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Old 08-03-2014, 11:39 AM
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Default Half Doxie/Jack Russel Puppy with issues

Me and my boyfriend bought our new puppy about three weeks ago. She is one of the cutest puppys I have ever seen and when we saw her we just fell in love with her. I have had a lot of dogs before her growing up I had a lapso hapso and a mini poodle, I have had other doxies also. So I am pretty experienced with smaller dogs. But I have never had a dog that can be as a agressive as she is, if she wants to be put down she growls loudly, and even though she doesn't snap she gives the impression that she will. She also bites, and I do understand that puppys do bite but her nipping has gotten a little out of control. If she bites you in the hand and you tap her on the nose and say "no" she will just continue what she was doing. When she bites she goes straight for the face, the other day I was laying on the bed while she was up there and she pounced on me and bit me on my eye lid. If someone could tell me what do to about her behavior I would really be greatful, she is a great dog (when shes tired) and I REALLY dont want her to hurt me or my boyfriend anymore!
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Old 12-12-2014, 07:35 PM
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I think choice training would help her a lot so that she doesn't necessarily have to respond at such extreme's to try and get the outcome that matters to her.

She may be sensitive and holding her is uncomfortable at this time or unpleasent, for whatever reason.

I think it's important to respect a dogs comfort level and there should be other ways you can interact with her, trick training sitting on the floor and petting her.

I would give her a few days break from being picked up and instead structure new ways to interact.

You should try and work on body handling but very brief, literally just a few seconds and feed something super yummy and smelly and soft.

You can do short pick ups, feed, feed, feed, feed back on ground release.

Puppy teething and bite inhibition are both normal process to work through, I like exchanging for appropriate items vs applying a no, especially as you mention it's not stopping her from continuing.

I like Dr. Ian Dunbar's articles on bite inhibition, which you can read for free on the internet.

Like you say she's a great little puppy and I know those teeth can be so sharp and painful!

Keep focusing on building positive ways to interact and enjoy the journey
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