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Old 12-10-2011, 11:21 PM
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Originally Posted by release the hounds View Post
care to link me any, all i see are discussions on thyroid panels.

I guess I should have clarified before, i'm talking sex hormones and removing them in spay and neuter situations as that was what was referenced in the OP.
The thyroid and the pituitary gland are linked, therefore the they are also talking about (read further) and have researched it as it pretains to sex hormones, reproductive problems and fear periods etc. Bottomline is a lot breeders know how much a thyroid can cause problems and if the dog is put on meds even for a short period of time, it can help a dog with fear issues, aggression etc. Because once the thyroid, (therefore the pituitary gland) are leveled again, the problems often go away and the dog no longer requires the meds.

And the research says that by spaying and neutering often does not solve the problem and can make it worse but meds can help

Btw, the thyroid levels do not have to be completely out of wack (low normal or high normal) nor does the dog have to have typical thyroid symptons i.e weight gain etc.

One of my students, her dog last year had to have an emergancy spay due to pyometra after a false preggo's. The dog had been prior to that mildly reactive, after the spay she got much worse. I suggested that they test her thyroid, came back low normal, she was put on a low maintance dose for 4 months..............the dogs reactivity and fear issues went away. That is not the only case that I know of and since the meds are cheap and don't cause harm for a short period. There is no reason to not try it, they may not know why the thyroid got out of wack but it can be an easy and cheap fix and imo worth investigating.

Just one article on the subject.

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