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Old 05-25-2011, 08:19 AM
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Default Tell Me About Your Dog(s)

I enjoy reading personal experiences about different breeds.

So..tell me about your dogs. What you like what you don't like. Are they goofy, are they reserved? Anything you would like to share.
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Old 05-25-2011, 08:34 AM
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Crazy..... is all I need to say.

Bre & Reese.
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Old 05-25-2011, 08:41 AM
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My dogs are nuts, mainly my boy. I've noticed male dogs are a little on the dumber side compared to the female dogs.

Both have very different personalities. Misty my female pit mix, loves to just sit beside you and just enjoy the view. Mason loves being on top of you and enjoying licking you to death.

Mason plays with toys more, plays more rough with me than misty. Both are good dogs, sometimes they don't listen, but I'm working on that. They love watching tv sometimes too.

How about your dogs? You seem to have a good bit. =D
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Old 05-25-2011, 09:05 AM
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Buster is my best friend. I love him more than nearly anything. He's an 8 year old cattle dog kelpie mix. We found him in a car park when he was about 8 weeks old.
I am his number one, he's easily more attached to me than anyone. He's very reserved with strangers, when meeting them out in public he just look straight through people, if anyone pats them he doesn't even flick his ears, he doesn't recognise them in anyway and I love this about him.
He's very serious and only really shows his goofy side to me. He is moderately drivey and LOVES learning but isn't an overly intense dog. I'm sure he'd be a lot different if he wasn't so abused as a young dog though. I would give so much to have the chance to raise him again now.
He is just the best dog I could have asked for, I got him at the start of a very difficult time in my life and I truely believe if I didn't have him there's no way I'd be in a good place right now.

Quinn is my baby girl. She has just hit 12 months and she's freakin amazing. She's everything I wanted in a dog. She's a smooth coat Border Collie and the intense, drivey, athletic, trainable dog I have always wanted.
Theres so many things that just make her perfect. I love training her. I love how instead of trying to avoid something she is always 100% switched on and she LOOKS for what we're working towards and just tries to get it right faster. She's the very definition of "biddable". I love her athleticism, her perfect build and her insane energy.
She is very reserved with strangers which is what drew me to BC's over some other working breeds. She's fine around other people but doesn't really want the attention from other people or dogs.
I am always just in complete aww of her intensity, When she drops her shoulders, flattens her ears slightly and gets that intense stare it can feel so intimidating even coming form a 15kg dog, if I was a sheep... I would move.

I love both my dogs so much. I can't imagine life without either of them.

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Old 05-25-2011, 09:13 AM
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Our dog is Tucker. He's a Chihuahua mix (best guess either some terrier or Dachshund) and is almost 1 year old (8 days until his birthday I think).

We adopted him last August from Paws New England which is a rescue that brings dogs from southern shelters up to the northeast. His mom and possible dad were found wandering loose in TN and were brought to a high kill shelter. Paws New England rescued them and the female ended up giving birth to three pups. One passed away shortly after and the two boys "Chips and Beans" were put online. We applied and adopted Beans, then changed his name to Tucker. Chips was also adopted out to someone in MA and is still named Chip. His parents were adopted out together to an older man who had just lost his chihuahua.

Tucker likes to do stuff, he gets bored really easily. I used to consider him high energy but I've changed my mind after living with him a bit (I go to college in ME so haven't spend a lot of consecutive time with him). My parents just don't do anything with him so he gets a bit crazy. He needs daily exercise but playtime after work, coupled with a walk after dinner and he's golden.

When he gets bored he often looks for something to steal. It's easy enough to spot though (and therefore prevent), he'll walk around with his head pointed skyward trying to scan the coffee table and end table, or he'll approach some helpless shoes. Sometimes he really wants to chew the item, sometimes he'd just like to be chased lol.

He's athletic, likes to run and jump. He's also very oral. His bite inhibition is VERY good but he still feels the need to put his mouth on you when he's excited, doesn't put pressure though. He chews like a maniac. A 12" bully stick can be destroyed in 30 minutes which I think is impressive for a 15 pound dog. He's ripped off the top of his kong, destroyed a tire biter, and rips open all stuffed toys. However he makes a conscious decision to destroy most toys. He can have a stuffed toy for months and it'll be fine, then one day he decides it must go and he bored a little hole in it, then rips it open and de-stuffs it. Or he'll decide to do it on the day we buy it.

Tucker LOVES his people. He's an attention hog and would like that you pay attention to him always (which is what I like in a dog, not everyone agrees lol). He really likes to get a massage from us. He'll walk up to one of us while we are sitting on the couch and he'll shove his head under our chin and lean against our chest, then lift a front leg. This is our cue to flip him onto his back and rub his chest, belly, legs, neck, etc. He thinks it's the greatest thing ever. He enjoys being brushed and examined for ticks. He has very little problem with getting his nails clipped or teeth brushed.

He is SUPER playful. Likes to chase, roughhouse, tug, and fetch. He also likes to play with the cats (whether they like it or not). He loves going on walks too. He likes other dogs but can be slightly nervous at first, he never avoids them but likes to sniff them thoroughly before they try to play with him.
He likes to chase small furry critters.

Training wise he's a little slow, Much slower than Phoebe and he gives up easier too. But he's not impossible by any means, I'm just not used to his speed yet.

His only serious problem is that he's terrified of strangers. I'd consider him highly suspicious of their intentions actually. We can be in a crowded pet store and he's perfectly comfortable. As soon as one of those strangers decides to look at or talk to HIM it's a whole different ball game though. Then he must bark and growl at them because they have no business trying to do things with him. He just has no trust of strangers, for all he knows they intend to consume him. This also makes him bark at the door, and any sound resembling a door knock because he doesn't want the evil strangers in his house. His brother is the same way I guess, except he's pretty bad with dogs too.

I think he's awesome except for the stranger fear part. He's really fun and lovable. Up for whatever you want. He's funny, goofy, naughty, and sweet.

Sorry for the novel lol.

Thank you ~Dixie's Mom~ for my awesome siggy!
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Old 05-25-2011, 09:26 AM
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It's hard to really tell you about my dogs without writing literally a novel. Especially Mia, she is an incredibly difficult dog to accurately describe. She's a very complex personality compared to any of the others or any other dog I've met. Really interesting to me is how completely different the papillons are from each other.

But I guess I can try.


DSC_0134 by Summer_Papillon, on Flickr

Individually, Beau is a goofbutt. Completely goofy all the time. He sometimes has 'Serious Beau' moments where I can't help but laugh because he's so ridiculous when he's trying to be Mr Serious. Beau is one of those dogs that is in motion most the time. I swear he didn't stop moving till he was 4. He's bouncy, happy, goofy, loves everyone, and can be obnoxious unknowingly because of it. He likes to come sit on top of you and will just plop right on your face. Loves playing toys and playing with Nard. He's a complete food hound. He has a huge vocabulary and is a very intelligent dog when he's not sitting around going 'har har I have a blanket on my head!' (which happens a LOT).


DSC_0236 by Summer_Papillon, on Flickr

Rose is a little delicate sweetheart. She is shy and understated all the time. She easily falls behind the rest and gets lost in the crowd if you don't pay attention to making sure she's not getting pushed around. She's a bit of a diva, hates wet grass, loves sleeping all day on her pillow. (Yes there is a Rose pillow). She loves her people very much and she also has a silly side that very few get to see. She likes playing toys and playing with the other dogs on occasion. She is VERY smart. Very very smart. but Rose is a princess.


DSC_0190 by Summer_Papillon, on Flickr

Summer is a sweet dog but she's also kind of spastic and thick sometimes. Summer absolutely LIVES for people. She will go up to any stranger whether they like her or not and think they're just the coolest most awesome best friend ever. She's a bit neurotic and hyper, she has a tendency to really fall into OCD behavior. Summer is a follower, not a leader, she pretty much reacts based on the other dogs. If someone else is excited and acting insane, so is Summer. I don't think she ever really knows why we're all excited, just that we are so she can zoomie like mad and bark her head off. She is super super super trainable but one of those dogs without a lick of common sense. Summer often reacts and then gets herself in trouble without thinking of how to get herself out. She's incredibly dependent on me and the other dogs. Not independent in the slightest. She is very energetic and loves to zoomie and jump all over everything.


DSC_0183 by Summer_Papillon, on Flickr

Bernard is just kind of strange in an awesome way. I really can't ever tell what he's thinking. He's incredibly chill and mellow. He's got the best poker face with that tongue and he's just so quiet that it's hard to tell. Sometimes I think not much is going on between those ears and other times I think he must be absolutely a brilliant genius. Nard is just sweet as can be and is our most bombproof dog with people and kids. As a puppy he was WILD and then at 10 months just went zen. I think he must be on some sort of path to enlightenment or something. I just get the feeling Nard has all of life's questions figured out and he's just waiting for us to join him. He is pretty energetic when he wants to be but is also the biggest lapdog of the bunch. He's trainable but he is more independent and likely to just blow you off more than the others. He enjoys agility training when I've dabbled with him. He's also a big time tennis ball and tug fanatic.

Mia and Ada coming in the next post. This is where having 6 dogs is a pain. But I think it's interesting to hear about everyone else's dogs this way.

Hank CA - (approx. 1 1/2 year old Spotty Dog)
Mia CGC - (6 1/2 year old Papillon)
Summer TG3 TIAD - (11 year old Papillon)

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Old 05-25-2011, 09:46 AM
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DSC_7514 by Summer_Papillon, on Flickr

Oh boy... what is Mia like? It's so hard to even explain. Mia's not like having a dog. Not like having any of our other dogs or our past dogs. She's more like having a kid. I HATE saying that but it's true. The amount of things she understands is incredible, her problem solving and thinking skills are amazing. Her personality is just so loud and in your face, there is no missing her. There is some moment every single day when I think, "You're a DOG, right?"

Mia is smart and naughty- not a good combination sometimes. The cogs in her head are constantly, constantly turning. She manipulates everyone- people and other dogs. Me not so much because I'm on to her but everyone else she uses to her own advantage. She is a strange, quirky dog too. She just comes up with the most bizarre ideas and is always just plain doing something weird. Mia is very busybody and always into something or another. She loves tennis balls (duh) and is very high drive especially when it comes to agility. My instructor often comments/laughs about how intense she is. She's a superstar in class and just loads of fun to work with. She LIVES to work and train and would not be happy or manageable without it. She needs something to do.

Mia picks things up and generalizes them fast. She has some problems with impulse control and attention span. She can be really great or just blast off. she likes to scream when she's in drive and has a very hard time holding that in. If she's into something, you have to force her to quit, she won't on her own. Mia is very aloof with other people and dogs, sometimes reactive but she is literally the most attached to me and is with me all the time. She and I are incredibly in tune with each other. She's destructive, has chewed everything. She's super affectionate towards those she deems worthy. Mia is a dog you must work to earn her respect. Once you get that relationship with her, she's completely loyal to you. She just doesn't hand it out freely. She can be incredibly moody and especially pushy with the other dogs. She can be a bully at times. She doesn't always turn off easy either and I can't count the days where I'm up super late or awake super early running her energy out. At 2 she's gotten some sense so it's been better.

Living with Mia is a blast. She is one of the most amazing, challenging, rewarding experiences of my life. And I just barely scratched the surface of her here.

And finally....


DSC_7400 by Summer_Papillon, on Flickr

Ada in one word is 'terrier'. She's pushy, active, in your face, stubborn, independent, prey driven, destructive, escape artist, etc. I could go on and on. Ada is the most 'doggy' of the dogs if that makes sense. She loves me but she loves doggy things more than me, I think. I think she'd definitely leave me to go dig up something small and furry. Ada has a real sense of humor and is pretty goofy. She is rather impulsive, doesn't stop to think but rather tends to go (as I say) teeth first into something. She is great with people but can be a bit much with other dogs. She's not aggressive but she's a dog that absolutely will not back down. She is loud and extremely vocal. She loves people but not so much one for sitting in your lap for very long. She loves to shred any toy you give her in a matter of seconds. She is definitely not as trainable as the papillons, even Bernard. She tries and tries but it just takes her longer to get what I'm asking. And she has a much more independent attitude. None of that wanting to work just to work or just to make you happy like the paps will. There needs to be something in it for Ada *coughfoodcough*

The papillons all manipulate her so badly it's kind of funny. They were tag teaming her and stealing food from her (she was inside an x-pen eating) and she never even noticed. I had to tell them to cut it out!

Hank CA - (approx. 1 1/2 year old Spotty Dog)
Mia CGC - (6 1/2 year old Papillon)
Summer TG3 TIAD - (11 year old Papillon)

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Old 05-25-2011, 11:31 AM
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Well gosh, let's see....

Jackson is my best friend, my partner-in-crime, my little buddy. He's with me a majority of my time, whether we are running to the bank together, or going on vacation. All he really wants is just be with me constantly. Even though he doesn't necessarily need or want to be close to me, being in the same room is a must. Example: If he's on one side of the fence and I'm on the other, he will sit there and just stare at me, letting out an occasional whine or bark. Once I get back on his side of the fence, he ACTS like he could care less that I'm in there and goes off running, digging, and doing his own thing, lol.

He's super smart. My dad always comments that he is the smartest dog he's ever seen. He's a thinker. He doesn't just do things blindly. He also remembers everything... if he had a bad experience ONE time, he WILL remember... like when our oven was opened, letting smoke out, setting the smoke alarm off. He no longer goes near the oven as he associates it with the bad sound. He is highly trainable and enjoys learning. He actually whines at me at a certain time of day so I don't forget to do atleast 10 minutes of clicker training with him, he thoroughly enjoys our 'sessions'. He is also very sensitive.

He's really bombproof. What I mean is I know I can take him anywhere and he will behave. I have a "second family" who I would not call dog people or lovers and they just love him. He's very go with the flow and enjoys doing anything so long as I'm there with him. He's laid back in certain ways... a ton of dogs are barking at him through a fence? *shrugs* he just keeps walking. We go into a store, he lays down while I look through the shelves. But on the other hand, he can be a spazz too. We go to my dads house for example and he hears a four wheeler going back, he starts barking like a maniac and runs out the door and goes and chases it (thru a fence). He hears the front door open and he's ruffruffruffruff loud alert barking all the way to the door. And it's an ear piercing bark.

He enjoys playing with other dogs a LOT -- dog parks and dogs in general he would much rather be with than people. Strangers he can take or leave. He allows people to pet him and give him some lovin' but he's doing it more as a favor, he doesn't really care about it himself. However, once he gets to know a person, he will love you forever. All my family and close friends he just adores and greets with hugs and kisses. He's not really a lap dog and doesn't "enjoy" being picked up. Oh and he's a terrible begger. He sees food, he wants it, and will beg and stare at it. He will play with toys with me and get all amped up but it generally lasts only 15 minutes. Once he's done, I can throw the tennis ball and he looks at me like I'm crazy. He enjoys being a dog... digging, getting muddy, swimming, rolling in dead things.

Overall he is a very active dog but not what I'd call hyper, most of the time. He is very biddable and happy to work for anyone with food, but he shows the most enthusiasm when working with me. He's joyful with a lot of personality. He's inquisitive, physically and mentally quick, and likes to be kept busy.

WHEW... that was longer than I wanted.
Brit & Jackson

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Old 05-25-2011, 12:05 PM
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Just try me..
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This pic is very her. Very focused on biting the 'go swim' ignoring the tipping of the board.. MUST get the go swim!!

Serious, very serious. My shadow, absolutely attached to me. We have a great working relationship, but I wouldn't call her biddable. Its not me giving orders, its us working together. She wants to play and get treats, I want her to run agility courses in the order that I indicate AND the weaves lol.

Very very high prey drive. But takes it VERY seriously. There is no 'play' in her prey drive. Even when playing tug she is very intense about it. High focus. Total snob. She is funny, my hubby will call her and she turns and jumps up on me.

Smaller than people would think from pics. Tiny little dog.

Very smart and figures things out. An escape artist. I have stories of finding her and Kaiden on my roof... She opens doors, opens crates, climbs fences..

Snarky with other dogs that get in her way and strange dogs.

Very low key unless working. Lies around and sleeps most of the time. Very easy to live with.

Titled in agility, rally, and is a trial champion (JRTCC) and has legs in dock dogs and obedience.


Happy go lucky. Loves humans ANY human will do. Not overly bonded to anyone in particular.

Dekka's dad.

Ball crazy, but only I spent a summer teaching him to retrieve for obedience. Intact but gets along with pretty much everyone. Moderate prey drive. Not overly bright but tries hard. Patterns really easily.

Will run agility for any human lol.

Titled in agility, rally, obedience, and is a trial champion (JRTCC)


Dekklett. Smart Smart Smart!! High drive, but spastic. Where her mom focuses very intently Kat just flails about shrieking to get what she wants. Thinking all the time. Very petite.


Socially inappropriate. Greats new humans growling like she is going to bite, but wagging her body tail so hard her body wiggles. Shrieks in excitement and new dogs.

Easily over stimulated.

Adorable as all hell. Even more my shadow than Dekka if that is possible. Likes other people more than her mom does, but needs to be touching me. She is 'skish' as I type. She likes to lay behind me, between me and my desk chair. She is very snuggly.


Bounce and I.. supposed to be doing confo lol (see I do show it at times) Bounce is very much Yay mom what we doing now? Yay I love that!

Bounce is senstive. But love to play with her human. Not terribly high play, prey or food drive. But very high interaction drive. First dog I have ever met that really will work for petting and praise that wasn't trained with harsh methods first. Now when really wanting to reward her, me giving a treat AND chasing me a little bit is the best.

Bounce is smart, not like Dekka or Kat but figures things out quickly. Loves to train and learn. Won't keep working for evar like a JRT.. but LOVES short bursts of training.

Ok will leave Solo, Sport and Dash to later (if anyone wants to know)
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Old 05-25-2011, 12:39 PM
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Lily is my girl, she's so much a part of me that I feel like I'm missing an arm on the times I have to leave her behind.

She had some pretty specific baggage when I adopted her so I'm pretty sure of what her background before being picked up by the shelter people was. She was terrified that I was going to dump her the first week, luckily it only took about a week for her to figure out I wasn't going to and actually start enjoying going everywhere with me. The huge grin was pretty awesome. She was scared of stairs, brooms/mops, packages.... basically anything that could be used as a weapon to hit her. She's basically got a compulsive eating disorder too, she just can't help herself. So to me that says some jerk got a cute puppy (I so wish I could've had her then, I bet she was to die for adorable!!) and didn't exercise or train her at all... which with a Sibe/GSD Alaskan sled dog mix = destroyed house. So I'm pretty sure she got beat on and then dumped on purpose. She's amazing, she recovered quickly and had no lingering issues even though she had a rough start.

She's super friendly to all people and dogs/cats. She can tell a creeper, so if she actually says someone is no bueno I guaruntee she's 100% correct. She adores children of all ages, I'd love to get her therapy cert and do work with kids.... hopefully after I get Scout placed we can do that!! I can literally take her anywhere with me, she's totally bomb proof. Only things that freak her out are people using tennis rackets (issue in her first home?) and skateboards, which really no dog I've met has liked skateboards much anyway.

She's hardcore energetic and I don't think I've ever truly worn her out. I love what an athlete she is. She can be bossy and she will always second guess a command. You have to earn her respect. She doesn't really give a crap about or really listen to anyone but me. She's kept me alive through some rough crap and I would not have survived without her. She's my everything.

I think these pics sum up her playful personality and athleticism.

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