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Old 06-08-2012, 08:06 AM
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Question Need some help!!!

Hey Guys,

My boyfriend and I recently got our puppy Ninja on Craigslist from a really sweet woman who I guess couldn't take care of her due to family circumstances. Ninja is such a sweet puppy, a total love bug, not really aggressive at all, but oh man, is she stubborn. She's between 5-6 months old, and she's really having some behavioral issues.

Right now, we're trying to get her crate trained, as she keeps having accidents in the house. Any time we put her in her crate (and we nicely lure her in with treats/toys, so we don't make it negative) she starts whining and crying. This is a problem, because although either my boyfriend or I are home a majority of the time, there's maybe 3 hours a day, that's she alone, and as soon as I close my front door, I can hear her start to bark her little head off again.

The main problems we're facing:
1. Potty TrainingShe'll go to the bathroom when we bring her outside, and when she does, we make it a REALLY BIG DEAL. Give her lots of lovin' and a treat, but then often, as soon as we get back inside and I turn my head for a second, she's squatting in the other room already going again. I've thought at first, maybe we just we're being patient enough outside, but there are times when I just bring her out for a quick pee/poo that I'm outside with her in our yard for almost 35 minutes. And she'll STILL go inside. I'm currently keeping a leash on her while she's in the house and tying it to my waist so that she's always RIGHT near me, and I can catch her right as she's starting to go, but we're still having problems. Am I expecting her to change too quickly for her age? (She's 5 months old)
2.Commands: Sit, Down, Stay, ect Ninja is a stubborn little girl, anytime she hears us say sit, she looks at us with a "Why should I" type look. I've recently started treat training (which I've heard isn't great to do, because then they get used to getting treats for doing that they should do anytime) and she'll always sit right down for a treat, and she'll lay down. On occasion I can entice her to sit with her favorite tennis ball too, but how do I get her to listen with out a toy or treat. Often I say "Sit!" and she just looks at me, and I'll repeat it over and over again, and I can TELL she knows what I'm saying because as soon as I pull out a treat she suddenly will do it. (Tricky little girl!) Should I just continue to treat train her and solidify the commands, or should I be doing something else to make her learn these for the future. Sometimes, upon hearing a command, not only will she not do it, she'll just walk away from me, meaning I have to walk after and put her but on the ground and physically make her sit! (she's very stubborn and defiant).
3.Barking!!!(IN THE CRATE) She's only a barker when she's in her crate. Otherwise she's pretty good unless she sees another dog or person while we're on a walk. We've tried spraying her with a water bottle to get her attention to quite her down and then praise her when she's quiet. Sometimes it works, sometimes she just keeps barking, and ANYTIME we leave she is barking up a storm! What can we do to ease the crying the barking both in and out of the crate?
4.Jumping on peopleShe's still a jumper! Any time we let her out of her crate, go outside, have a friend over, anything, she jumps up repeatedly. We have been pushing her off of us and saying "Off!" and then praising her when she stays down for a minute, there seems to be VERY little improvement with her on this.

I know that we got her at a difficult age, from what I've read, she's probably going through a stubborn streak, I'm looking for some advice, any that you can offer me! I'll take books, websites, articles, personal experience, magical spells (haha) what ever you've got!

She's my first puppy, and I want to make sure that I can take her to family events and bring her (almost) everywhere with me! My boyfriend and I can't get enough of her, but this constant battle is wearing on us, we're not going to give up of course, just want a good strategy for training her right!
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Old 06-08-2012, 03:44 PM
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Default Surviving a puppy

The puppy period is a very tough but all important time. Things you do or don't do can have a profound effect on the behavior of your dog as an adult.

It's very difficult to adequately talk you through all the puppy issue you described in a forum. If you want a free video on house training and some puppy basics go to

#1 thing to concentrate on at this time is socialization!!!!!!

Enjoy your pup.
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Old 06-10-2012, 04:31 AM
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I highly recommend clicker training. It is amazingly effective with a puppy, they're little sponges and make quick associations with the click and what they're doing. It will help SO MUCH with teaching commands, manners, and boundaries.

As for crate/potty training, be consistent and don't allow her ANY chance to go potty inside. That means right now you need to take her out when ever she drinks, eats, after playing, after napping, and if not any of those then every hour of the day. Don't come inside with her until she's gone potty! Running around in the yard and playing with her, and going on a walk helps make them go potty. Withhold food/water 2 hours before bedtime. Make sure you give her plenty of exercise before she's going into her crate, take her on a long walk and play fetch in the yard. If she's tired and exercised, she'll be much more likely to eliminate and not cry in her crate.

Be very diligent about crate training, and make the crate the best place in the world! Leave the door open all day and toss treats in there when ever you walk by it and say "kennel" (or whatever command you want to use), so she'll run in and eat her treats and going in won't be forced. Feed her in her crate. You'll also want to hand feed her part of her meals, preferably while having her do tricks, so she doesn't feel the need to guard food. Every time she goes in the crate, give her a SPECIAL crate treat! Stuff a Kong with canned food, moist kibble, peanut butter, or plain meat and freeze it for a few hours. Give her a bully stick, pig ear, cow esophagus, puppy nylabone, or any other safe chews in her crate (no rawhides or cooked bones). The key is finding what she really really loves and occupies her for a good 30 minutes and give it to her ONLY when she goes to her crate, so she's totally distracted when she goes in an associates the crate with yummy things. NEVER take her out of the crate while she's crying, never ever! Cover her crate with a sheet in a cool, quiet area. Play some soft music or leave the TV on. If she's very persistent about barking and she responds to corrections, sternly say "Shhh" or "Noooo". I raised a 9 week-old GSD puppy who was an awful crate barker/whiner when I first got him. I had to cuddle with him in the bed, then put him in his crate once he fell asleep, with a chewy. He'd groggily chew it a little then fall back asleep. When he would cry, I'd say "NOooo" and he would fall back asleep.

Ninja is such a cute name!!!

<3 Erica, Gonzo & Fozzie
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Old 09-18-2014, 09:00 AM
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Sounds like to have a very lively and cheeky puppy there!

The most important to remember is to be absolutely consistent constantly. Always use the same command word for whatever it is you want her to do. If she responds to treats, by all means use them - once again consistency - you can't give her a treat only sometimes when she sits as that causes confusion.

Remember at this stage you are still establishing the pecking order of her 'pack'. Once she totally understands the 'sit' command and has built up total trust and has matured she will sit without a treat. Never say sit,sit,sit constantly as to her it doesn't sound like the same command so she will get confused.

She barks when she's in the crate because she's asking to be let out so she can be with you so make the crate a fun place for her. This way she won't view it as a punishment. As ihartgonzo suggested, give her a special treat to chew on while she's in there. That way she'll look forward to going into the crate.

I've raised many dogs, cats and 1 child and I've always found that bribery works extremely well and they do grow out of the need once they mature!!
Dogs don't understand our words until we teach them what they mean!

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Old 12-12-2014, 07:27 PM
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It is overwhelming at first, but there's tons you can do I would focus on all of the things you love about your puppy and write them down on a weekly basis, make a short list of things your going to work on.

For barking in the crate, remember your puppy's had a lot of changes on the go, and that can be overwhelming.

As the barking is likely a result of distress, it would be worthwhile to work through a program to help him feel better about being left alone.

I really like this book:

Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs by Malena Demartini Price

Everything will come together, just remember to act with patience, kindness and try and approach training from a "teaching" mindset.

Your puppy is like a toddler, it's easier to show him what you want in a gentle way and reward success.

It's useful to learn about displacement stress behavior like scratching or sniffing or yawning in training sessions which can indicate your dog may have a negative association with training from his first home or even just from the way you are structuring your training sessions.

There are tons of great free how to training video's on youtube from Kikopup (Emily Larham).

I would recommend teaching some tricks to help get you in the mindset of "teaching" vs. having him obey commands.

He will get there but tricks will help build up a strong relationship.

Good luck with your ninja in training
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