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Old 10-08-2005, 07:09 PM
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Wink Multiple dog/pet owners

How did you reach the number of dogs/pets you have? Do they all get along?

Didi I've had for about 5yrs.,she was given to me. The birds were also given to me. Pepe was my mom's idea as a ''replacement'' for Lucky who recently passed away. At first I didn't bother warming up to him, since I was still coping with the loss of Lucky, but now we're the best of pals.

Didi is not a very social dog (to dogs). Lucky was a stray who we picked up. Sometimes they got along, sometimes they didn't. He's the first dog, Didi I've seen ''slept'' with, even though she had bred before I got her, I never thought she would ever let another male dog touch her. Unforunately the pup didn't survive. They weren't neutered, due to money. But Didi's in the process of getting spayed soon, thanks to this program for low-come families called S.P.O.T. (stop pet overpopulation together), spays/neuters dogs for only $10 with rabies vaccine & tag included. Pepe's already neutered since we got him from a shetler. Him and Didi bear with each other, but I never seen them bond. They have this game where they bark and chase each other on from the bed and the other on the floor. I don't know if its ''play'' or sibling rivalry. The birds get along good with each other, the cockatiels & the parakeets. The cockatiels sometimes fight with each other, but nothing to serious. The dogs are more afraid of the birds then the birds are afraid of the dogs. But I never put them together, wouldn't want to end up with one less pet. When they did join, the birds were on the floor at the dogs with my supervision of course just chase them around the house, but I don't think the birds enjoy it, so I separate them. I don't think the dogs like to get biten by the bird's beaks neither.

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Old 10-08-2005, 07:14 PM
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I have 2 dogs for now.Rosco my Min Pin is a rescue from a Puppy Mill.Sasha is A German Shepherd I bought from a breeder.I will be adding Another female German Shepherd soon for Showing in Conformation.Sasha gets along with dogs until they try to chase her too much.Rosco likes sniffing all dogs and can be a pest about it.But they get along with other dogs well.
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Old 10-08-2005, 07:22 PM
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Envy was my birthday present two years ago from my Fiance, I had begged him for a cat. Chaos we got from animal control because I couldn't say no to his big blue eyes and Envy needed a playmate. Kharma we got because i'd fallen in love with the Bengal breed and had been trying to find the perfect breeder queen, Kharma was it. And the story of Luna and Kaya is on the boards here since it happened today
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Old 10-08-2005, 08:51 PM
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i have a guinea pig, a puppy, a rat and a parakeet, the lady i live with has a black lab, two guinea pigs and two cats and we all live together in harmony ^^

j/k thecats don't like my yoshi
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Old 10-08-2005, 09:03 PM
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Sam is very protective of Harley. (Sam is a bullmastiff and Harley is a bouvier) Sam also is protective of my cat, Darwin, but won't let Sam get too close to him. Sam is always watching them.
If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.
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Old 10-08-2005, 10:33 PM
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I have 2 cats and 3 dogs. Roxy gets along wonderful with the cats. OK with Precious and pretty good with Spud. Spud and Precious are basically boyfriend and girlfriend, but nothing will ever come of it, as both are snipped! LOL But, I let them think they are getting somewhere. (Spud does the occasional hump, but he can't "reach" Precious) But, they are inseperable. The cats are pretty close, as Oreo pretty much raised Gracie Lou because she was only one month old when we got her. The cats and the bigger dogs despise eachother. Precious is planning a cat dinner, but that's not going to happen.
My angel, my best friend, my Roxy Mae. There are no words to describe what you meant to me. RIP bebe.

"A righteous man has regard for the life of his beast." Proverbs 12:10
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Old 10-09-2005, 12:59 AM
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I have 1 cat and 3 dogs. I adopted chloe (my kitty) from the humane society 2 years ago. Then this past may my bf and I decided it was time for a dog since our apt lease was up in a couple months and we were planning on moving to a house. We adopted Abby from a local rescue group. Then one week later I brought abby to work to see everybody and my friend starts telling me about a dog her daughter brought home after some "friends" said they were gonna put it on the side of the road in a box because they didn't want it anymore. She already had three dogs of her own and asked me if I needed a friend for my puppy. Well I was already considering getting a second dog so we arranged a meeting at the dog park. My bf and I both liked her so we brought her home. Well once he figured out dogs require work and I wasn't gonna do it all alone he split. I ended up having to move home with my parents. They have a GSD named Rudy. As far as getting along all three dogs get along pretty well. Abby and Lucy are best buds. Abby also adores Rudy and harasses him constantly. The only time they have a problem is if one of the other dogs comes near Lucys food. Lucy and the cat really enjoy chasing each other. Abby gets a little too rough with the cat so she must be supervised. Rudy would love to get ahold of the cat so she stays in my bedroom for her safety. I put Rudy in my parents room for a couple of hours in the afternoon and he sleeps in there at night so the cat gets to run around the house during those times. Right now she and Lucy are chasing each other up and down the stairs.
Rudy was given to us by my cousin who owned his sire.

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Old 10-09-2005, 10:17 AM
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I got three cats, a dog and a hamster (will soon have a uromastyx as well that's a reptile lol)

We took over two of the cats from my stepson's mom coz she couldn't keep them no more. So that's how we got our first two, then my sister in law found a little straycat that i couldn't stay no to, so that's how we got the third. Then last year we wanted to surprise my stepson with his very own pet, coz we were moving to a house instead of our basement appartment and he'd have his own room for the first time, he's terrified of being by himself so to help him out we got him the hamster so he wouldn't feel totally alone. It did help a lot!

We got our dog when we moved to our house, both my hubby and I always had dogs but we just didn't have the room for one before now. The reptile i'm getting for my hubby's birthday at the end of the month, and we want to get another dog (sheltie) as a playmate once Penny is a little older. And then... that's the end of it, no more! lol.

Thanks to Keyodie!
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Old 10-09-2005, 10:23 AM
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I have 2 dogs, a cat a rabbit a hamster and various fish

The cat came first ,she is 11 years old now, weve had her since she was a tiny kitten
we have had many dogs over the years, but Joey is my first dog while im living on my own, i took on the cat when i took on my mums house after she died
ive always wanted another boxer, its been my dream to have 2, i have adored the breed since i was really young.
i got joey as a pup, when he was 8 weeks old, he is 3 years old now
then i got mitzi nearly 3 weeks ago, she is from a Boxer rescue and is 7 years old
so I now have a red boxer and a brindle boxer, so who knows maybe i will decide to get a white one soon and have one of each colour LOL

dont know if i could cope with 3 crazy dogs running round
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Old 10-09-2005, 10:50 AM
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I have a ferret, two cats and a dog. I started keeping ferrets when I was in college. I had three ferrets at one time, but the other two passed to the Rainbow Bridge. Trunks is my only baby left.

Max (number one kitty) is my husband's sidekick from bachelor days. He's an odd cat: he'd devoted to my husband in a way that would put Lassie to shame. I'm just the annoying woman who must be tolerated because I fill the food bowls.

Yoda (number two kitty) came about as a companion for Max. We had just lost our previous dog, who Max just adored. Poor Max would walk around the house at night just wailing, and looking for the dog in all of his usual sleeping places. So we got Yoda, and Max was happy. It was so funny, he'd carry that kitten around by the scruff of the neck, curl up with him, and hold him down and wash him. Whether Yoda liked it or not, LoL. I never saw a male cat be so maternal.

Zeus came along after we bought our first house. We'd been wanting another dog, but wanted to be sure we had a stable place to live, first.

And remarkably, everyone gets along wonderfully. Zeus has a high prey drive toward small animals, so he's not allowed to play with the ferret, but aside from that everything is great. Max and Zeus love to run amok throughout the house, playing chase with each other. Yoda is more sedate, and Zeus loves to wash him. Haha, whenver Zeus washes Yoda with that huge tongue, the cat looks like somebody gave him a swirly.
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