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Old 05-25-2011, 06:26 PM
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Misty, what can I say? She is my soulmate.

Misty is there when I wake up and there when I go to sleep. She has been with us since a tiny derp pup. Now she is a full grown derp dog.

She is a country dog. She loves riding in cars, going down them back country, rocky, bumpy roads.

She loves people, kids to older folks. As far as i know, I've never seen her not like someone. She does though like to show off when some stranger pulls into the driveway, with her hair up on her back, but then she licks people to death. Not a good attack dog mind you.

She is a animal lover, unless your a rabbit, chipmunk, or mice. She help me raise our two foster grey squirrels successfully. She herded my guinea pigs and she loves my rats to death.

She enjoy's some toys, however her favorite is stuff animals, when we have kids this will turn interesting.

A lap dog when she can be one, she is right there by your side to watch the sunset.

She has been tempermental with other dogs as of late, but we are trying to get that out of her system. She is great with our other dog mason, I am to believe he might have a bad dog aggression affect on her, but none to serious, barking and an occasional scary lunge(but we cannot seem to figure out what it is from? Possibly because she has recently become a mother?)

Other than a little recent dog aggression, she is all around the best dog in town. She has been there with us through everything and we are saddened of the thought she may one day leave us.

She is my baby and I'll love her forever.

Ugh, I wrote to much, I'll do my other dog later on.
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Old 05-25-2011, 06:31 PM
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Maeve is an angel. She is fluffy and white inside and out Even when she was an 8 week old puppy she was flawlessly well-behaved. Her only issues are loud noises and Thunder. She is the softest personality, sort of like cotton balls wrapped in silk. My polite dog, she is polite to everyone she meets people, dogs, cats, children... She is at times somewhat dense and slow on the uptake, but she is after all the pretty one

Watson is Mr Fabulous. One of the funnest, smartest little guys I have ever seen. He is extremely clever and pretty independent. He has great attention when he wants to pay attention. He learns things at light speed. He is very cuddly and likes to have some part of his body touching us when he is resting. He is curious and everything is interesting to him. He is an ambassador for Basenjis.
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Old 05-25-2011, 07:43 PM
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Trent. How do I begin to describe him? He's insane, and stable. He's thick headed, and intuitive. He's a goof, and an incredibly serious dog. He is everything I really needed in a dog, giving me more than I had ever thought I to ask for when I dived into the world of dog ownership.

He is the dog I can count on, the dog I know I should take a pause and give thanks for each and every single day. He is intelligent and easy to work with, constantly eager to please and never shutting down. He will do anything for a good game of catch or tug, always more interested in the game rather than in the toy itself. He will gravitate around me and keep an eye on me without being right up against me, always comfortable on his own in new environments. He is confidant and fearless, of solid nerves and always self-assured. He was hit by a car and even hours later, showed no hesitation around cars or on roads, even the same one he was hit on. Did not bat an eye at approaching cars. Any negative experience and he will bounce back immediately with no ill effect.

Trent is attentive without being nervous or too wary. He thinks before he acts (most of the time!) and possesses a great presence. He can be a no-nonsense dog with those who are not known friends, not allowing just anyone to handle him in any way when I am not present. He has an incredible instinct for protection work and sport, showing appropriate, natural responses to perceived threats and also demonstrating the control to immediately turn off when asked to. He is vocal and the two of us like to "chat" and argue back and forth. He is exuberant. He is high energy and high drive (though perhaps too much prey drive, at least for my tastes) but easily settles when required, able to sleep all day and night if we are busy or sick. He does not pace or whine or show restlessness or discomfort, always smoothly adjusting to following any new schedule.

Trent is reliable - one of the best words I can use to sum him up. Yes, he has plenty of crazy moments, and possesses quite the sense of humor, but he is reliable and stable and the dog that is both a patient teacher and a forgiving friend.
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Old 05-25-2011, 08:42 PM
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Chloe is....Chloe. She's a brat, a bitch, and a complete and total spazz. And yet, at the same time, she's sweet, watchful, lazy, and a steadfast companion. I've never had a dog before that has so much personality and I love it. She has so many different emotions and attitudes and is so in tune with my own mood.

She is a domineering bitch towards other dogs, but she adores her "babies" (kittens/cats/ferrets/puppies). She LOVES people, but she's gotten more reserved as of late when out in public. She's now content to ignore people instead of trying to illicit a greeting with every single person she sees. Unless they look at her. Even when she is over threshold and spazzing out, she still responds to commands. I don't know if it is habit or if she is really just that attentive. Either way, it is a life saver at times.

She is intelligent and loves to problem solve. This is a bit of a problem when I am trying to set something up to keep her out of it, because she just thinks it is just a hard puzzle for her to get around. lol But how quickly she picks up on things is what makes her so much fun to work with.

She has aggression issues and anxiety issues...but if those weren't a factor I have no doubt that she'd be my perfect dog. Which is frustrating at times, because I see that she would have had so much potential, but we can't get past those barriers.

Either way, I adore her, issues and all. Even if at times I'd like to strangle her, she's still my dog.

^ They were both in a down stay...

Rose is stubborn, sweet, and very, very soft. She does her best to never displease anyone and she shuts down when she senses you are frustrated with her. She's not the brightest in, she never even learned to connect "sit" with stopping when in heel. That's just not how her mind works. She's very reserved with new people and even though she is normally pretty standoffish even with family members, she gets very happy and talkative when her persons (me and my mom) are around.

She was the puppy I picked out when I was seven, but her and I have never really clicked more than "this is my dog". Oh, she's a good dog...but she's so...bland at times. That used to not bother me and I'm not sure exactly when our relationship changed. It was probably in highschool when I really started to work with the dogs and got a taste with Blackie about how fun a working relationship is with a dog. That was further confirmed with Sadie (and now again with Chloe's persona) and Rose just sort of fell by the wayside. It sounds bad saying it like that, but it is true. She's a wonderful pet and I adore her for her complete and total reliability in all situations, but I know now that I like dogs with more depth than that.

Kiba is HAPPY! Boundless enthusiasm. Rose is reserved and Chloe is cynical at times, but this boy is just so bouncy and happy and fun. Nothing seems to phase him. Oh, there are a few things he doesn't like...but even when he is saying, "I really am not so sure about this...." he springs back when you encourage him and praise him. He loves absolutely everyone he meets and is a complete and total wiggle butt. I love how self assured he is. He's a bit timid at times and sometimes things spook him, but he bounces back so quickly (unlike Chloe who files it away for future reference and then becomes aggressive/reactive towards whatever it was that startled her) and is up for just about anything you want to do.

He has a really high prey drive towards anything that runs. I look at him and think he would be a perfect hog dog. (Which isn't the greatest, as our neighbors have pigs. ) His athleticism and drive put Chloe to shame, although she is a much more willing partner than he is. He cares less about what the person wants and more about what he gets out of it - although, in his case, he is often happy to work for praise. He is happy when you are happy. He just doesn't always care that you are upset.

If I were to sum him up in two words it would be "exuberant" and "physical". He tackles everything with such enthusiasm and I swear there is Boxer in his lineage somewhere the way he punches with his paws. LOL
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Old 05-25-2011, 09:08 PM
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My Jackie Loo

Our best guess is that Mr. Jack is a 6.5 year old Lab/Beagle mix. He needs structure and rules in his life, or he will take over the world. He thinks he's a little dog and tries to walk on furniture and sit on laps. He is not terribly motivated about anything in life, except food, but will do ANYTHING I ask him to do, but only I can get away with it. Stick his face in a bowl of water? Sure! Stand on a wobbly board and hold two feet in the air? No problem! He believes that he's an only dog and the world revolves around him. We compete in agility, but he only does it, once again, because I want him to. He loves getting his picture taken (because he's the center of the universe). I said that he was food motivated, but he's extremely picky - which you'd think is strange for a lab/beagle and hates cheese, chips and bananas. He doesn't ever play or have fun. He takes life very seriously most of the time, but on rare occasions he'll let his hair down and play for short period of time. He knows a zillion stupid tricks and loves any opportunity to show them off and make people laugh. He's a butt, and not the dog I was looking for, but I love him more than anything!

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Old 05-25-2011, 09:20 PM
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My boys:

Cartman, 10 year old Standard dapple red dachshund. Cartman is my baby, he is such a little whine bag! He is a toy hoarder, and has separation anxiety! Cartman's father was my best friend, Harry! We got Harry right after my father died 15 years ago, and Harry died at the age of 13. I still miss him (He inspired my tattoo). Cartman is the only dog of mine that likes water! He will voluntarily go into the river/lake/ocean. He loves to fetch, but prefers to just keep the ball in his mouth rather than me throw it again! He has a very athletic build, I love receiving comments from random strangers about my dachshunds body condition, and about how they always see fat morbidly obese dachshunds, and never athletic trim ones like my 2 boys! He always has to be next to me, even when we sleep he sleeps right by my side. Hes a wonderful dog, and I am very glad to have had him in my life these past 10 years!

Bjorn Cujo Bear Stubbs! (Bjorn). He is a 6 year old Poodle/Spaniel/Whatever mix (Unsure, all are guesses). He doesn't have a tail..Not sure if he was born that way, or it was docked. My best friend and I rescued him one hot summer day on our way to school. He was about 12 weeks old, the cutest little bear butt ever! I convinced my mom to let me keep him! He is the smartest little dog I have ever seen, very driven, very intelligent. Hes a very wise dog, he takes everything in! His only problem is his hatred of men...He barks, growls...hates them. He had to be muzzled at the vet, and he is so sweet usually! Hes the only dog I have to groom (Nice having dachshunds, chihuahuas, and a pug..Easy maintenance!). He doesn't like it at all, when he was a puppy he used to scream his head off every time he got a bath, or I tried to trim his fur!

Bobba Roo! (Bob).Bob is a 5 year old miniature dachshund. Bob was born here (Same father as Cartman they are half siblings, mother is my mom's dog Jannah). When Bob was 7 weeks old he got parvo and almost died. He spent 2 weeks at our emergency vet getting round the clock care, receiving blood transfusions and experimental drugs. He was a SKELETON! He looked like a dead was heartbreaking. $10,000.00 later on my mom's care credit card and we decided to take him home and try and do home care on him. He started improving. His immune system was so horrible he got kennel couch AND mange! He spent the first year of his life sick and getting over illnesses! He has some aggression issues, no doubt in my mind he would bite a stranger. He gets used to people after time, but it takes a while! Hes also a kitten killer, so can't be around the kittens. And hes a bark-o-holic!! (But he IS a dachshund!). He is still my boy, and I call him my head sleeper, he likes to sleep on my pillow (I only use a small portion of the corner of it, so he gets the rest). When there is a new puppy in the house (Which Bodhi was the only puppy we have had in Bob's lifetime that he had to get used to) he gets soo pissy! He refuses to sleep upstairs in my room, he sleeps on the dog beds downstairs. It took him 5 months to warm up to Bodhi, and he still doesn't like him very much!

And lastly, Bodhi Siddhartha Lee. Bodhi is a 9 month old pug mix. He is THE funniest, most craziest, most energetic dog I have ever seen! He has absolutely NO boundaries...he annoys all the dogs at the dog park, and our dogs here at home (Especially Bob..he purposely annoys Bob). He doesn't understand that a growl means get away from me, he thinks it means "Play with me more". He is a toy stealer..Cartman hoards them, and Bodhi is the only one brave enough to go over to Cartman's stash and steal one or two. Bodhi loves everyone, any random stranger he meets he will give hisses to and jump all over them! Even though there are no kids in my life for him to play with, he LOVES them! They are the first people he runs up if we go to the dog park, or a pet store. He loves to shop too...he grabs random toys off the shelf and makes me buy them for him. he goes absolutely everywhere he can possibly go with me! He loves being in the car, and loves road trips! I drove 5 hours to San Diego last month and would have taken him with me but the people I was staying with are not dog people. He would have loved that though! I lurves my Bodhi!
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Old 05-25-2011, 09:25 PM
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Luce is an 8 year old American Pit Bull Terrier. She is more appropriately known as Eeevil Red Dog. She is a jerk. She is bomb-proof. She is dog-selective, she is prey-driven, she thinks she knows better than me about pretty much everything. She's smart as a whip and I'm fairly sure she's plotting her attempt at world domination in her spare time. She humors me by playing rally and obedience, and I regret on a regular basis the bad knees that kept us from playing other sports. She's a trip. She's a love. She's a clown. She's srs bizness. She's never met a stranger. I've never met a better dog.

Mushroom, also an 8 year old American Pit Bull Terrier. His tag line says "Shiitake Happens" and that pretty much sums it up. Stuffy nommer. Couch holder-downer. Dork. Insecure nervebag. He loves his grandma more than anything else in the world. Except maybe cookies. He sleeps under his own blanket every night. He almost always takes a stuffy to bed. He really does try so very very hard. It's just his insecurity gets the better of him time and time again.

Steve, 2 1/2 year old Sporter Collie. Fast. Intense. No self-preservation skills. Reactive. Hyperactive. Cream filled. Flyball superstar. He is also super duper snuggly sweet and he likes to sit on laps and press his cheek to your cheek. It took me a long time to really bond with him, but he's grown up a lot and he's not so freaking emotionally delicate now, and he is a tremendously fun dog to have around, even though he spends most of his life being a pain in the neck.
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Old 05-25-2011, 09:33 PM
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Mini, almost 10 year old JRT, is the BEST dog in our house. She is a friendly, reliable, overall GOOD dog. She's my dad's little shadow. If he's mowing the lawn she is one foot behind him - literally, if he stops abruptly she runs into his legs. If he's out fishing she is at his ankles watching his bobber. She is very sweet but very soft. You give her a stern look and she'll never do it again. I wish that we were more bonded - she would make an awesome agility dog. I've played around with her in the yard and she absolutely loves it and gives it 110% all the time.

Micki is Mini's brother. He has not aged quite as gracefully as his sister and acts like he's 20 years old and has a zillion health problems. He is affectionately known as the grumpy old man and lives up to his title. He is always growling at something, but he's a big ol' baby. He will growl and scoot closer to you at the same time. He absolutely LOVES bubble wrap, fireworks, lighters, the golf cart and motorcycles. We always say that he was a Harley rider in his past life. He will often spend the entire day sleeping on the golf cart waiting for you to take him for a ride. He loves to nibble earrings and loves to lick kitten's ears. Outside of the house he's our fearless wildlife manager and makes sure our yard is free of opossums, racoons, squirrels and mice. Sweet boy, but he has a tough exterior that most people can't see through. But he really is a sweet, cuddly boy and if you do something nice for him he will be your best friend in the world for the whole day.

Kyra is a 6 year old JRT, daughter of Mini. She is a spitfire and unlike any dog I've met. The way Laur describes Mia is how I'd describe a younger Ky. She acts like a person. She understands everything and is always always always thinking. She's annoyingly mischievous and will do anything anywhere for a ball. She has so much drive and energy it's hard to keep up with her. Her attention span is extremely small, but she learns new things very fast. She is very reserved with strangers (okay, she doesn't particularly like strangers and if she doesn't know you personally you won't get to see who she really is). She's extremely cuddly and affectionate with the family. She is the littlest dog in the house but has the biggest personality. Crazy little dog and at six still acts like she's two.

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Old 05-25-2011, 10:17 PM
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Where to start with Buster? He is a really awesome dog, maybe not too smart but I LOVE him. He is quirky and dopey most of the time. He's not the most difficult dog to live with hell he isn't difficult to live with. He is not the kind of hound that is always GO GO GO.

He knows when to relax and has always been mellow, even as a puppy he was mellow which is crazy since MOST hounds are NOT mellow at ALL as pups or through out their life. He is a hound that someone wishes they had for a pet. Most hounds don't make good pets, but he does.

I would think he would fail at hunting since he is somewhat slow, but that doesn't matter we don't hunt and never got him to hunt anything. We got him as a pet and he makes a pretty good **** pet. I could not imagine my life without him, he makes me smile every day and is AMAZING.

Rudy is nervy to say the least. Before we got him he was abused by a little boy possibly his whole life. (We got him at 6 weeks.) It makes me sad he has NO confidence what so ever even though we try. He is very sensitive, you cannot yell at him period which we do not.

He has a stable temperament with adults, but he hates kids. That's perfectly fine since I do not plan on having kids and we do not let him out when the kids that go to school
(we live by an elementary school) get out. He is very picky who he likes and I have NEVER done anything to him period he doesn't really like me and he is the kind of dog that is hard to like. I love him to death and I know he is not perfect but I am glad we took him in and not some low life who would only hurt him. We have never hurt him, ever but I am pissed that he was allowed to be tormented by that boy before we were asked to take him. I never knew it would have such an effect on him happening so young, but it did. We strive to make everything as positive for him as we can.

Dixie is my girl! She is a major sweetheart, has a solid temperament with all people. She can be a little much with her greeting us whether it's when it's us getting up in the morning, coming home from work, come home from shopping, or even getting out of the shower but I love her for it! She basically worships the ground WE walk on. She favors my dad the most, I think but she loves us all. She is a total goofball, when she gets excited or greets you- she either has a tennis ball, a stuffed animal, or even a paper town in her mouth and grumbles playfully making you chase her.

It cracks me up! She never fails to make me laugh, she is an attention hog pretty much. She loves to play so much, she loves to snuggle with her laying upside down. She loves to give kisses the most after she gets a huge drink of water and gets her beard all wet and kisses you.

I don't know how anyone could abandon her, she is a dream to own and pretty much my soul dog now. I never thought another dog could be my heart dog after we lost Rocky & Jenny who were my soul dogs.. but I was wrong. She is the eptiome of awesome, she has such a heart of gold and I love her so much!!! I could not imagine my life without her in it!
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Old 05-25-2011, 10:22 PM
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Commence gushing.

Rowan is, simply put, the happiest dog I've ever met. He's so full of joy, he's just a pleasure to be around. This dog loves life. Everything exists for him. The park is for him to run around in. Food is for him to scarf and enjoy. I am here to provide these things as well as all of the attention that he craves, and as a result, I am his world. My childhood dog was my shadow, but he was fairly independent. He wanted to be near me constantly, but on his own terms. He didn't much appreciate having attention lavished on him - if I wasn't throwing the ball, I should be letting him sleep. Rowan, on the other hand, is my shadow, but in a much needier way. He wants to be with me. He wants pets and snuggles and attention, even when it's inconvenient - for me OR for him.

When I'm on the computer, he'll come over and stick his head on my lap (or shove it between the arm and my foot, as you can see above.) In fact, he's doing it as I type this. Sometimes he'll straight up try and crawl up on my lap, all 40 lbs of him. And oftentimes I'll let him, because I crave the interaction almost as much as he does. We're a pretty good match.

He is such a character. He has all these strange little quirks that make him that much more fun. He's a goofball, a total ham, and I totally reinforce it. It didn't take him long to figure out that doing something weird = getting laughs and attention = doing weird things even more to get MORE attention. A good example is his love of lying in weird places...

... like on the arm of the couch. He's up there constantly, and since it doesn't hurt anything - and makes me laugh - I allow it. He also thinks our old ottoman is his personal raised leather dog bed He's a total diva. We call him the Pretty Pretty Princess and he totally lives up to it. Occasionally people scoff at me for calling my boy dog a princess, but after spending some time with him, they end up calling him a princess, too!

Another fairly recent quirk is his reaction to hearing the squirrels that live in our ceiling. They drive the poor dog nuts, and for some reason he has decided that when he hears them scurrying around up there, he must jump in the bathtub and stare at the ceiling.

This dog is infinitely tolerant of all the stupid things I do to him, like constantly reinforcing his "wait" by putting stuff on his face and his head. He not only puts up with the poking and the prodding I do on a near daily basis (his face is so squishy and adorable, how can I not?) but enjoys it, because hey, ATTENTION! His first family kept him as an outside dog and I don't know how he managed, because he ALWAYS wants the spotlight. Always. Luckily he's now somewhere that he can have it.

He's not perfect. He has a crazy prey drive, which I've never dealt with before in a dog, which makes him difficult to work with outside even if there are no rabbits or squirrels in the immediate area - he thinks there MIGHT be and that's all that counts. He doesn't like other dogs as much as I would like, but he has such incredibly good manners with them that I don't really mind. Rowan gets very annoyed when dogs get up in his face, but he's great with using body language to tell the dog off without just immediately snapping like I've seen some dogs do. First hackles, then a raised lip, then a growl, then - if the dog is still harassing him - a warning snap at the air. Even though he hates being bothered, he has a lot of patience with telling troublesome dogs off, and I really appreciate that in him.

Rowan is the first dog I've ever had on my own. I picked him out, I put in the application to the rescue (although, since I was 17 at the time, my dad was the legal adopter and signed the contract - I filled the rest of it out, though!) and every day I am so, so grateful that his foster mom took a chance on me, despite not being the "ideal" adopter for a dog - young, uncertain future, unexperienced with Brittanys/sporting dogs, etc.

All I know is that I will never let her, or Rowan, down, and that whenever he looks at me with his big, warm eyes, I realize he's my heart dog and I'd do anything for him, because he would do the same for me.

Rowan - Brittany 7/6/2006
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Stitch - Silken Windhound 12/18/2014
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