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Old 03-11-2012, 12:32 AM
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Default Transitioning cat to raw

So my cat Jinx was just diagnosed with IBD. He spent a couple days at work with me earlier in the week (very happy kitty he was - not) getting thoroughly checked out, and everything with him was normal. That leaves us with IBD as really the only reason why he vomits a billion times a day.

They suckered me into trying a prescription food that is targeted for IBD and urinary health since he has had a urinary blockage before. Royal Canin Hypoallergenic HP. I said fine, I'll try it, even though it is ridiculously expensive. Then I got home with it and actually looked at it and there is NO MEAT in it. NO MEAT in a cat food. Mind blown. And at that point I decided I need to do whatever it takes to not have to feed him this garbage. (Yeah, it might fix the vomiting, but holy crap it can't be healthy for long-term).

I'm going to feed him the rx food for a couple weeks just to see if it helps get his system back to any level of normalcy.

Now, here are my questions. I'm not doing prey model with him for a couple reasons. There's a local store that grinds their own raw mixes so I'm going to use that just to make everything easier. I feel like this should be any easy transition but everything I read makes it seem like it has to be this long drawn out process. That FIRST I have to get him on scheduled feedings. THEN I have to switch him to an all canned diet (yeah right, I'm not made of money). THEN I can start slowly, slowly, slowly adding in the raw.

Is that really necessary? Can't I just go from kibble --> raw? Why does he have to be on scheduled feedings.... can't I just go "oh look, cat is hungry *add spoonful of raw to bowl*" ??

It just seems so silly to go through all these steps and I don't understand the point.


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