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View Poll Results: Do you get money back when you recycle your bottles/cans?
Yes, we get the fee paid returned when recycled. 9 37.50%
Yes, but we do not pay a fee when buying bottled/canned drinks. 3 12.50%
No, we pay a fee but do not get it returned. 0 0%
No, we don't pay a fee. 10 41.67%
Only squares recycle. 0 0%
Coors Light Iced Tea 2 8.33%
Voters: 24. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 06-12-2012, 05:41 PM
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Default Bottle Recycling!

I've heard in some places that when you recycle bottles you don't get money back (the deposit charge when buying bottled/canned drinks). I was curious and decided to make a poll about it.

So, where you live do you get money back when you take your bottles in for recycling?

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Old 06-12-2012, 05:51 PM
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I honestly have no idea lol

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Old 06-12-2012, 05:53 PM
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We don't get charged a fee and we don't get any money back (except for aluminum cans - the recycling place pays by the pound for that). I'm just glad there's a place to take my recycling (our county doesn't have curbside pickup).
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Old 06-12-2012, 05:59 PM
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The council provide a recycling bin and take glass, aluminium, paper and plastic away... So no!
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Old 06-12-2012, 06:12 PM
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Probably where Mandy is is the same as where I am.

We have city recycling pick-up too of course, and we don't get paid for that. That covers newspaper, tin cans, pickle jars, milk jugs, etc.

For 2L, 750mL etc plastic soda/cranberry juice etc, pop cans and liquor bottles... basically the more portable beverage containers, you are charged a few cents extra at the till. In the city you can either leave them around for homeless people/people who are not homeless but collect bottles anyways, or you can save them and take them into the recycling depot and get your deposit back.

If you drink a lot of that crap it adds up! Homeless people/people who are not homeless but collect bottles anyways will snoop around backyards to see who stores up their bottles before bringing them in, and then routinely steal the cache.

Probably more than you ever wanted to know about bottles recycling. lol
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Old 06-12-2012, 06:33 PM
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Growing up in california soda cans were worth 2.5 cents each if they were recycled at the machines outside the grocery stores, or individual counties had recycling places you could take them and be paid by the pound.

Here in Virginia, there is no fee to purchase the items, so there's no money given back to recycle them. I throw everything in the curb side recycling.
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Old 06-12-2012, 06:39 PM
Saeleofu Saeleofu is offline
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We don't pay a fee and we don't get money back. There are very few recycling options, too. You can get curbside but it's expensive, and other than newspapers even if you take them somewhere you have to pay to recycle.
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Old 06-12-2012, 06:42 PM
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I pay a fee for my raw milk jars and do get that back...and there is a local dairy that sells regular store milk in glass that charges a deposit that you get back. But other ones, i dont think there is a deposit and no, we dont get it back. Usually the states are listed that do that on thr bottles I think
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Old 06-12-2012, 06:58 PM
JessLough JessLough is offline
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Nope, but we don't pay a fee. They do in all of Quebec though.
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Old 06-12-2012, 07:00 PM
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I don't pay a fee that I know of... I know you can take your cans and bottles in for money. There isn't any sort of pick up where I live.
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