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Old 04-12-2012, 04:41 PM
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I pefer one person dogs as well. Teagan is very much a dog that pefers her people, which include my parents, myself and Tyler. Everyone else in her mind does not exist. Even my inlaws who Teagan see's at least every second day ceast to exist to her.

But I love her that way, and one of the reasons I love terriers is because they are stobby bitches. I would not have it any other way.

Now Mitsu who is a Pitbull cross Tosa Inu is pretty friendly to strangers, but not overly, which might change as she gets older and if the Tosa part of her comes out more. We won't know until she grows up.

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Old 04-12-2012, 04:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Tahla9999 View Post
..why people prefer one person dogs. Seriously. It is part of the pit bull trait to love everyone, which is great most of the time, BUT sometimes it is really annoying. For example, I go to the park with a friend of mine and Kai. Kai loooves this dude. When he is around I'm not even there anymore. He ignores my commands and listen to all of his. Then when we have to leave I have to drag his behind away because he doesn't want to leave my friend. I swear, he would probably happily go with him home if I let him! Where is the loyalty!!

I think after this I'm going one-person dog.
This is Sam. Though he is getting better a listening to commands, but it's taken 3 years. Just this past weekend I spent 20 minutes trying to convince him to walk home and away from my friend and her dog all the while he was crying.
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Old 04-12-2012, 05:25 PM
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My Rottweilers were kind of like that. They were always ready and willing to run off to a new family, haha. They loved everyone. That said, they still loved their family more when it came right down to it. Now I have two dogs who are politely reserved (couldn't care less about meeting new people but are friendly), and one dog who is shy. All three of my current dogs would choose family over strangers any day, and they are all also very one person dogs.

I honestly don't have a real preference. As long as the dog is not shy or aggressive, then we're good. It is nice to know that I am the definite favourite among my current dogs, but if my next dog ends up being a dog who loves everyone and would happily go home with whomever, then I'll be ok with that. Admittedly though I do love how the Dobermans are with people in public. They're relaxed and friendly and willing to make new friends, but they don't need to and couldn't care less if they did.
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Old 04-12-2012, 06:32 PM
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Enzo would definitely leave with anyone, but she would flip when she realized I wasn't there. She'd settle down after a couple days, but she's definitely got no sense of stranger danger lol.

Ozzy is into "his" people. He likes meeting new people, but in a passive way, unless they throw a ball for him. Then they're his best friend.

Knox adores myself and my friend/boss and his breeder. He absolutely flips when he sees either one of them, very adorable greeting "I LOVE YOU" displays. Anyone else, he's kind of "meh" about. He'll go say hi, briefly, but that's it. I prefer that.
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Old 04-12-2012, 09:51 PM
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"OMG I GOTTA MEET THESE PEOPLES SO BAD I JUST LOST MY BRAINZ! ZOMG!" I can't stand that. One reason I could never have a typical lab or golden. They're too friendly, lol.
See, my Labs were never like that. They liked people, yes, and if someone wanted to say hi they would soak up the petting...but they would much rather have been with me than the person patting them on the head.
Now Kiba, the Pit Bull, on the other hand. LOL Talk about a breed that ZOMG, THE PERSON IS SAYING HI!!!!! all of the time. He almost jumped out my car window when we were driving through town at a slow pace because someone was walking by on the sidewalk and he wanted pets.

I think I prefer a dog that is sociable with people, but is easy to redirect back to me.
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