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Old 12-16-2011, 11:39 PM
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Default Who are your favorite people in life?

I hate to have favorites, but I do.

I guess what I am asking -- do you have any people in your life that you just feel SO incredibly lucky to have be a part of it?

Obviously, I love my mom and dad. I've always had a pretty good relationship with both, though I maybe relate more to my dad and was always a daddy's girl.

Anyways, when I was born, my mom was looking for someone to watch me while she worked. One of her good friends (now my godmother) suggested her mother - as she used to babysit kids during the day years before. So... at 3 months of age, I began going to Pat's house.

It wasn't a daycare, just me and Pat. Her husband Bill would get home from work around 5 or so most days and he would usually bring me a surprise, whether it be a candy bar or whatnot. He bought his first video camera and basically taped my every day life over there at their house (I still have over 30 VHS tapes of my whole childhood). He worked for the govt. and traveled a lot, so he would bring me back goodies from other countries. He used to read to me all the time, even the newspaper, and I still credit him with my fast reading and writing skills.

When I started school, Pat usually picked me up. Whenever there would be a snow day or whatever, Bill would be thrilled to play me with out in the snow most of the day. I had Christmas' every year there - like full blown out Christmas with tons of presents under the tree for me waiting the day after Christmas or so. Basically I was like their first grandkid. Then their one daughter had a baby and Pat began watching him too, so he became like my first brother.

Anyways, eventually, I was too old for a babysitter of course. But they are like family and still, at 21, I visit them as often as possible. They have five grandchildren now, besides me, and they moved to South Carolina about 3 years ago and I've gone twice a year every year since. Their kids and grandkids are still here though so I see them often.

They are just the coolest, most down to earth, genuine people ever and I've learned SO much from them and still do. Bill is a very analytical guy and always informs me of something new. I truly believe my life would be completely different had they not been a part of it. I truly feel very lucky to have such people in my life because I know not everybody does.

Do you have any of these kind of people in your life, who have really just made such a great impact?
Brit & Jackson

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Old 12-17-2011, 08:56 AM
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I would have to say my boyfriend, my sister and her girlfriend and my godmother.

My boyfriend is the most sincere, smart, kind, funny, loving and caring person I have ever met. Even after four years of being together, just thinking about him makes me giddy and happy.

My sister has been my role model for my entire life. She is an incredibly strong woman and I love her to death. Her girlfriend is also pretty awesome. She's brilliantly witty and has made my sister happier than ever. She has fit so well into our family, and her family has taken my sister in as their own as well. I've learned so much from both of them and am so proud to be their little sister.

My godmother is pretty much just like me. Goofy, passionate about what we love, and we love baking. My godmother inspired me to follow my love of baking as a career and I'm LOVING it. I can't thank her enough. She works so so hard with little recognition but she does it to better the lives of the elderly. She is so amazing.
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Old 12-17-2011, 12:53 PM
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My brother is definitely my favorite person. I love my family, er, most of my family, but he is my favorite for sure. He always took care of me when I was younger and even though we're 14 years apart we're super close. I value his opinion more than anyone else. We can never stay mad at each other for long. He is my hero and my role model and I just love him a lot.
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