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Old 10-28-2011, 05:25 PM
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Default Secret Santa 2011 Wish List

Once you have signed up for the Secret Santa, come here and make your wish list for each dog!

Dog's Name:
Dog's Breed:
Clothing/Collar Size:
Favourite Treat:
Favourite Toy:
Treats they cannot have:
Toys they won't use:
Anything else!:

Let me know if you think of anything else that should be added!

Feel free to add a note about your cat or other pet, as well if you so wish
Ella: 3 year old female ferret
Nacho: 9 year old male ferret
Summer: 5 year old female ferret
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Old 10-28-2011, 05:35 PM
Posts: n/a

Dog's Name: Doom
Dog's Breed: Retriever X
Clothing/Collar Size: Doom thinks clothes are shameful, however, he wears about an 18.5" collar
Favourite Treat: PEANUT BUTTER!!!
Favourite Toy: Tennis ball.
Treats they cannot have:No rawhide, please. <3
Toys they won't use: Anything other than a ball. LOL
Anything else!:

Dog's Name: Bobsie
Dog's Breed: Tibetan Spaniel X
Clothing/Collar Size: Bobsie loves clothes. She wears a medium-ish, think Beagle sized. She is about a 12.5" in collars.
Favourite Treat:Anything soft. She's getting up there in age and has a harder time chewing anything hard.
Favourite Toy: She really isn't into toys much any more. She does like puzzle toys, though.
Treats they cannot have: No rawhides for her either, please.
Toys they won't use: Pretty much all of them. LOL
Anything else!:
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Old 10-28-2011, 08:01 PM
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I have 2 dogs(Sheena and Luna) a cat(Zen) and 2 parakeets.

Sheena will be turning 8 on December 20th. Sheena's neck size is 17 1/2. She has never had a pretty collar. Just functional ones. But now that she is slowing down, and we are playing darts each week I think she would love a pretty collar to show off to everyone. She loves balls but we no longer allow her to play with tennis balls. Has to be a bit bigger. She loves any kind of treat, just no rawhide obviously.

Luna is also turning 1 on December 20. Her neck size is 17. She also doesn't have any pretty collars and would most likely want one too. Luna is an obsesive chewer. So any chew toys or treats is greatly desired. She will chew when she is happy, stressed or so on. So having multiple chewing items for her is a must in this house. Her favorite toy is her home made flirt pole. Though she would most likely love a new toy at the end on it instead of the ever present rope. lol She does not handle eating chicken based anything very well.

Zen would love kitty nip or a toy that can be hung high enough to bat at from his kitty tree but also high enough that Luna can't steal it and chew it to pieces. So most toys that hang from ceilings or door frames are awsome.

Artic and Bandit(parakeets) would love any type of toy for birds that can be set up in their cage, on top of it or even outside of it. They are not fussy.

I think that is it.
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Old 10-28-2011, 08:47 PM
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Dog's Name: Sierra
Dog's Breed: Basset x Cattle Dog (a guess as always)
Clothing/Collar Size: She has a 15" neck
Favourite Treat: Sierra loves treats. Meaty treats, cookies, whatever yummy treats I've tried she's rarely refused one.
Favourite Toy: SQUEAKY KONG TENNIS BALL. They are her hands down favourite. Other squeaky toys are also good. She's pretty gentle with toys and doesn't destroy things quickly.
Treats they cannot have: Just try to keep it natural.
Toys they won't use: hard/rubbery toys are less fun, but she doesn't ignore any toy forever.
Anything else!: Buddy is here too! He understands that this is mostly Sierra's thing, but he'd be thankful to be thought of with a little kitty something. He's not very picky.

Julia: Mom to Sierra (adorable mutt - Basset x Cattledog is our best guess these days) Buddy (noisy but awesome DSH tabby cat) and Carter (adorable human baby) RIP Nya 1994(?) - 2010
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Old 10-28-2011, 09:06 PM
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Dog's Name: Izzie
Dog's Breed: Pug
Clothing/Collar Size: Her neck is about 13", 17" along her back, girth is 19" i believe.
Favourite Treat: Ziwipeak treats
Favourite Toy: Kong squeaker balls, fuzzy tugs with real fur.
Treats they cannot have: Grain heavy treats, no wheat or corn or soy or byproducts please.
Toys they won't use: Hard toys, heavy rubber stuff.
Anything else!: A cute camera strap would be right up my alley hint hint.

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Old 10-28-2011, 09:31 PM
stardogs stardogs is offline
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Dog's Name: Ziva
Dog's Breed: Corgi mix
Clothing/Collar Size: 12.5" neck, 20" girth, weighs 23lbs
Favourite Treat: Anything edible!
Favourite Toy: Real fur/wool toys, things that squeak and/or flop
Treats they cannot have: anything made in China/Mexico, rawhides of any type
Toys they won't use: none, but the other dogs will shred all but the most durable
Anything else: Z's color is light blue or teal.

Dog's Name: Kestrel
Dog's Breed: Cattle dog mix
Clothing/Collar Size: 14.5" neck, 24" girth, weighs 38lbs
Favourite Treat: anything edible!
Favourite Toy: Nylabones, chuckit whistle balls, durable frisbees (fav is our SuperHero disc)
Treats they cannot have: anything made in China/Mexico, rawhides of any type
Toys they won't use: Soft toys will be destroyed.
Anything else!: Kestrel's color is brown or black.

Dog's Name: Aerten
Dog's Breed: Malinois
Clothing/Collar Size: 14.5" neck, 24" girth, weighs 39lbs
Favourite Treat: anything edible!
Favourite Toy: tug toys, balls of all sorts, and her current favorite is a rubber squeaky balloon animal that squeaks even after puncturing
Treats they cannot have: anything made in China/Mexico, rawhides of any type
Toys they won't use: fuzzy toys are destroyed
Anything else!: Aeri's color is maroon.

Dog's Name: [unnamed puppeh]
Dog's Breed: cattle dog mix
Clothing/Collar Size: 12.5" neck (growing), 25lbs (chubby)
Favourite Treat: anything edible!
Favourite Toy: nylabones, tug toys, balls
Treats they cannot have: anything made in China/Mexico, rawhides of any type
Toys they won't use: soft toys will be destroyed by the other dogs
Anything else!: nameless puppeh's color is yellow/gold/brass.
Erin, Ziva, Kestrel, Aerten, and Snipe
Always in our hearts: The Amazing Maggie Mae

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Old 10-29-2011, 02:19 PM
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On second thought...
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Dog's Name: Cameron (female)
Dog's Breed: Chow Chow mix
Clothing/Collar Size: Um. I measured a 19.5 inch neck. She's around 60lbs.
Favourite Treat: Dehydrated liver, stinky, moist cat treats.
Favourite Toy: Things that squeak! But she will destroy them, so try and make them durable, or with more than one squeaker. Toys that can be tossed and tugged.
Treats they cannot have: Those dental chew things.
Toys they won't use: Nylabones, rawhides, chew toys that aren't stuffable.
Anything else!: Her colors are green and blue, or a mix like teal. Oh! And I have been meaning to dye Cameron, so if you have any doggy-safe dye,

Dog's Name: Duncan
Dog's Breed: GSD, Golden Retriever, Chow, lots of guesses.
Clothing/Collar Size: 19 inches. 90+ lbs.
Favourite Treat: Anything and everything, preferably meaty, cheezy, or cat treaty.
Favourite Toy: He doesn't play with toys, he guards them, But he likes squeaky toys, and he could benefit from a toy that encourages play, like the Tug-It, or a treat dispensing toy. He also likes fabric tug toys.
Treats they cannot have: Dental chew things.
Toys they won't use: Nylabones, rawhides, chew toys that aren't stuffable.
Anything else!: His colors are navy blue, maroon, etc.

Signature by aadufield, on Flickr

Proud owner of Cameron, a Chow Chow mix, and Duncan, a
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Old 10-29-2011, 02:52 PM
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Dog's Name: Watson
Dog's Breed: Basenji
Clothing/Collar Size: His neck is 12"
Favourite Treat: Chicken Jerky, anything with duck in it
Favourite Toy: Squeaky hedgehog, his sister
Treats they cannot have: stuff with wheat, corn and soy
Toys they won't use: anything that is made up of rubbery easy to chew into bitty pieces material.
Anything else!:

Dog's Name: Menchi
Dog's Breed: Shar Pei
Clothing/Collar Size: she is still growing so the current 13" of neck size is likely to change.
Favourite Treat: Chicken Jerky, Duck and Sweet potato stuff, anything that doesn't eat her first.
Favourite Toy: Her Skinnez, her brother
Treats they cannot have: Same as above
Toys they won't use: Same as above
Anything else!: She also really loves Nylabones

We also have an Autumn kitty if you wish to throw in a cat toy
Bow before my Basenji Overlord and Master! Pay homage to the Peiby Goddess!

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Old 10-29-2011, 03:11 PM
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Dog's Name: Lucy
Dog's Breed: Mystery mutt extraordinaire--perhaps chow/spaniel/border collie and a million other things?
Clothing/Collar Size: She's just over 25 lbs, and 17" at the shoulder. Usually that's a large. Neck size is ~13 inches
Favourite Treat: Anything with peanut butter or fish
Favourite Toy: Stuffies with squeakers, especially good ones for tugging. Also any sort of "hide food inside the toy" thing, like the tug-a-jug and twist-n-treat we have (and the neat ball Gypsy gave us!)
Treats they cannot have: Anything with chicken, turkey, beef, buffalo, venison, or lamb. If you have access to something unique I'd be game to try it, otherwise the safe options are fish or peanut butter! (It's kind of a treasure hunt to find stuff she can have!!!)
Toys they won't use: Balls (unless there's food in them), rubber chew toys
Anything else!: Lucy is my girly girl. I love to put her in pink and purple and green, polka dots and bows and hearts and flowers, and anything that helps insure people know she's a girl We do agility often and go hiking fairly regularly when the weather's nice. Our favorite activity is cuddling on the couch though Also, I just bought a house so I now have plenty of kitchen/wall/shelf space to display or store things, so those are good!
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Old 10-31-2011, 11:04 AM
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Dog's Name: Finnegan
Dog's Breed: Border Collie
Clothing/Collar Size: Neck is about 17", he doesn't wear clothes
Favourite Treat: Healthy training treats, anything natural to chew on... he's not picky!
Favourite Toy: Things that make noise, brain toys, egg babies... again, not picky, and he does fine with stuffed toys.
Treats they cannot have: I prefer all-natural. No rawhides, and I try to keep away from corn, soy, wheat, by-products, etc. But he has no allergies or sensitivities.
Toys they won't use: Nothing, really. If you give it to him, he loves it.
Anything else!: Finn has a ton of toys, but doubles of anything are equally loved by him, so no stress! We don't really need more collars unless you see one that REALLY screams Finnegan. Otherwise, go nuts. He loves everything. Seriously.

I have the non-picky kitten (June Bug) who loves toys, and three ferrets who love whatever the cat has. LOL. Gifts for them are welcome as well if you like, and if you wanna stick with Finnegan that's perfectly fine.

Finnegan - Border Collie | Barrett the ferret | Stan & Fiora - the cats
RIP - Fozzy 1993-2006 Palom 2008-2010 Ysera 2008-2011 Basol 2008-2012 Freya 2008-2014 Porom 2008-2014
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