parents dog, Zane, can run in. We walk around and I play fetch with Kieber and Zane. I put one dog at a time in the pasture (Kieber is kept in a pen unless someone is watching him, he is an escape artist) and Dep is always the last to go out.

When I went to put him in the pasture, Zane and Abby ran up and started play bowing and barking at him (normal behavior). Dep refused to go in, even after I got the other two to back off. When he was in and Zane ran up to greet him, Dep cowered and acted like Zane was going to eat him. Dep has never done this before and Zane had a WTF look on his face. After a few minutes Dep got up and all went back to normal.

Dep has been balking at doorways and seems to need to be "invited" into the room before him will enter. Some days he will go in with no problems, other days he appears to forget how to use a door.

Deputy, Zane, Mysti, Kieber
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