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Old 11-02-2004, 02:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Renee750il
She's a beautiful dog. You need to find out everything you can about her first. Please, please, bear in mind that Pits get enough bad press, though, when things happen because their owners can't or won't handle them properly.

A Pit, or any other large, dominant dog for that matter, is a completely different experience. I'll be honest; I was ready to jump in and tell you that this was probably way more than you can handle after all the problems with Apollo, but Ginger's photo is a heartbreaker, so I completely understand why you are so drawn to her.

Please, please, please, though, do not make this decision lightly. How does your Mom feel about it? If she's against it and will not accept the dog, you've got huge problems. Pits want to be loved - by everyone in the family. And the stakes are much higher with a large dog. Pits are also dogs that want to spend lots of time with you.

Why is everyone afraid to adopt Ginger? Does she have a history, or is it just because she's a Pit? Does she get along with smaller dogs? You've got to consider Athena's welfare, too.
They said it was because she was a pit... yes, and dooooo trust me, i will not take herinto a home where she is not welcome. She would be loved just as apollo is. A miracle happened though i happened to come acrossed a hidden link on a local humane society that offers an obedience and schooling system for problem dogs. Not saying apollo is a problem pooch but he could definatley use some poochy education. I guess it is an 80 dollar program but if your dog is adopted from the humane society, it is 40 dollars off. I figure 40 dollars for a 8 week program is quite the deal. I've contacted the person in charge of the course already and we are currently discussing the issue at hand (seperation anxiety) and wether or not there is anything she can do to help us. As for the pitbul, she is gorgeous, no doubt and friendly. Wagged her tail te whole time we were outside of her kennel and when i put my hand up to her cage she started whining and licking and it was absolutely adorable. The employee at the humane society told me she'd seen alot of pits that were used in fighting rings come in and they were absolutely terrifying and were put down immediately. I would not want to see a little girl like her be put down just becuase everyone is too afraid to give her the chance. she said she'd had more labs and retrievers come to the huamne society that were so difficult to handle, and never found homes. and the pitbuls tat come in are so sweet but nobody cares becuase they are too afraid to adopt one. I wouldn't take on a responsibility as large as that unless i knew i could, i would do highly extensive research and even look into education programs provided by the humane society or other animal associations around kingston that offer that kind of education to the general public. and i would do that and complete the program before going through and signing the adoption papers. I would also look into lisencing if it is avaliable in the city. I guess ginger is rather new at the humane society, she might be there for a while. if this course doesn't seem to work out for us, then i will consider beginning extensive training for myself to become a responsible pitbull owner. I can see very well where you are coming from, and i would hate to be one of those shmucks that risks everything becuase they were too careless to look into things deeper than the surface. i would also want to introduce her to family first before i considered adopting her, that way i wouldn't make the mistake of bringing her home and have her and my brother not get along. I know they are good familiy dogs from the pictures i've seen but not all dogs are lenient lol. If i don't have to get rid of my baby boy i won't. But if it comes down to it, then he should be in a country home where he can whine and bark all he wants to and hte nearest neighbours are 3 km's away.
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Old 11-02-2004, 07:26 PM
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It sounds like you're working very hard to do the right thing. Thanks on behalf of ALL dogs!
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