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Old 11-03-2010, 09:34 AM
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Default What was your first impression of your dog?

Just curious. I hear a lot of people have that whole eye's meet and they know that's their dog... can't say that happened for me at all. Nikki and I did. I met her and she and her brothers were in a box in the people's house. Nikki popped out and I picked her up and never even looked at the other two. The owners told me she was trouble. We spent the whole time there just playing and playing. It was definitely love at first sight.

Summer I knew from since she was a puppy but I didn't get her until years later. I thought she was a strange looking puppy and so did my parents. My dad even mentioned it to me the other day. He said, "Do you remember that ugly puppy in Summer's litter?" Um dad... that was Summer. Luckily she grew into herself- But when I went to pick her up to bring her home she was four. She seemed right away to be very very angry with me. She gave me hateful glares the entire ride home. She hated Beau because he tried humping her repeatedly. And she ended up following me around the house for the first week and refusing to leave my bedroom. I was wondering what I'd gotten into to be honest.

And Mia... I met her and thought she was adorable at first. Then I noticed she didn't seem very friendly towards me. Looking back on it she was probably trying to figure me out. She screamed at the top of her lungs the entire 6 hour drive home. She started the second I pulled in the driveway. I brought her home and Nard ran her over and made her faceplant. Mia turned around and snapped hard at him. Then I was wondering what I'd done. That night she screamed the whole night and continued to do so for weeks on end. And she chewed so bad too.

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Old 11-03-2010, 09:50 AM
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Lucy was a total love bug. The shelter had a fenced in area you could take dogs out in, with toys and space to run around. Zach and I took her out and threw a ball, and she ran around our ankles rubbing against us like a cat begging for attention. We spent the whole time out there with her crawling in our laps for cuddles and getting love.

They let us take her out on a walk then, and put her on an easy walk harness. Holy moly, that dog nearly ripped our arms off. We were so enthralled by her spark and curiosity though--she loved life and everything in the world and was excited to see and smell and pee on it all .

Pretty accurate, actually--the pulling has calmed down, but the spark and the snuggles are still just as strong as the first day.
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Old 11-03-2010, 09:52 AM
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Victor's photograph I fell in love with. Knew he was THE one. THen I get there and think OMG, what have I gotten myself into. THis dog may be too far gone. HE was nothing but flailing limbs and add hyperactivity. HIs head swiveled around on his neck like the Exorcist. HE jumped compulsively, on everything from people to walls. THE more you tried to get him down, the more desperate he became to crawl inside your sinuses. CT a member here was critical in saving him from this behavior for I had tried everything with no success. YOu coudlnt' get him to slow down long enough to get a message through to his brain. He gave me a black eye, and we were all scratched to ribbons and felt pummeled.. He didn't sleep and he didn't eat.
I think it was an awful good thing I had made up my mind BEFORE I arrived and stuck with my gut first reaction.

Pepper..I knew she was smart, and she was beautiful, but she was so closed up inside, I didnt' know if she could be reached, if her trust had been blown so far out that she no longer cared. I called her "the cat that walked by himself",

Victor had already done time in a shelter and no one had adopted him. If it wasn't for Connie pulling him out on his last day he would be gone. HE was all of 5 months old.

I honestly believe Pepper would have just kept running away from people until she got hit. That was my first impression of her, and why I couldnt' give her to anyone or turn her over to a shelter. I knew if that behavior wasn't corrected it woudlnt' matter where she went, she would be a dead dog. I have never seen any animal shoot across the road like she did. It was like watching a brown bullet.

Mary, I opened her birthday wrapping, and wiped her dry telling her "your my baby girl for always and always." I knew, with her first breath, that she was a part of me and I was going to be a part of her. Sometimes you just know.

Go Petie Go Go Who Go!

love comes in many directions with mary

Side by side on the sofa sat three annoyed dogs and one smug cat
and then in came a little white kitten,
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Old 11-03-2010, 10:00 AM
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I saw Murphy through the glass at the humane society first. I think my first reaction was OMG CUTE then hmmmm....what an oddly shaped dog. LOL. Then we got to do a meet and greet with him and my sister's dog and the very first thing he did was pee on a chair. I believe my exact words were "He's good. I can tell." And I was right.

I didn't even get to meet Mu before I brought her home. I met one of her sisters (she was from an oops litter before I knew better ) and fell completely in love. Within the first ten minutes of getting Mu home she peed on the floor and bit me hard enough to leave marks. I will not ever have a puppy again but it was so so worth for the Mu dog.

I saw Tipper online and it was like Murphy, I just KNEW. Seemed weird to me at the time but I was dead on and I will not ever doubt that instinct again. She fits.

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Old 11-03-2010, 10:30 AM
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Ares was a terror. He was very in tune from the start, he'd look straight into my eyes, he'd watch me move around. He'd let me pet him but didn't get all warm and fuzzy about it, when I tried to pick him up he got very fussy. When I tried to get him to roll over (think belly rub, not alpha roll) he wanted nothing to do with the idea. He had so much attitude I just couldn't resist.

Morgan was picked for me by both the breeder and the woman who would have been her handler had she done breed ring. So I went to the breeder's house and Morgan was the first pup to run over to me. I scooped her up and cradled her in my lap while the other pups had no interest in me. After I sat there petting her, holding her, playing with her and still no interest from the others for almost an hour the breeder informed me that she was the pup they'd picked for me. Little did I know the sweet little puppy act was all a ruse.

When I went to see Tyr, there were only two pups left out of a litter of eight. I loved his intensity and the way he looked the breeder in the eye while they played. I gave him a deposit but needed to do some prep before bringing home a pup, so a week later I went back and got Tyr. It was about an hour drive home and by the time we got there Tyr had thrown up and was seriously foaming at the mouth and trembling violently. I almost turned around to bring him back to the breeder, but decided to give him a chance to warm up to us. I wrapped him in a towel and held him and he continued to tremble for a long time.

I got Morgan out (she's always been great with puppies) and he watched Morgan come over and give me a kiss and he watched Morgan walk around the room. His trembling slowed down a bit so I put him on the floor and played with Morgan a bit. Tyr started to get interested in what we were doing and stopped trembling. Then I got up and walked around and the two of them followed me. I'd stand still and Morgan would walk around and Tyr followed her. She'd stand still while I walked around and he'd follow me. After a few minutes of that, I decided to keep him for a while. I had doubts, but needed to see. And six years later I'm so glad I did.

Nyx was picked for me by the breeder and shipped. The first time I met her she'd just come off a very long flight. She was tired, she was hungry and boy was she cranky. She blinked her eyes at me a couple of times and once she realized I had food she screamed at me. The next day, after she'd had some rest, she started the morning by peeing on my chest and biting my nose. I loved her right then and there.
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Old 11-03-2010, 10:43 AM
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The shelter had posted a group shot of T-Bone's litter and her head popped out in the background and I told Dan that I HAD to see her. So we drove to Raleigh- I think it was about a 3 hour drive one way.

When we got there, they let in the play area with her. There was a tennis ball in there that I lightly bounced and she went puppy-galloping after it but had trouble bringing it back because her mouth wasn't big enough. Bless her heart. Instead, she came bouncing back, hopped on my lap (I was sitting on the floor) and licked my chin, then snuggled in my lap.

That was it. They wouldn't let her go without being spayed, so we came back about 3 weeks later and picked her up.
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Old 11-03-2010, 10:54 AM
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My first thoughts about her?

1) How could someone want to give away something this bloody adorable!

*take Izzie home...*

2) Oh... That's why... Where's her "off" button?

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Old 11-03-2010, 10:59 AM
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My sister's first thought was "why is there a fox in the house?!"

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Old 11-03-2010, 10:59 AM
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I remember going to get Jackson. It was just from a BYB..... some chicks dog had puppies in Baltimore City. My dad drove with me because he didn't want me driving into Baltimore by myself. So I go into her house, knock on her door, welcomes us in and I saw 2 little male puppies she was carrying in her arms. They honestly both looked exactly the same. And then... this other chick comes in the house to pick a puppy too! Argh. It was sooo awkward because I'm like holding one puppy and am like "uh, ya wanna trade?" hahah. Like I didn't know how to act or what to do.

So basically Jackson was "puppy #1" and the other was "puppy #3". So I swapped puppy #3 for puppy #1 and then I did kind of know. I had that feeling that he was mine. He felt comforted in my arms, whereas the other was like scared to death. So anyways, after I make my decision, the 'breeder' goes on to tell me that "puppy #1 gets car sick! He's gotten sick both times to the vet". I was like, oh GREAT. Sure enough, we get him in the car and he puked all over me, LOL. I thought I had picked the wrong dog for sure. He was sooo shy, he seemed scared, but once we got home... I knew I had made the right decision. He settled right in, he LOVED my dads dog, Lily and was really comforted by another dog being there. So basically after that car ride home, I was 100% sure I loved him already!

This was the first few minutes we were home:
YouTube - Jackson's first few minutes in his new home
YouTube - Jackson's first day at home
Brit & Jackson

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Old 11-03-2010, 11:14 AM
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Blaze was in the back of the store in a huge "room" the walls were like 3 feet high, so you could look over, and touch puppies. it was large probably 10X10 feet. with about 10-15 other puppies ranging in all different breeds. He was the only one left of the breed I was looking for collie/sheltie breeds. He was CRAZY playing nuts with a toy one second and a small pom puppy the next lol. The store owner said there was 5 more, but all were sold as they had blue eyes and blue coats, he was the only sable. which wsa fine to me, since I really only like the sable colour any way lol.

Solo was just getting back from the vet and the shelter worker had him wrapped up in a towel they handed me a bag of meds, medical gastro food (a case) and said to call if I had an problems. I didnt see how horrible his condition was until I got in the car and unwrapped him. Im talking literally skin and bones and a gut full of worms. I didnt think "oh I need to keep him" just Ill get him better and he will find a new home. That was the plan until Ryan (SO) fell in love with the rascal lol
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