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Old 05-17-2012, 05:26 PM
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Default Small dog and puppy safety

Things you would never think of that can hurt or kill a small dog or puppy.

Hawk and Owls... They can take away a full grown cat. I always keep my eyes in the sky when I am out with my little guys. If your pet goes out by him or herself you can make a canopy with kite string to keep these birds out.

Reclining Chairs.... If you have one be sure to either check under it before putting the foot rest down or have someone sew a closer on it so they can not get under it.

Sofa Beds... If you use one of these be sure to always take the blanket off before closing it. Small dog love to go under the blankets and can get closed up in it.

Swimming Pools... Always place a large plant or large statue where the steps are. This way the dog has something to look for to know where to get out if they accidentally fall in.

Exposed wires...Anything in a puppies or small dogs eyesight is fair game to them. So be sure to hide wires so they do not chew on them.

It is sometimes good to put a cat collar on small dogs and puppies. Cat collars are designed to snap open if they get caught on anything. They also have a bell so you can hear where they are. I know of 2 dogs that died from getting their heads closed in a door. One was a car door the other was a house front door. Had the person heard the dog behind them this could have been avoided. Also everyday dogs and people get injured from being tripped on (the dog) and falling (the human). Again being able to hear the bell would let you know they are under foot.
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Old 05-20-2012, 07:43 PM
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A lot of these things aren't just for small dogs though.

Wires are open game to any dog/puppy.

Swimming pools can be a hazard to any sized dog that falls in.

Reclining chairs can also hurt any sized dog. Yoshi loves sleeping on her back against a reclining chair. Most of the time it doesn't have the foot rest up but it is leaned back. And Yoshi is so slim her tuck actually fits under the chair. You have to be really careful with you lean forward to make sure none of her is under the chair.

That being said I wished people out in the country took hawks and eagles more seriously. I've had three friends who have lost their dogs while walking them or letting them into the back yard.
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