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Old 11-11-2010, 02:37 AM
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Default How many commands does your dog know?

I was watching Dogs Decoded, and they said the average dog only knows about fifteen commands. Now, because this IS a dog board, our dogs may know an above average amount, but I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone's dog knows.

Get out (leave the room)
Go get it
Hand it to me (usually toys, but he will sometimes pick stuff up that I've dropped)
Roll over
Stop (not really stop moving, but stop what you're doing)
Go get your (ball, tug, bone, chuckit ball, frisbee)
Hup (load up, jump over or on something)
Up (stand up on your back legs)
Heel (loosely by my side)
Foos (German for heel, but this is his attention heel)
Let's go (move forward after being stationary smelling something on a walk or whatever)
Take it
Drop it
Leave it
Get in (the **** tub)

Oz knows more stuff, and recognizes a LOT of words, but these are all commands that he will reliably respond to. He recognizes a lot of food words as well as words pertaining to him, his toys, going for a ride, etc

Watch me
Take it
Drop it
Leave it
Sit (she'll sit UP now too, but I figured that's not a different command)
Heel (her attention heel command)
With me (her walk with me loosely command)
Around (the right finish in rally)
Get in (her left finish in rally)
Load up (the car, she knows the context)
About (left about in rally)
Drop (on recall, emergencies, etc)
Hup (jump on this, or over this)
Go to your bed
Get out (of the kitchen dammit!)
Let's go (same as Ozzy's)
In (the tub)
Be still (hold your standing position. I use her as a brace occasionally)
Front (rally again)
Come here (rest your upper body in my lap)
Off (of whatever)
Stop (whatever it is you're doing, STOP IT!)

Enzo knows a lot of other things, like the down in motion, drop on recall, sit in motion, the thing that USED to be called a down in motion in rally where you stop and the dog immediately downs instead of sitting. We're working on teaching Find The Car right now, but it's not solid, so I left it off. Ummm, I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff she knows...
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Old 11-11-2010, 03:06 AM
Saeleofu Saeleofu is offline
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Gavroche ~52
stay (used with sit/down/stand)
go up (go upstairs)
stop (stop what you're doing...different than Logan's "stop")
heel (side)
allons-y (heel)
swing/finsih (left finish)
around (right finish)
here (right turn)
out (left turn)
let's go (loose leash walk after we've been stopped)
CALM DOWN! (emergency down)
leave it
drop it
get it
bring it here
take it
hup (jump)
in (in anything...his crate, someone else's crate, the car, a room, under a blanket, in my shirt...)
forward (start guiding)
go home
go car (find the car)
go on (go out ahead of me...come to think of it "go" generally implies he'll be leading out ahead of me, even if it's only a short distance)
go potty (go pee)
go poop (yes, I have to specifically tell him to poop, or he won't poop lol)
hurry up (go potty or poop NOW)
shhhh/quiet (don't have to use this very often with Gavroche)
pivot (left pivot, 90 or 180...right pivot is same as right turn)
shake (hand shake)
shake shake shake (shake water off...yeah doubled that command but this one is only used after a bath/swimming)
high five
don't (warning not to do something...usually barking at random dudes)
clucking (speed clucking to a horse)
look (watch me)
out (get out of the car...and yeah just realized I doubled that command too lol...I fail xD)
Are you hungry? (go find your feeding spot and wait patiently for me so I can feed you)
dig in (release to eat)
allright all done (release)
target (poke something with his nose)
fix it (untangle the leash)
pull (pull HARD...we were starting learning to pull things)

Logan ~56

stay (used with sit/down/stand)
go home
find the car
exit (find an exit)
find the bathroom
go potty (go pee)
go poop
hurry up (potty or poop NOW)
last call (we're heading in to work after a potty more pee and we're done)
lap (paws in my lap)
hup-up (paws on my shoulders)
go get it
bring it here
let's go (loose leash walk after we've been stopped)
take it
hup/jump (just started learning this one yesterday...along with his first tunnel and teeter)
forward (start guiding, or continue on stairs)
stop (usually used during guiding)
left (turn left)
here (turn right)
go up (go upstairs)
around (right finish)
swing (left finish)
block at intersections (no verbal or hand cue...the street is the cue)
I chew on my hand - he pokes me in the knee with his nose (no verbal cue)
I flap my arms - he pokes me in the stomach with his nose (no verbal cue)
back (back up...can be in heel, front, etc)
easy (slow down)
clucking (like to a horse...speed up)
whoa (slow down when we're biking)
out (move away from me when we're biking)
don't (warning to not do whatever I know he's considering doing)
leave it
drop it
look (watch me)
load in (sounds an awful lot like "Logan" with a speech impediment when spoken lol...get in the car)
wait (less formal stay)
unload (get out of the car)
Are you hungry? (kennel up and wait for me to feed you)
dig in (release to eat)
allright all done (release)
straight (follow the right side of a path...used when guiding)
chill (calm down, settle down...our "working stay" for 30 min+ stays, allows him to get up, turn around and lay back down to get comfortable)
find a seat (find and empty seat/bench)
down under (get under a chair/bench)
fix it (untangle the leash)
poke (poke target with his nose)
touch (touch target with foot/paw)
...and I just realized I don't have an emergency down cue for Logan...I should get on that...

I know I'm forgetting's late and I'm tired. But that covers most of it, anyway. Logan has a crapload more to learn, too. Gavorche needs to learn some more stuff too for rally - specifically backing up, which he's not too fond of.

ETA: Yeah I already remembered some I forgot lol

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Old 11-11-2010, 03:07 AM
Michiyo-Fir Michiyo-Fir is offline
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Hmm Nia knows quite a lot, I don't even know if I remember them all

- sit
- down
- sit stay
- down stay
- wait (for when the door's open or when we're going from sidewalk to the road)
- heel
- upstairs
- downstairs
- on (furniture)
- off (furniture)
- wait there (designated area while i prepare her food)
- kisses
- scratchies
- scratch my head
- turn
- circle (around me)
- bang!
- touch
- shake hands
- high five
- beg
- jump (over obstacles and my leg/arm)
- upup (jump into my arms from the floor by bouncing off my thighs)
- drop it
- leave it
- look at me (focus)
- pick it up
- go to bed (crate)
- get up (from down to stand up)
- roll over
- back back back (back up)
- catch
- find it (ball or toy)
- stop
- run (with me/at the same speed as me)
- want water? (go to water bowl and wait for me to fill it)
- get in (car)
- let's go outside
- take it off (pull her head out of the harness when I unbuckle it)
- going to the park
- take a bath

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Old 11-11-2010, 03:41 AM
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Well they all know the word "Shutup!l" lol (especially Elliot, cause he hears it the most..Especially this time of year with all the squirrels along the fence and in the trees,he barks non stop).
"Get out"(as in "I didnt invite you in my room yet, Get out!" usually only said to Cartman.
Sit (the only basic command i taught them all)
"leave it" (as in that cat)
"stop!!"(as in "stop eating that cat poo!!") usually used on Daggett and Charlotte

Bjorn is the only one ive done basic obedience with, and Bohdi will be doing CGC so he can become a therapy dog.
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Old 11-11-2010, 07:34 AM
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Depends on whether you count only verbal commands (which many "non-dog people" think is the only way to cue a dog) or non-verbal cues (either body language or intentional, on my part, environmental cues).

If you include all the above, the older two are probably well over a hundred now, and the puppy is gaining fast.

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Old 11-11-2010, 07:48 AM
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um lots?

Not counting all the things you need for competitive obedience up to the open level, or what you need for rally and agility..

She knows 'mine' (aka leave it)

'get it' which means go pick up what ever I point at.

'bring it here' bring me what ever is in your mouth (very handy when she has food she shouldn't)

(my dog retrieving hot dog wieners)

'go' kinda from agility but it means move away in a straight line, great when she is in the way.

'don't hump the puppy' its sad this needed a cue. But Dekka has a strange issue with wanting to hump the odd puppy when they are about 6 months. Had to train this when Scandal was here. Dekka would get 'the look' in her eye and I would say "don't hump the puppy' and she would sit and look at me all innocent like.

Spin, in both directions (hand cue)

'turn' (there is both hand or verbal) mostly for agility but still fun.

'head dead' really dead when playing dead.. to the point you can start lifting her with her back legs and she stays limp.

bark (hand cue)

quiet bark (hand to lips)

waive (hand cue)

'up' jumps on what ever I am pointing too
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Old 11-11-2010, 08:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Dekka View Post
um lots?...
I like that answer!
Let's see, Caleb has the basic/novice obedience stuff:
Heel (both for walking and for doing a right finish on a recall)
Get Back (left finish)

Then we have:
Go lay down
Go to bed (lay on mat, or get in crate or truck)
Get close
Back up(both from in front of me and while heeling)
Over (all three jumps)
Take it
Get the other one
Leave it
High Five
Head down
Bring it here
Can you pick that up please?
Get in (for making left circles, turns)
Hurry (right circles)
Listen (pay attention to me)
Go in the bathroom
Get in the tub

Whew! I think that's all.
My Labrador Retriever Was Handler Impaired
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Old 11-11-2010, 09:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Shai View Post
Depends on whether you count only verbal commands .....

Both of mine know the verbal commands for all the basics and tons (probably couldn't even remember them all to list) besides that. Plus, they know a whole bunch of hand signals and other body language that were taught at the same time the verbal was............and they understand the signals without the words. So would that mean counting the commands TWICE because they know them in two different 'languages' so to speak? LOL

But just verbally:

Leave it (sometimes 'mine')
Out (for leaving the room)
Inside (for when it's time to come in but they don't wanna, LOL)
Roll over
Be dead
Sneaky (this signals Orson to do his 'dober stalk' )
Bring it here
Kick it
Back up
No feet (yes, Orson plays rough with his feet so he had to be taught that one)
Go find it
Go to your bed

Uhm............I can't think of them all, but there are lots more!! We don't practice them all the time anymore, neither are pups, they know and understand the commands, so they are only used when needed nowadays hahahah
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Old 11-11-2010, 09:47 AM
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Well, Jackson knows a lot, too. Here is his trick list:

jump through hoop
close door
open door (pulling on rope)
spin/spin the other way
get me a tissue
take my socks off
put the socks away (putting them in a basket)
roll over
cover your eyes
cop cop (your feet on mine)
drop it
sit pretty
say your prayers
play dead
weave through legs
take a bow
back up
shame (head under pillow)
shoot a basketball

I probably missed some, but those were his tricks, not even including the words and phrases he understands and knows. Like "want a treat?" and "daddy is home!" and "who's here?" etc. Things like that.
Brit & Jackson

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Old 11-11-2010, 10:27 AM
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This is hard! I know I'm forgetting some because most aren't "tricks" that you train a lot and show off to people but just handy commands that make life easier and safer.

Over Here/There (good on walks, if she's too close to the road I can say that and she'll veer left/right)
High five (left, right, both)
Open (the door)
Close (the door)
Leave it
Go (can be used for different things, if I need her to go in front of me for ex)
Out (the room, the paddock, the stall, etc)
Load up (car)
Up (put front legs up on my lap, bed, etc)
That'll do
Hup hup (< and ^ both used while on cows)
Settle Down
Get ______
Bring it here
Drop it
Leave it
Back up

Leave it
Back (kind of, it's getting there)

so far!

Quinn - English Shepherd

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