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Old 07-04-2012, 05:04 AM
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Default Re-uniting a dog with it's person is MEANT to feel great.. I don't feel that way :(

You know how you're meant to feel GREAT after re-uniting dogs to their owners? Well, I feel like crap. I truly do.

I wanted to go for a peaceful hike with Serenity, being stressed all week, I needed it. I stopped to un leash her so we could go enjoy our time and well.. I look to me left as i'm unclipping her and a dog comes running towards me, I can see he is acting friendly but Serenity doesn't like other dogs that much. At first I tried to scare him off but my gut told me to help him so I grabbed his collar as he got to me, so he couldn't reach Serenity. Then I see a puppy run towards me! A 12 week old. The bigger one is 6 months.

I am hanging around for 20 minutes, deciding what to do. I was going to ask a few people, then take Serenity home, take them to the vet and leave them there since I couldn't do much else BUT Lee (K&F) came to the rescue and helped me out when I got home. I asked for Lee's help since she owns owns and knows the breed and helps out a rescue. So, I know these two weren't going to be killed, i know she'd be able to help them find a good home if that was needed. She came over, took me to the vet with the dogs, no chips. Before meeting Lee, I used Serenity's leash to leash the big guy (Serenity was still leashed) I had them each at their own end, keeping them away from each ether, I then had no choice but to let the pup follow us. I asked around, no one knew the dogs. A lady who owns a dog pointed out a house that may have owned the dogs, no one was home though so I left. This lovely lady helped me take all the dogs home because I was struggling. Lee then came around and after we checked for chips, we went back to where I found the dogs originally. We decided to check that house again I checked earlier. No one was home. We were about to leave when a car pulled in so we asked them..

and yep, they lived there. I was happy at first but then as we started talking, I wanted to take the dogs and run (I'm sure Lee wanted to as well). Both dogs un-chipped, no tags, they have escaped SEVERAL times! and I'm sure it'll keep happening. It doesn't help they are both illegal Pitbulls.. so, to bad if the wrong person gets them, drops them at the pound, they'll have 3 days to be claimed before they are destroyed. The worst of it, they want t breed them or one of them, I'm not sure. Lee tried to convince the owners not to breed but the chick (Astrid) kept saying the usual that any back yard breeder sas.. It's so cold and they are out the back, I bet they don't have a warm shelter. Pups that young should not be outside in these conditions that they live in, especially the 12 week old. They have a third, she was gone as well.. I think she may have gone back in to the yard or she was still missing, I'm not sure.

I am very tempted to bring them home and send them off to a better home if I come across them being loose again. I go around that hiking area A LOT so they better have those dogs contained. They deserve so much better.

I am smitten over the biggest, he grabbed my heart and I am more of a younger puppy person! I wanted to keep him so badly. I felt bad for him, I'm worried he's sick. When he sneezed, green snot came out and I've never seen that before. I am worried now since he was near Serenity but she is vaccinated.

They couldn't afford tags, thats why the dogs didn't have any. They should have money put away for their dogs. The bigger one should have his health tested out.

I'm so peeved because they have illegal dogs and they are allowing them to escape! The dogs are so lovely too.. If you are going to own a banned breed, do the right thing and keep them contained! and don't bloody breed them!
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Old 07-04-2012, 05:39 AM
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Oh boy. The green snot is a worry too. I hope you do find them again. If not you, as you say, the next one who does may just drop them at the pound.
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