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Old 10-07-2011, 03:45 PM
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My goldfish turned 17 this year. He will attack any other fish in the tank so he is a loner.
We have marker trained him to go through a hoop, spin in a circle, push a ball.

I don't know that much about plants so I ended up finding an awesome website that sells plants and I called the guy told him my tank size, what fish I had and that I suck at keeping plants alive and he put together a pack of plants for me for like $25 (it was around 40 plants. Some bulbs) and also sent me marked up digital images for me on where to place them in the tank and which plants do best together etc.

I have been going through my phone records trying to find his number because I have no.idea what website it was and I want some more.
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Old 10-08-2011, 11:25 AM
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Apricot: Different people have different ideas as far as what temperature to keep goldfish. I've read a lot of different opinions about it. My view is very few (if any) goldfish owners actually keep a cooler on their tank for their goldfish to keep them in cold water, because like you mentioned, they're temperate water fish, not 'coldwater' as so many people say, and many 'tropical' fish can happily live in slightly cooler temperatures. I don't keep a heater on my tank, and my fish are perfectly healthy and happy. The listed temperature to keep guppies at is 66F - 84F. So a room-temperature tank would be an okay home for goldfish with certain tropical fish. I'm sure certain fish require warmer temperatures that wouldn't keep a goldfish happy, like a betta or something, but a betta wouldn't be a good tankmate for a goldfish anyway.

My problem is that my tank is too small to hold more than one fancy goldfish and supposedly they like company. That's also something that's debated about though. I need to do more research on that. Because when I upgrade to a 29gallon I've considered adding 1 fantail and seeing how it went. I could always return it to my LFS if it seemed unhappy or began eating my other fish. Though I'd probably feel terrible returning it, since so many people who buy them just keep them in teeny bowls.

Katie: That's so cool that he can do all of those things, and that he's lived so long! I think it's awesome that with the correct care, fish can live so long, and they're so much more personable than people give them credit for!
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