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Old 12-14-2011, 09:54 PM
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Default Helping the cat get along with the dog

Petey doesn't like Rocky. He doesn't attack him, but he hisses at him a lot, and then my dad yells at Rocky because he thinks Rocky is instigating somehow when he's not, and then my mom yells at my dad because my dad is an idiot. Have I mentioned how happy I am that I don't live with my parents anymore?

The problem is, when we had Benji, Benji had severe bloodlust for critters, we had a few slip ups where Benji chased the cats around (never hurt them thank God) and well, Petey developed quite a dislike for Benji as you can imagine. So I don't blame Petey for being upset about this newish little black terrier dog. But you see, Rocky is a FailTerrier, and has no prey drive to speak of (he also almost never barks). He doesn't really care about the cat at all, he'd be happy if Petey would just ignore him. I really don't want Petey to tick Rocky off one day and start a new blood feud.

So any advice on how to teach the cat to at least leave the dog alone? A squirt bottle was one thought I had, but it wouldn't really make the cat feel better about having the dog around, you know? :/ Petey never does anything to Daisy, probably because she's BIG and he doesn't want to push his luck. Petey weighs more than Rocky though (even though Rocky is a little taller), so perhaps Petey feels like he can be the bully this time around.

Sigh, pets.
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Old 12-14-2011, 10:24 PM
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Cat treats! Toss the cat a treat or two whenever the dog walks in. If there's a cat perch somewhere closeby where the cat can get up off the ground, even better, treat the cat there so that he'll learn to jump up on the perch whenever the dog comes around.

Cats are totally just as trainable as dogs, the only difference is finding what motivates them. Personally, I use a lot of treats with my cats, so I don't free-feed them. I know a lot of cat people say their cats aren't treat-oriented, but I've never had that problem with my cats, and I've also never free-fed them.

Good luck!
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