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Old 06-03-2012, 10:58 PM
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Default Swedish vallhund

Does anyone here have one?

I have decided that a SV is definitely going to be a part of my family in the future. I've met only one in my life, and I am head over heels for that girl! Based on the breed standard that I've read, my little SV love fits it to the "T".

I've reached out to a few SV breeders (there aren't many, according to the SV national breed club) and haven't gotten very far. I'm hopeful that when I'm actively looking for a puppy instead of just in the research phase that things will progress smoothly.
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Old 06-04-2012, 02:01 AM
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Don't have one, but I've trained one. Super fun dogs! Their temperament reminds me a lot of a corgi, except extremely amplified. More energetic, more herding, and non-stop movement. She was an amazing training dog, very smart and a fast learner. Certainly not a soft dog, she probably could have excelled in Schutzhund LOL!

One of my favorite things about this dog was how truly rugged and 'big at heart' she was, despite her stature.

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Old 06-04-2012, 07:57 AM
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Don't have one, but this is as far as I got with them. I've met one, "Kizme can you say hemi" I think his name was? He was with a handler at a show, unfortunately back in "film" day so I only got two really cruddy photo's. Didn't get to know him much aside from passing. From what I read about the breed and saw on TV (Animal planet's old dogs shows did a very nice segment, wish they had saved them and put them online for the public, stupid money grubby AP!) I was really liking them myself, and my father fell in love with them too after going to that show years ago. Although I kept getting told by someone that I should ever get one, because their "insane dogs", sounds perfect to me as that's the animals I usually end up with, lol! This person then also warned me about the hardship of the breeders in the breed today, sadly some are just crooks, snobs, and the worst of the dog world, I would HIGHLY suggest you get to read over ALL contracts etc before getting too involved with a breeder or commit to a puppy!

That aside, I was still finding a few breeders who I might have gone with, but, I ultimately changed my mine for good on the breed a couple years ago, and wont have one now! What cased this change of mind? I found the website of a Breeder for Pems, an other wise decent looking breeder had a section on her site for... Corgi/Vallhund crosses?! The back story, she decided she wanted a Vallhund just for the fun of it too, she got one, in one afternoon while she was out, he escaped his LOCKED kennel, busted through a door, and entered the locked kennels of two Pem bitches in season! Back off he went to his breeder as quickly as she could get him shipped out! Nope, I wont have one now, I would put them in the class of "Malinois" mixed with "fox" if you want to compare them to any other breed really. I'm sure they are and can be awesome dogs, especially for sports or competition, but I would most certainly suggest finding a good breeder, not just in health testing, but ethically, and contractually, and really get to know them and their dogs in person before committing to one.
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swedish vallhund

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