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Old 01-17-2012, 10:54 PM
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Default Need to find a home for Joey (Cockatiel)

My mom has asked me to put out feelers to find Joey a new home. Life has taken a very hectic turn for her and she has no time to spend with him anymore and she feels horrible about it. As she told me tonight, "I haven't even had time to sit there and talk to him, and he doesn't call for Wesley anymore. I think he's starting to get depressed." She said she's in no rush to rehome him and that she'll miss him, but she said that if he goes to a home where he'll be spoiled and loved on she'd feel a lot better.

I'm going to give the information on him quoted below, and if anyone is interested in him, or knows of anyone in my area that is interested, please let me know.

Joey (Joseph) is an approximately five year old male white faced Cockatiel. We purchased him from a breeder when he was a few months old and he has been with our family ever since. Due to a complete schedule change, we've decided that finding him a new home would be in his best interest as he isn't getting the attention he deserves anymore.

Joey is used to the hustle and bustle of family life. He isn't afraid of dogs, cats, the vacuum, or other loud noises. He is tame, but is picky about who he likes. He may bluster at you if he is feeling contrary, but he has never once bit. He says, "Joey's a pretty bird!", wolf whistles, barks like a dog (either when you or a dog barks), and used to be able to whistle the Phantom of the Opera. He has a distinctive alarm call he trills when he sees a car pull up into the driveway. His favorite thing to do is get his head scritched and wear his bell as a hat as he whistles to it.

He is on a diet of Zupreem fruit pellets along with Nutriberries and I would like that to stay his core feed unless an even better diet is given. Millet spray is his favorite treat.

He does have a slight problem with one of his eyes - it has almost scabbed over. An exotic vet told me that it shouldn't cause him any problems (besides not being able to see from that eye) and it could be surgically removed if necessary. He's shown no adverse effects from it, so I've opted to just leave it alone. His wings are not clipped, and have not been clipped since we've had him.

He can either be adopted out alone (along with his favorite toys and whatever is left of his food), or I can also adopt him out with his cage as well. If you would like the cage (stand/perches/dishes/etc.) I will be asking a small fee. Otherwise, his adoption is free. Be prepared to answer questions about yourself and your household - he won't go on a first come, first serve basis. Bird experience is a plus, and if you ever cannot keep him he is to be returned to us. Non-smoking home required.

His eye:

Link to the type of cage he's in - completely different perches and dishes, though, and no grate at the bottom. Stand matches the cage and has one shelf for storage:
I'll be sad to see him go. I wish I could make him work out with me, but that isn't possible either. I had really hoped mom would be able to keep him, but in all honesty, he'll probably be much better off in another home where he can get out of his cage every day and be the center of attention like he needs to be.
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Old 01-17-2012, 11:04 PM
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Aw I'm so sorry I hope he finds an awesome new home. You obviously love him very much to give him up for his own good. He's a BEAUTIFUL bird and that's saying a lot from me, as I'm normally scared of birds lol! He seems like a really cool pet.
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