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Old 09-15-2006, 11:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Boemy View Post
Here's what I suggest:

Get your girlfriend a cute stuffed dog for Christmas along with a cute written promise that you're going to buy her a puppy.

Then research the breeds to see what dog would be best for the two of you. It may not be the breed you think it would've been!

Then find a reputable breeder of that breed. Do NOT go to a pet shop whatever you do, they do not have quality puppies. Also, be sure you know how to recognize a good breeder from a bad breeder (sometimes called a backyard breeder.) Backyard breeders are either only in it for the money OR are nice but unknowledgable; in either case, the puppies from backyard breeders will often have health problems. If you need help learning about how to recognize a good breeder, we would be glad to help!

Then pick out a puppy together with your girlfriend. It's best that she be part of the process, since she will have to live with the puppy.

Getting a puppy around an "exciting" day like Christmas or a birthday is not a good idea because it can be very stressful for the puppy, plus there are usually lots of things around that he can eat that are bad for him (like ribbons and tinsel.) I recommend getting a puppy a few weeks after the big event, so that it can be introduced to its new home in quiet.
OMGosh that is EXACTLY what my husband did lol

To the OP there are a lot of wonderful breeders in NSW go to and look at the breeders list.

Just remember a dog is for life not just for christmas!!!! You and your girlfriend are the sort of ppl byb's and petshops prey on. The MacDonald's mentality......The I want it today and I want it NOW!!! society of today.

Sorry to sound harsh but I love this breed and NSW is where all these little fluffs can be found in rescue.......More so than any other state. QLD never have any and they are rarely found in Victoria. All because people have not done their homework or they have gotten a cute little fluff and never bothered to train it or maintain it properly and so it grows up with "issues" and are dumped grrrrr Please, please research the breed properly so that you can offer it a good home.

OMGOSH This may have fallen on deaf ears lol I just noticed this thread was started in 2005 Oh well maybe we have helped someone else.....
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