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Old 04-14-2012, 02:20 AM
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You know you're a dog owner when the word "boof" is used to descibe a dog sound and you know exactly what they mean despite never having heard that word used before

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Old 04-14-2012, 09:43 AM
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Our BC Sadie was the one who was scared of random things. House flies terrified her, she would hide under the bed for an hour if she saw one Also aerosol cans, like air freshener, made her go nuts!

Nothing really scares Desoto, and Radars fears are pretty normal. Duke however is afraid of closet doors because the one in my roommates bedroom is off of its hinges and he has managed to send it crashing down on himself multiple times. One time he even managed to smash the fish bowl doing so. Now he gives all closet doors a wide berth.

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Old 04-14-2012, 09:48 AM
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Cali used to be a little scared/suspicious of a lot of things, like garbage cans or anything on the ground. :P but now it's only balloons, she'll completely freeze in her tracks and she'll keep barking and barking until she can't see it anymore.

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Old 04-14-2012, 12:29 PM
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I'm trying to think of things Quinn is scared of and honestly drawing a blank. She's just super steady with everything lol, and if she does spook she recovers quickly and then will actually pull on a leash to investigate it. Just last night she nudged a short stack of books and the paperback on top started slowly (like, incredibly slowly) sliding towards her. She got creeped out then sniffed it, then leaned right over it to check the other books out too. All on her own and over and done with in about 6 seconds.

She avoids the vacuum and will go slowly slink off to another room when I invade the room she's in lol, but she's not consistently scared of anything.

Quinn - English Shepherd

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Old 04-14-2012, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by PWCorgi View Post
You know you're a dog owner when the word "boof" is used to descibe a dog sound and you know exactly what they mean despite never having heard that word used before

Dane owners tend to use that word a lot lol. All dogs make it for sure, but danes are one of the more "talky" breeds so lots of different words are used for their vocalizations.
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Old 04-16-2012, 07:51 AM
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Mu had a meltdown on my cousin's porch over one of these bear things. I had bacon and she still wouldn't come anywhere near it. She almost backed off the porch lol.

Tipper is afraid of music that has ukeleles. And stuffed dogs. She treats them like real dogs and goes around to sniff their butt and then gets weirded out when they don't return the favor.

Murphy thinks that train statues are highly suspect and must be growled at.

However, none of them are afraid of the vacuum. Lol.

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Old 04-16-2012, 08:55 AM
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Quinn really doesn't like frogs, harneses, strange dogs, visitors, the broom, rakes etc. But she is really scared of snakes - ever since we almost stood on that big brown in the yard months ago she's been super on edge about them. she's also the best little snake detector we have.
Theres been mountains of times since where we've heard her barking her "snake bark" and she's been dead on. Plus I'd rather her be scared of them than over confident of them.

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