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Old 06-16-2010, 09:35 PM
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Oh Outline! Sorry. I missed that part of your post the first time through, where you suggested to go outside too. LOL. (great minds think alike)
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Old 06-16-2010, 09:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Baxter'smybaby View Post
is he allowed free access to the apartment, or do you use a crate at all? I wonder if all the activity of an apt. building is overstimulating him--he can't see all that is going on, but can hear and smell--and perhaps it is confusing to him.
Are there other animals in the building?
I agree with making a space that he has to go to when people come in the apt. You can teach him "place"-have him go to a mat/towel/whatever, as his space to stay when people come in. I would also try to desensitize him to people coming in and out--by setting the situation up to occur when you expect it--so you can direct him on his behavior knowing that someone is going to ring the bell, or enter, etc.
Have you done any clicker training with him? That may be helpful to redefine desired behaviors.

i HAVE a clicker, but never actually pursued any clicker training with him. He has free access to the apartment 100% we even let him run in the hallway since the section we're in only has 3 units on it, and the neighbours don't mind him squealing and running up and down the hallway, i could see that since the windows are a bit too high for him to look out but that'll be changed as we're already moving into a biggeru nit in the building (just waiting for the approval to go through) He was only ever crated as a puppy and that's cause he'd quite literally eat everything in the house before he got out of that stage, he hasn't used a crate now in atleast a year minimum, we don't even have one in the house.
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Old 06-16-2010, 10:01 PM
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actually reading over all the amazing posts (Ty guys, i really appreciate the help you're all offering, it's the best i've gotten thus far) i DID try meeting my friends outside. and bringing jack out with me so that when he did pee, he did it outside where it's supposed to be going. He was still overly excitable, as he always has been, and when we brought him in with my friends he was still excitable but wasn't peeing everywhere. I'll continue trying this with the company issue

I'll take a urine sample for the vet and have them check again, it's been his vet ever since he was a puppy.

it normally happens as SOON as i grab the harness, he's never been tied to anything using the harness as a punishment tool, it's only ever been used to take him outside. I tried getting it on him and leaving it on him for the day since it doesn't obstruct anything he does, and went about our day as we normally would with the lovey dovey cuddling and snuggling and everything as normal, and he was fine and jumped around a bit when i took it off, i thought hey!!! We fixed it!!! But as soon as I grabbed it again alter that day to take him out - pee again...

even grabbing it to just put it in my lap would make him pee, he doesn't cower WHEN he pees, he just does it, and then slinks off. I don't know what to say it other than he's probably one of the most intuitive dogs i've ever met, i swear to god he's an alien sometimes and he can fully understand everything i say to him, if i talk to him he looks up at me like he's talking back or he'll sit there and stare me down if i'm doing something stupid with friends or something. He's an insanely smart pup, and has a lot of obedience TYPE training, i've been training dogs now for over 15 years with commands like sit, lay down, and some trick related ones. He follows them all the time, and he always gets rewarded with pets and a treat.

This is the only issue, only REAL issue, we've ever had with him, and it's very recent, but given some of the things everyones mentioning, i'm going to attempt them over the next couple of weeks or a month or two and see how it pans out. If it keeps getting worse, yet his urine sample comes back clean im going to try and look into the belly bands that were suggested, also going to find his collar and put it on him to see if i can desensitize him to the harness and then in a couple months switch back. You guys are being a huge help so far I definately appreciate it. i'll keep updated with any progress or declination in progress
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Old 06-22-2010, 03:33 PM
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Default Update!!!!!

Firstly, I want to thank you all for your advice, and tips. I have some amazing news that I am thrilled to announce, it seems that this little habit Jack's picked up has passed. This past weekend I went camping and took him to my mom's house, where we used to live. He has my younger brother who's 10, my mom's boyfriend and her, and my brother alone matches his energy level. He came home completely exhausted, slept most of yesterday, and when I went to take him out at his normal time when we got home, he didn't pee on the floor!!! He still cowered, which I was sad to see But he got tons of praise, and was rolled over on the floor and tackled with kisses when I didn't see that dreaded, unfriendly yellow doom spot.

I think that one of the posters may have been right about stimulation of the apartment, as he had the ability for 4 days to run around and see everything and he came back a completely different pup. I've arranged with my mom, for Jack's benefit, to go back there every weekend so that he can run around and get rid of all the frustration of being in this apartment.

Also more good news, we've been approved to move upstairs which will allow him constant outside access (we are lucky enough to have a front yard on the first floor that we can use for whatever we wish) and he'll be able to see much more than he can down here.

I'll keep posting as you guys have been a huge help, and eventually get some pics of my baby somewhere up on the site if i can find the place LOL
Thank you all again

OH! one more thing, I took the "Safe place" Idea just in case, and used a towel on the floor incase he did pee he wouldn't ruin anything, and it seemed to help too he went right to it when i went to put the harness on him So thank you all, I really truly appreciate this
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Old 06-22-2010, 04:33 PM
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Thanks for keeping us posted! We're looking forward to seeing pics of your little guy, too, and getting to know more about him -- and you
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