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Old 09-26-2011, 09:53 PM
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the one I'm looking at requires a 3 day visit when you pick up the pup, which I have not heard of with other breeders, but isn't exactly a bad thing)?
Logan's breeder did not require a 3 day visit, although I wish I could have stayed for that long. Hell, I wish I could have stayed FOREVER lol, I miss her and the area terribly. But she did want to either have me come to her or her come to me to meet in person instead of shipping him, which is more than fine. I would want to meet some random person from halfway across the country before I handed my dog over to them, too. Logan is on a show contract and a no-breeding contract - so although he is intact, I am not to ever breed him - again perfectly fine, I have no desire to breed dogs any time soon. Eventually? Yeah. But probably decades away. His breeder can use him as a stud if she ever chooses to do so.

Logan was a VERY reasonable price...about half of what I had planned for a dog. Which is good, because when you add in the costs of shipping/travel, his price doubled anyway

Also I'm pretty darn happy with Logan, his breeder, and his lines. His daddy is a Grand Champion and has herding titles, both parents have their CGC, health testing, etc etc. I was working on putting his pedigreein the pedigree database and I was pretty impressed with some of his lines. Maybe not as many working/obed/herding/etc titles as I'd like in a perfect world, but he obviously has ability, so I think for a lot of the dogs it was a matter of having to pick conformation showing over trials. I'm very happy that he has herding instinct, as do his parents, siblings, etc.
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Old 10-10-2011, 02:12 AM
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I will be so picky when it comes to finding the 'right' breeder for my next dog. I honestly think charging $3000 for a dog is ridiculous. It also depends on the breed, health testing, etc. I wouldn't touch a breeder who says they breed for the breed standard and don't health test with a 10 foot pole. That could be disasterous. I like a breeder who health tests and wants to build a relationship with and get to know every potential buyer. When it comes to the breed I am interested in a lot more things are important, too. A breeder can hide a lot, unfortunetly. I want a dog from a breeder who treats their dogs well and does not have dogs in crates 24/7. I am also skeptical when it comes to shipping. I want to see where the dogs are kept, how they are treated and trained, I want to see them compete in Obedience, Conformation, Flyball, Agility, dock diving, etc. and observe how the breeder teaches them. I also want to see the interaction with the puppies and see the whole entire litter and the home they are kept in. If a bitch is bred every heat or every other heat I'll turn my back immedietly. Even every year is too much for me. Brood stock or not, that is hard on the body. Imagine having a baby every six months. NOT easy and NOT fun. Brood stock or not the dog is special and should be treated so. After all, she is providing you with what you are working's all about the bitches and how they produced, they should be treated very well. If a bitch is diagnosed with cancer or anything else, or I hear that a bitch has cancer and is still being bred, I find that sickening. If the breeder says a dog has been sick or experiencing seizures, ruptured glands, cancer in any form, or anything hard on the body and is still being bred, I will NOT support that. I once had a breeder say to me, "Well it's different to you - she is brood stock to me". SO WHAT? If the animal's body is under stress you don't try to get one last litter out of her. I see that a bit too often. Crating is okay with me, but not at all hours of the day. I don't think a breeder should have a huge amount of dogs, either, even if they are in good health - they are obviously not given a lot of attention, and I feel as if spending $2500 on a dog is supporting that. I want a breeder who loves their dogs, gives them the attention, care, training, socialization, exercise, and stimulation they need. I understand it is hard to do, but the number of dogs a breeder has should depend on this. I won't purchase from a breeder whom does not have a job or has tons of litters a year. I don't care they have built themselves up to their dogs being capable and able of providing them with a living, I don't think the dogs should be used for this. If I am spending buko bucks on a dog, I want it to go back into the dogs. I like a breeder who wants to put the dog on a co-own contract and does not want to charge a ton of money for the puppy. A breeder who is willing to give you a dog on a co-own contract and work with you is worth everything to me. That kind of relationship and breeder is priceless. I like Matrix Kennels because of this, especially the fact that she does not ship and she asks all people interested to travel to her home, form a relationship with her, and then take a dog on a co-own contract. I believe this is important because a breeder will have the leverage to take a dog in a bad or unapproved of situation back at any time. I believe you should have to jump through hoops with a breeder. A good breeder asks a lot of questions and a good 'buyer' asks a lot of questions as well. Both should want to get to know eachother and their interests. I like the idea of a 3 day visit. I know a breeder who Google Maps people's houses and pays for background checks of anyone that makes it through the process that far. That speaks volumes to me, the breeder should be willing to pay for background checks and Google Maps the house and see how long the house has been owned, etc., if the house is really bought by the person or if it is actually rented and the person is lying, or if the person is lying about where they live, if they own the house, who they live with, etc. I'm careful about this and believe in this because of the breed I am involved in, I've never been involved in any other breed but I do think this is a good idea for any breeder - call me a stalker, but hey. A breeder who is willing to mentor and teach people also speaks volumes to me. Any good breeder will be willing to educate people willing to learn. For a good breeder, I would certainly travel for a puppy depending on what I was looking for.

Now as far as contracts go...many breeders will have you sign a spay contract until the dog has 'proven' itself in whatever events and health testing the breeder has approved of and requested before considering allowing a breeding and then the breeder will have you sign another contract that involves breeding. Many breeders will work with you when it comes to spay/neuter when they get to know you and talk to you about it and your beliefs when it comes to the issue. Any good breeder is going to listen to your concerns and respond to them with his or her thoughts or concerns. Part of being a breeder is working with people who also love the breed and finding people worthy of having these beautiful dogs that the breeder has worked hard to bring into this world healthy and happy. A puppy should be worth everything to a breeder - and just as a good breeder means everything to us, a great 'buyer' should mean everything to the breeder, as well.

I know the breeder who mentored me would not even sell puppies to people who asked about breeding along with a ton of other limitations, or to people who had more than one animal that had not had experience with the pit bull breed before. Breeding was accepted only when it came to people who met with her personally, bred on a co-own contract with a co-owned dog and worked with her throughout the process while she mentored them and approved of the dogs being bred. ALL puppies sold on co-own contracts to anyone, this provided her with leverage to take a dog out of a bad situation. Bad situations happen ALL the time with people who were great people or who seemed like great people. If a dog got out and killed a cat or another dog and was deemed dangerous or to euthanasia, she could go take the dog. If the dog was used for fighting or anything else unapproved of, she could take the dog back. If the dog was bred without agreement, she could take the dog back. All puppies are also microchipped with her name, address, and phone numbers before going to their new homes so if the dog is every lost, dumped at an animal shelter, etc. she can go pick it up. She also had people in every state who would go do home checks for her before she shipped a puppy to a new home.
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Old 10-18-2011, 01:19 AM
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The right breeder is priceless to me. It is a bit like the stars aligning. There are things in Ivans contract that, when some people had found out where in it. I was told I was insane for agreeing to it. Such as there is a list of recomended foods (keep in mind I have a breed that should have a certain diet), and his breeder gets a say so in who gets bred to him(outside bitches). Now his contract was a show contract and not a pet. So there might be a bit of difference there. But for me I was ok with those things, expeically the breeding part. She's been breeding for 16 years now, I have no experience. And for me, it would be a learning experience as to why BitchX would not be a good match with Ivan. But in trade for those things that maybe some wouldn't agree to, I get a breeder/mentor/friend who is always there for me. With what ever stupid question or worry I come up with (and I come up with alot of stupid worries).
Price also plays a factor into things. I will not pay XX amount of money, for a co-owned dog, one that gets so many puppies back or a whole litter. I have nothing against having a co-owned dog (I still have one after 6 years), or puppies back or even whole litters. If I am paying full price for the dog then the dog is mine and mine alone. No puppies back or the breeder getting her for a litter.

But for me the deal breaker is the breeder themselves. If they are an asshole to begin with. I don't care how great, awesome their dogs are, what kinds of titles the dogs have, how great their health in the lines are, I won't buy from them. I'm not looking for a breeder who just sees me as $$, but as a new friend/family member. Just because I've bought the dog, doesn't mean I'm going to drop off the face of the earth. Expect to hear from me occasionally through out the dogs life.

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Old 11-20-2011, 08:31 PM
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The right breeder is very important to me. I am in a breed that can really have a lot of serious problems - health wise, physically, mentally. I am committed to keeping them for life and get very attached, knowing this about myself seeking out the right dog is even more important. I do my part with training, socialization, good quality food, vet care, and building upon what the breeder already put in place. I have had one die young from breed related health problems, ripped my heart out. One with temperament issues around people despite classes and positive socialization, very difficult to live with in an active household.

I view looking for a breeder like the chance to actually pick out your new family member for the next ten plus years. Very important! Do the best you can.
It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices. - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
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