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Old 03-12-2012, 12:13 PM
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Wow! It sounds like a great family. I hope they'll keep him as part of their family for his whole life. It's a happy ending.
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Old 03-12-2012, 01:50 PM
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Pit, pit, hooray! Happy endings are always wonderful

Originally Posted by ThoseWordsAtBest View Post
I didn't USED to be, but now I feel I am all about signs. My Magpie was a foster. She was in horrendous condition (she was a cruelty pull- living in a single car garage with 25 other dogs) where her nails were so long she couldn't walk (her toes are permanently splayed/look like fritos from that) mange and a secondary skin infection. I saw her on an internet community and her face got me. I said I HAD to foster her and wish there was a way.. and it turned out she was only a state away. When she got here and got well I adopted her out to a woman who looked great on paper, seemed perfect when we met, and her vet reference checked out. We even dog sat her about a month or so after she had been adopted and she was great. Happy ending.

Until the woman messaged me saying she was pregnant, can't keep her, etc. Then goes back on it. Then before any time has passed I am browsing PetFinder (as I always do) and find my girl at animal control. When I picked her up all they could say was that she was dropped off as a stray DAYS before the woman even messaged me saying she couldn't keep her, with four days left until her euth date. The woman NEVER responded to my calls or emails after that. So, three years later this October, Magpie has remained mine.

So.. if things keep falling through.. it just MIGHT be a sign..
I had a similar situation with a family who adopted from me. I was fostering a deaf, all white pit puppy who was bottle raised in another home. But she was a VERY feisty puppy who was beating up on the elderly dog in the home (the older dog who was a rescued pitty who was used for fighting, could barely walk as it is). Poor Annie was good with other dogs but wasn't much for being nipped at and jumped on. So she came to me where she could socialize with my dogs (they were pretty good at helping puppies understand proper play -- they were never aggressive but could communicate better than I ever could) and start to learn some manners. I was head over heels for this puppy... I had to keep telling myself "NO!". I took her everywhere with me, socializing her with everyone and everything, and I just loved her personality. She didn't seem any different to me... even though she couldn't hear me. LOL

Ok, so I had already taught her some hand signals -- No, Come, sit, & down. She was about 12 weeks old. I had a family email me who had just lost their pit bull, who was also deaf, not long before. They had 3 children. The family met with me at the rescue store, and we talked for quite some time even after extensive email conversation. The kids were in love with her and their youngest was even trying to give her hand signals to do things. I thought it was absolutely adorable and thought it was great! I had found a family accustomed to deaf dogs.

A few months later I got a phone call from the lady who is head of our rescue. She told me she got a phone call from Saint Lucie County Humane Society (county the adoptive family lived in) that they had a dog who was chipped to our rescue that was picked up off the streets. It was my Valli girl We were desperately trying to find a foster because I was full (I had my 6 personal dogs plus 2 foster dogs) but told them I would take her if it came down to life or death for her. Well, a family who had adopted her brother came into the store to pick up food and they told them what happened to Valli. Their heart dropped and immediately asked how to get there. They adopted Valli & she is a spoiled rotten little girl along with her brother. She is glued to her brothers hip. I get constant pictures and updates through facebook.

I had come very very close to telling our director to pull her and I'd bring her home (and she would stay). We tried emailing and calling this family and got no response. I was so mad! I ALWAYS told my adopters that if things don't work out, to contact me and I would take them back. No matter what it was. I'm just thankful she's in a great home now.
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Old 03-12-2012, 07:32 PM
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It sounds like he is off to a wonderful new home

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Old 03-12-2012, 07:47 PM
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aww thats wonderful. (((HUGGIES))) to you Emily. That must have been heart wrenching. But it sounds like he is home now

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