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Old 11-05-2004, 09:43 AM
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Default BAD day yesterday...

I go out to get my pups to bring them had been pouring rain all morning. I HAD to wash them off prior to coming in...OH, THE MUD! Addie wouldn't let me wash her paws...or any part of her. It became a battle...she was on the back porch, hiding behind the glider...then in the corner. I then just went outside and opened the door....she wouldn't budge. (I was willing to just let her out again without a leash) When I approached her....she snarled..she was absolutely gonna bite. I was devastated. All the while...I have to have Hammie tied to a tree while this is going on.......he was screaming full force. geez. Addie FINALLY came out to be leashed..and I put her back out in the pen with her food. All day I felt so bad...her little head and one leg stuck out of the doghouse...I felt like she was looking at the house...and feeling so sad. Hammie did come in for a couple hours..then wanted outside. question..and be honest....when I look outside am I just putting human emotions onto the little doggie face. Am I projecting MY feelings???? Maybe Addie just didn't want to come in...wouldn't be the first time. Should I just let that be........and not do my guilt thingy? I just want them both to be so happy. I want to spend time with them indoors..........let them be outdoors some. Am I feeling wayyyyyy tooooo much guilt over such a small thing??? It bugged me all day. I worried about her to the max. Ok..silly, I know. But, they are my life, I don't want them sad. feeling bummed today.
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Old 11-05-2004, 09:49 AM
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I don't think you should feel guilty, but I know how you feel. I always feel so bad if I left Brady out and it starts to rain too. Even though I have bought him a great dog house (which he chewed the front of it) AND a japanese gazeebo that the dog house is under for added coverage. But I still feel bad, but then the other day I got home after it rained and he was fairly dry, so I knew he was smart enough to take shelter if he wanted it. He actually likes to play in the rain sometimes, I figured out. I have a pic in my gallery that shows him muddy faced after playing in the rain. My point is that if she wanted in bad enough, she is smart enough to know you would have to wash her off. She was just being honory with you. I am not sure if I made you feel any better, but I do understand how you want them to be happy, and I am sure they are probably very happy to have a caring mom like you.
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Old 11-05-2004, 04:07 PM
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Those two are really good at manipulating you. Addie can't be allowed to act that way and you did the right thing by making her go on out. Hard as it is, you've got to hold the line with them. Dogs don't fare well when they run the house, any more than children do. You really don't want your sweet puppies turning into unmanageable brats.
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