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Old Today, 09:50 AM
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Default Favorite Skills?

I'm not talking about YOUR favorite skills, but your dog's/dogs' favorite skills.

We've had some icy sidewalk weather lately, so we're doing a lot of indoor stuff - trick training, Maisy's rehab exercises for everyone, weaves practice, etc. And I've noticed that my dogs definitely have some preferences.

Maisy adores perch work. If you pull something out and it is possible to get on it, she will be on it before I've reached for my clicker and treats and turned back around. She's like a little monkey once she gets on something, too, she's really good at it.

Squash loves pivoting so much. If he's pivoting backwards, so much the better. I swear to god he laughs when he's doing it.

Pip just seems to love the process. Whatever he's working on at the moment can be his favorite. But his default when we're starting something new is usually a nose or paw touch.

Do your dogs have favorite skills?

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Old Today, 10:39 AM
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Ok, I'm going to ONLY pick one for each dog which is hard since they all have a bunch of favorite.

Traveler is with Squash, pivoting is the best thing ever! Which sometimes ends up in my almost falling when he decides it's PIVOT TIME! That kinda goes hand in hand with hind end stuff since if he's not pivoting and sometimes while he's trying to pivot he's trying to back up things.

Didgie loves spin. Took her forever to learn it well and now it's become "When in doubt? SPIN!" I'm working on the distance backwards scoot with her with a pivot and because I do scoot with her turning the opposite direction of her spin I had to wait out 5 minutes of pivoting/spinning on the perch yesterday. And screaming, can that be a favorite of hers?

Fergus seems to be loving sit pretty. Which I find adorable and encourage like crazy cause cute.

I love Pip's love of it all, it really shows in his videos!
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Old Today, 12:55 PM
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Recon really likes any sort of trick involving my body- rebounds, reverse chest vaults, leg vaults, dog catches.... and he's also very fond of scoot.

Patton really prefers heelwork and crate work, probably just because there is so much value in both.

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Say "grr"/do you have rabies?, say "ooooh", etc. She LOVES when I ask her to talk. And she's getting really good, I'm so close to getting "I love you"!

Only problem is that then she thinks it's kosher to grumble about sitting pretty, no matter what else I ask for after the talking, it's always sit pretty that gets grumbles once I've had her talk.

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Caleb's absolute favorite thing is to carry or pick up stuff and bring me my slippers.
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