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Old 03-12-2012, 02:50 PM
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I don't even really know if they have leash laws here. I'm new to the area so I'm not really sure. I know in Florida where I lived they did... but they weren't really enforced unless something happened.

I actually had gone to the beach with my friend one day. I took my dog Lugar & she brought her rottie (who I used to own and trained since she was a puppy). There's a certain distance between 2 points dogs were allowed on the beach, and they are allowed off leash as long as they aren't bothering anyone. As we were sitting talking, keeping watch over the two of them playing. They were running and chasing each other, but they some how knew their boundaries. Neither ventured very far, and they weren't very far from us either. Well, these 2 ladies were walking on the beach ("speed walking" I guess... as best as you could on sand) and as they were passing Lugar & Lilly came across their path. Well since they were in the general area of these people the dogs stopped their playing to say "hi". They were not jumping and being spastic. They were being friendly, wagging their tails and literally saying hi with their body language. We both were in the process of getting up to walk them back up to our spot and the one lady says "Um.. EXCUSE ME CAN YOU COME GET YOUR DOGS?! THEY NEED TO BE ON LEASHES" I said "Ma'm I'm sorry they ran up to you but leashing them is not required. They're allowed to be off leash here... it's a DOG BEACH" She continued to argue with me saying I was wrong. First off, you're walking on a beach that is KNOWN & called "Jupiter Dog Beach". You are going to run into dogs on this beach... there are always dogs there. Not to mention, there were dogs down the way from us, running loose and playing. Secondly, I've read the rules before & it does not say that leashes are REQUIRED. This is what it says:

  • Keep dogs on leash or under control, supervised at all times; always leash up from the car to the beach, around small children, at the water fountains & at crossovers.
They were under control. The dogs came back to us once we stood up and called them. These ladies just happened to walk in the path of the chasing. They didn't stop their play and run from a distance. They were only about 10 feet in front of us, and like I said the ladies walked within that area.

  • While off-leash, let dogs run in uncrowded areas, giving no one reason to complain.
There was no one else around us for a good quarter mile. We picked a spot specifically away from a busy area to give the dogs the ability to run and play and not bother anyone.

  • Donít let dogs invade the space of or bathroom near other people or dogs uninvited.
Again, we picked a spot to let our dogs play. This lady happened to walk into our area. Get over it.. LOL

I trust Lugar, I just don't trust other people or sometimes other dogs. He's not aggressive at all, but some dogs tend to hype him up, making him want to run up to them (I can see the WANT in his body language but he usually doesn't) where I do end up having to leash him cause I don't know what that other dog is like. Guess it still comes down for me in that it depends on the place & the surroundings. If there's one or 2 people around I'm not worried about it. But if there are a ton of people around I just don't wanna chance it.
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Old 03-12-2012, 06:29 PM
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We have fairly strict leash laws here. I don't let my two off lead in public (luckily I have friends with properties.)

Abby has temperament issues so it would 100% irresponsible for me to do so and I will admit that Grace (parents' dog) has no really reliable recall and she is an annoying friendly dog so I'm not going to let her off lead either.

The vast majority of people in my town do let their dogs off lead illegally and I personally wouldn't care if they could control their dogs and actually listened when I yell. 'My dog's not friendly. Please call your dog.' I usually get, 'S/he's ok!' and no effort to call them back so I am very suspicious of off lead dogs and I move out of the vicinity very quickly when I come across one.

I've been abused for stepping in front of my dog (the lady thought I was going to kick her dog, I was just body-blocking at that point, my dog is usually the one that will cause problems.) This was after been asked politely but firmly about four times to call her dog back. And people wonder why I have all but given up on rehab and have moved just management. I just pick Abby up now... not good I know, but it saves a lot of angst, tears and potentially blood and more tears.

I do have a few spots that are very quiet that I will take them on long lines and at the beach they are on long lines. With my next dog, things may be different, but I hope to find some good off lead places for these activities. I never take Abby into designated off lead areas (asking for trouble) but I do with Grace.

Edit - I realised that I well and truly had my cranky pants on when I wrote that post. For all my ranting, I think I'm pretty reasonable too. Intent matters. If someone tries to call their dog and is making an effort and has to run up and retrieve said dog and apologise or at least acknowledge the event, than fair enough, I'm not going to feel any ill-will toward them. I'm not some perfect owner/trainer who has perfect dogs (see above post.) Things happens, nobody is perfect. But no one seems to cares around here at all and THAT is what gets on my nerves.

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Old 03-12-2012, 08:09 PM
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Quinn - some places. The only offleash places here are the specified offleash dog parks and I don't like them and one beach which we rarely visit.
I let her off on our road (its dirt and dead end) and I let her off down at the dam near my house (its privately owned but they let all the neighbours use it)
Other than that no - I don't trust her enough yet. She scares easily and I don't want her to panic and run.

Buster is never offleash outside our property. His name is on the council's list even though it was shown he did nothing wrong and my states laws scare me too much. He is pretty controllable around other dogs but they council could have him PTS for killing or rushing a bush turkey or stray cat so its not worth the worry.

offleash dogs not under control dogs annoy me to no end. But there are quiet a few in town that don't worry me at all. A big fat cattle dog mix that hangs around outside his owners shop in town - he never even bats an eyelid in our direction. (Quinn is scared of him anyway) and a BC that belongs to a woman that often is out jogging with it. He just flat out ignores other dogs - can pass you by inches and acts like your not even there, jogs along 10 or 15 metres ahead of her and auto down stays at every curb. I wanted to steal him when I found ouot she was rehoming him because he was 8 and slowing down. Luckily he went to her mum who is about as dog crazy as they come.
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Old 03-13-2012, 01:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Linds View Post

Those who said you don't because your dog isn't trustworthy off leash, would you if you had a dog that was?
It would depend on where we where. But probably.

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Old 03-13-2012, 02:05 AM
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To some extent yes. Never in busy areas. Only where I am almost 100% certain we wont bump into someone and I always leash him to walk passed others if we do bump into them.
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Old 03-13-2012, 02:21 AM
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All the time now that I think about it. fields, tennis courts, etc.
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Old 03-13-2012, 07:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Linds View Post
I think one of the words that everyone uses differently depending on where they live is 'parks'. I kinda use that word for a lot of things from the stage area they hold concerts at behind my house to the baseball/soccer fields by the school I bike at to the playground near the dock I use. But what I never mean in regards to Traveler being off leash in a park is a place where everyone is close together or having picnics or sight seeing.
Yeah when I say parks I mean actual parks with playgrounds and screaming children and stupid adults. There are a lot of parks here with huge long walking trails that are INSANELY busy during the summer time and people abuse the crap out of the fact that no one enforces the leash law. There pretty much aren't any empty parks (unless it's the middle of winter).

Originally Posted by Linds View Post
Those who said you don't because your dog isn't trustworthy off leash, would you if you had a dog that was?
It's kind of a catch 22 for me. I mean if we had a nice isolated off leash area to practice recalls my dogs would be a ton more trustworthy and I probably wouldn't be so paranoid about it. But since there isn't, I don't get a lot of chances to practice long recalls, or recalls with distractions so my dogs won't be trustworthy off leash for a really long time. Or ever, in Murphy's case. Lol.

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Old 03-13-2012, 09:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Linds View Post
Those who said you don't because your dog isn't trustworthy off leash, would you if you had a dog that was?
I would under the same circumstances that I do with Pip, in areas that are not popular public areas around other people or around traffic. There are some spots on the river bottoms near my house if I don't feel like driving to the dog park, or when we are camping/hiking in really remote areas, for example. I am extremely paranoid about traffic so really never where they have easy access to any road.

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Old 03-13-2012, 10:37 AM
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I do. But I'm careful about it.

There is a very unknown county park by my dad's house that is huge. Both dogs are let off leash there when we hike. I don't bring Classic there on the weekends because I stress out that there might be someone walking around so I only bring him on weekdays, so we can both relax and have a good time. I let Zuma off leash at any of the parks we hike at, but call her back and leash her up if we see anyone. There is also an open field across the street from our house that she's off leash, we practice disc there and randomly lug a couple jumps out to work on. Classic is always on a long line in that field because it is in a residential place with people walking by. He's never shown that he would take off and has an excellent recall but because he is human reactive I won't take that chance. There have been numerous times where there has been a police officer parked right next to the field when I'm working my dogs and they have never said anything.

I absolutely HATE people who let their dogs off leash in a BUSY park. I leash up when there are people and dogs around and I expect the same respect from them. I don't care if they have verbal control over their dogs, I have verbal control over mine but it is still common courtesy to leash up around other people. Dogs are animals, they are not machines and you cannot expect to always comply with commands especially around uncontrollable distractions.

I was recently walking both dogs in a very busy park. We were on a trail that led to a lake and a couple with their two dogs were walking behind us. I notice their dogs are off leash and yell back asking politely if they could leash up because my dogs are not friendly (they are, but I don't know if their dogs are). They said ok, called back the dogs and only were able to leash one, the other was playing keep away. I figured they would get control of her and get the leash on so I kept walking. Turn around and the dog is about 15 feet behind us, not leashed. I yell back again, not as politely once again asking if they could leash their dog. Once again they attempt to leash her but can't, however they do say that "She's friendly!". I don't care, leash your dog. I turn around a 3rd time and the dog is now 5-10 feet behind us. I yell back in a not so polite way for them to put a f*#&&!#g leash on their d$@! dog. They start yelling back at me and at that second the dog takes off at a dead run to chase some geese. Classic at this point who has been very well behaved rips the leash from my hand (mind you he was wearing a head halter at the time) and takes off after the dog and the geese. The guy catches up to us and starts screaming at ME for not having control. I about punched him. If I had the number to animal control I would've called them right there. Hate people.

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Old 03-13-2012, 03:07 PM
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Argon is never off leash. He runs away and he's DA, which is an ugly combination. The last time eh slipped his collar with my mother, he ended up with a broken foot after picking a fight with a neighbors dog (granted, the other dog was in our yard, but I know that Argon would have just as happily done it had the dog been home)

Gambit is allowed off in select situations. He has good recall, but poor skills with strangers. At my mothers house, where he is comfortable, he is never leashed in her unfenced yard. At the apartment, where we are more likely to encounter strangers, he is allowed off lead at specific times on weekdays.

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