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Old 07-11-2012, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by houlahoops View Post
Luckily around here people see them as "don't touch just pig dogs" kind of critters. It doesn't enter into many peoples' minds as a pet-type animal. The nice thing about that is that you have very few apartment folks picking out a Catahoula pup (and being shocked when it rips the sink out of the wall), but unfortunately it means lots of good pups with no working drive get culled.

I think you should start making up breeds when people ask you. I told someone Bailey was a heffalump one time and the woman asked me if I imported him directly from Germany or if they bred them here.
So last night at a local small concert I had one women yell from across a group of people "Are those Border Collies or Catahoulas"

..... cause you know those are two breeds I think look alike.

And then another women ask if they were those cata.....dogs.

So I'll send some of these guys to you ok?

Originally Posted by Equinox View Post
I love this photo thread so much, it's SO wonderful to see Didgie and Traveler together and how much fun they have with you. Perfect pair. Even if, you know, you apparently got ripped off and got a pair of brindle Catahoulas instead.

Also, you and Kay have inspired me to teach Trent to climb trees (or at least pose on them ). He's has more lumbering brute than agile grace, but it's worth a shot

ETA: I also didn't get to say this before, but holy crow am I glad you have a camera again.
Climbing trees is fun! Though no one stands up to Gaia and her tree climbing ways!

And I'm super happy I have a camera now too
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