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Old 10-24-2011, 05:22 PM
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Default How did you find the Perfect breeder??

What steps did you take? How were you able to knock breeders off your list? What key things were you looking looking at in a breeder that you would not compermise on?

The reason I am asking these questions is because I am having a hard time looking at a breeder and saying nay or yay. There are so many freaking breeders!!! It makes my head spin. And I'm new to this whole breeder thing. And I would be lieing if I said I had no idea what I was doing.

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Old 10-25-2011, 12:53 AM
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I started with the breed club

Circled my part of the country and which states I'd be ok with shipping from. (It would be tough to get a dog from Cali all the way to Florida for example)
and then went down the list.

Look at the list of things needed for a breeder to be part of the club, some are stricter than others and being on the list doesn't always mean the breeder is "good".
For example, some clubs say you can only have x litters per year, you must health test against this, etc.. which is great IMO

Then I went down the list from my state to others alphabetically and wrote down the sites I liked (just general obvious liked, they health test, dogs are my type physically etc..)

Then I went to the specific breed forum and did some digging and found the breeders people there tend to recommend/talk about. very helpful.

I always told myself NUMBER ONE. DO NOT look at the puppy page first. that is a TRAP!
Start with the sires/dams pages.

1. Look for the health testing you want
2. Look at the breeder bio, does it seem like they are breeding for the kind of dog you want? Does the breeder seem nice?
3. Look at the parents, are they nice dogs? did the breeder take time to describe temperament? variety of pictures? health testing?
4. Are the parents proven in some way? (show, agility, sport, working, therapy dog work)
Then of course, sniff around the rest of the website. Check out the puppies they have on the ground, the applications, things they require, pictures of passed puppies/dogs bred by them.

For example, breeders were taken off my LONG list for...
1. requiring fenced backyards. 2. breeding too many litters .3. raising dogs in kennels outside 4. outrageous prices 5. not shipping 6. cold, empty websites (no pictures of dogs at home having fun, no testimonials from owners, etc...)

Then use the magic of the INTERNET!!
GOOGLE " *name of breeder* *breed* forum*
chances are, you will find discussions or hate/praise for that breeder.
Google the breeders kennel name, google their name.. Do whatever you have to do lol

By then, I had my SHORT LIST.
and then with that, I started to compare them to each other and start emailing.
..Introduce yourself, ask questions, submit an application.

Is the breeder willing to talk with and work with you knowing you don't want a puppy RIGHT NOW?
Are they kind? helpful? open? knowledgeable?

And that was the REAL test for me. I would never go to a breeder that treated it like a sale, was rude, took forever to respond (or didn't respond), or wasn't nice.
I think the breeder/owner relationship is more than just a sale, so I tried to find somebody who was personable, kind, honest and that I got along with generally.

And with that, I found my breeder.

She was on my short list, but not one of the top contenders so I thought.
But we got to emailing, spoke on the phone and things! She was happy to talk about her dogs, ask me plenty of questions, etc..

finding a breeder who kept in touch with owners after the puppies leave was very important to me. So it was really her personal nature that pushed her to the top.
The facebook page for puppy updates/questions, her email/cell phone always quick to respond, and just, being a nice person!

Disclaimer: I work for Trupanion and love it/our policy! But I do not speak for the company or as the company.
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Old 10-25-2011, 12:56 AM
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I met Aeri's breeder on an ACD forum oddly enough, started emailing with her, found out we shared a lot of similar stances on things, researched her lines, and voila! LOL
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Old 10-25-2011, 01:18 AM
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For me, I started looking on the internet(it is such a wonderful tool), looking at the dogs and finding a type I liked. It took me a while to find a body type I liked. I researched dogs in the pedigree. Kept a list of the older ones that I liked and watched for type in what they where producing.
I also made a list of health issues in the breed and broke it down to what I could live with and what I can't live with. For me and my breed, I absolutely can not and will not ever again live with a dog that has seizures. Bry talking to some breeders I have a list of dogs that are know seizure producers. I stay right away from those dogs. I don't care if they have the type I'm looking for.
The other thing is temperament, I know what I want in a dal. I ask about what sorts of temperaments they have produced. What I am looking for is a breeder who is honest about what they have produced. Even if it is a couple of generations removed.
I want a breeder I can talk to, take any problems I might have with the dog to and get help.

Things I won't compromise on or give up.
Is type, I prefer the slightly leggier looking dogs(like Ivan). Dogs that aren't so blocky they look like labs or pits (nothing against either of those breeds) BUT not what I'm looking for in a dal.
Health is another. Like I said before, I can not and will not have another seizure dog. There are dals out there that tend to consistently produce that. I stay way from them.
A breeder who basically gets their check and thats the last I hear from them. I don't necessarily want a breeder who is up my butt. But I do what a breeder who can remember the dog and I 6 months after I have bought the dog. I want a breeder to talk to me like I do have a brain and not talk down to me.

I would say the first one is always the hardest, but for me because I know exactly what I want it seems to be harder. LOl

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Old 10-25-2011, 07:02 AM
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I found Steve's breeder initially through Leslie McDevitt. I did some looking to see where her dog Easy came from. Steve's breeder's foundation dog is from the same people.

I was looking for performance dogs first and foremost. I wanted health testing. I wanted a contract I'd be comfortable entering into (a number of breeders I looked at wanted the owner to do a ton of health testing- I'm down with OFAing hips/elbows on my own dime, but I'm not up to yearly CERF exams on a dog who isn't going to be bred). I wanted someone who would talk honestly to me about their breeding program, especially about health issues in their lines.

I think, in large part, I got lucky.

I know that she doesn't meet the standards of a lot of Border Collie people. Steve's parents have worked stock but don't do so regularly. She doesn't breed working dogs, and even the dogs she does breed for stockwork are for casual stockwork and occasional trialing. But I wanted a sport dog and she made me a pretty nice one. And she's been a huge source of support and information and has become a friend, which I didn't expect, but which is pretty nice.
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Old 10-25-2011, 07:19 AM
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I used breed clubs and the local kennel club.

We went to shows and talked to people.

I met with both Laura (Watson's breeder) and Cheryl (Menchi's breeder) and got to meet their dogs weeks before bringing home a puppy.

I read their puppy contracts...

Meeting them is what in both cases decided me that yes I would have one of their dogs. It was important to me to see how they are with their dogs and that I liked talking to them.
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Old 10-25-2011, 07:27 AM
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Backwards -- met a breeder I really liked as a person and became friends. Respected her breeding practices as well but didn't really think too much about that side of things. A year later out of the blue she mentioned I should really look into FCRs as they were would perfect for me, and she doesn't consider FCRs to be a good fit for many people...the combo of high energy/drive and goofiness tends to make people batty the time FCRs were just these black dogs that were in her pictures lol. Another year later after having met a few in person and talking to a lot of people I was hooked but thinking I was still a year or two out from a puppy...til said breeder called and said her mentor had a pup on the ground who was looking like she'd be perfect for me, a real all-arounder with a lot of drive. A few weeks later...Mira.

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Old 10-25-2011, 11:28 AM
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Thanks guys you have been very helpful!

Why does this have to be do bloody hard, thankfully I know what Type I like and have found some breeders that I just drool over their dogs and I for sure know what I dont like.

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Old 10-25-2011, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by stardogs View Post
I met Aeri's breeder on an ACD forum oddly enough, started emailing with her, found out we shared a lot of similar stances on things, researched her lines, and voila! LOL
That's basically what happened to me with Sako's breeder. I wasn't even looking for another dog! She posted the litter pictures on the Pit Bull forum I'm very active on and I jokingly told her to send him to me for Christmas (he was one of her potential keepers, so he really wasn't available).. she PM'd me, we started talking, a month later I was on my way to pick him up! Easiest experience ever LOL.
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Old 10-25-2011, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by stardogs View Post
I met Aeri's breeder on an ACD forum oddly enough, started emailing with her, found out we shared a lot of similar stances on things, researched her lines, and voila! LOL
I always forget she breeds ACDs too!

We found both of our malinois breeders on Subsequently started researching them and found out Sloan's breeder is partners with the breeder of Evee, our old flyball teammates dog and the malinois that started us looking into the breed. Sloan was Denis' choice and the price/breeding goals matched his desires at the time. Backup I bought off pedigree and mom and dad. Both of them were hold backs from the litter that the breeders decided for one reason or another to sell later.
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