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Old 01-14-2012, 01:10 PM
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How pretty! Great pictures. I love the scenery. And Art reminds me of Loki, helping to contribute to clean waterways. She's always pulling sticks and stuff out of the water.
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Old 01-14-2012, 02:28 PM
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Great photos! I love his green jacket.
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Old 01-14-2012, 02:38 PM
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Thanks everyone for all the great comments! ^_^ We all had a great day

Originally Posted by smkie View Post
Very handsome men you have there. I really enjoyed seeing these. Art is a pretty special beautiful guy isn't he.
Thank you! ^_^ Yes he definitely is

Originally Posted by SarahHound View Post
Wow, what a gorgeous spot! Looks like Art had a good time, he's such a gorgeous little guy!

What was that last orange thing he pulled out? I live at the sea too, and never seen one of those before! LOL.
They are sun Stars I believe, not sure which variety, but they are basically like sea stars. We see a lot of them. Thanks!

Originally Posted by Barb04 View Post
Gorgeous pics and Art is adorable!

I was wondering the same thing: what is that orange thing he pulled out of the water?
I believe it's called a sun star. We see a lot of them, they are basically large, multi-legged sea stars that eat sea stars. lol


Originally Posted by ravennr View Post
oh god the one with the shell ahahahaha

GREAT photos! the landscape photo of the waves, i would totally frame that. love it.
lol yeah, I was suprised how together the crab shell was, it was perfect lol

THanks! ^_^

Originally Posted by Dakotah View Post
Lovely pictures. Art is adorable.

Where was Bear? I don't think I've seen pictures of him.
She doesn't live with us, she's actually my sisters dog and lives with her up north. She would've loved the ocean, but she get's to go all the time lol I really need a new siggy but I have no time to make one


Originally Posted by JacksonsMom View Post
Wow, so amazing. I, too, love that picture with the bridge -- what an AWESOME shot. should be framed!
Thank you! ^_^

Originally Posted by Doberluv View Post
Fantastic pictures. I really love the one with the bridge. What a piece of art! They're all good. And Art is too cute for words. It looks like he had a great day...well, like you all had a really terrific day. What a pretty area that is!
Thanks! It's my favorite pictures too It's got a lovely view and my two favorite boys. lol

Originally Posted by Kristen1980 View Post
Great photos! I love his green jacket.
lol He is usually a whimp with the cold and water, but with his jacket on he is invincible! LOL

He loves that thing, he will push himself into the jacket trying to get it on him if we pull it out. lol Never seen a dog so excited for a jacket!
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Old 01-16-2012, 12:10 PM
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These pictures are so pretty and serene and playful and fun and I loved them all. They just made me feel good. And Art is such a character isn't he?
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