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Old 04-06-2010, 06:28 PM
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Default Advice please on two dogs that need homes

Hi everyone,

A few months ago, my husband and I found two chihuahuas wandering around our front yard near the L.A. area. We aren't dog people, but I'd had a friend whose dogs were killed when a gardener left their gate open, and I didn't want anyone to go through what my friend went through. We put the dogs in our yard and put up flyers, took them to be screened for microchips, went door to door in our neighborhood, checked at the local pet store, and have heard nothing. Neither of them have been spayed or neutered, and we can't afford to pay for it. We wish we could but we just cant. They are the sweetest dogs and we don't want them to be put to sleep (our local pound is TERRIBLE), but we can't afford to keep them. I've become so disgruntled about rescue shelters in the area. Nobody will call or e-mail me back, even with advice. I can't get a hold of a single person. I wouldn't mind fostering the dogs if it was temporary, but my husband and I can't keep them. We don't have the time to give them a good home, and we can't afford their medical expenses. They are the sweetest dogs and like to sit in your lap and are incredibly well behaved. I'd hate to see anything bad happen to them. I'm sad because my husband says I need to take them to the SPCA this week.

Does anyone have any advice for us? Should we take them to the pound or is there something else we can do that we haven't thought of? We are so disgruntled about animal rescue shelters. We can't believe nobody has even called or emailed to give us advice. We tried to do a good thing, but sadly we have learned that if we see any dogs wandering around, we need to turn a blind eye and just hope they end up okay.

Thank you for any suggestions you can give.
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Old 04-06-2010, 08:42 PM
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I've heard that chis are EXTREMELY abundant in the L.A. area, so much so that shelters are transporting them to other states where they are adopted immediately. That's likely why you're not hearing back from rescues or shelters - they're already full with chis.

There's always the option of a Chaz transport! Anyone know anyone who needs two chis??? (Unfortunately they're pretty abundant in TX as well.)
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Old 04-06-2010, 09:10 PM
Brattina88 Brattina88 is offline
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lizb has a good suggestion! Have you tried contacting rescues out of the area?? Transports can be arranged! The rescue I foster through pull dogs from out of state and gets them to OH all the time

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Old 04-06-2010, 09:55 PM
JennaMichelle1 JennaMichelle1 is offline
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I will definitely start contacting shelters out of state, I didn't know we could do that. Thank you so much for your help!
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Old 04-06-2010, 09:58 PM
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Seriously, check out southern Maine. We get alot of transports from down south, and on the 1st day dogs are avaiblable for adoption they are snatched up with people waiting in line at the door.
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Old 04-06-2010, 10:55 PM
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They had a plane Jet Blue I think that brought chis in from California to NY. So you might want to contact some rescue groups in NY also. Do they seem to be a bonded pair?

Originally Posted by JennaMichelle1 View Post
I will definitely start contacting shelters out of state, I didn't know we could do that. Thank you so much for your help!
Try rescue groups instead of shelters out of state. Shelters here also PTS if to full.

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Old 04-07-2010, 12:31 PM
TheGoldenRetriever's Avatar
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Hi Jenna!

So great of you and your husband to temporarily house those little Chis. Not sure which rescues you've already contacted, but following is a rather large list for you to look at. I've tried to keep most within California, but there are contacts in other states as well. Right now there's a BIG demand for Chihuahuas in Colorado, particularly in the Denver area. (Shelters there are chock-full of large dogs, so people in Colorado looking to adopt small dogs currently have few options.) So that's one option if you have to try out of state. Good luck!!

Here's the list:

Chihuahua Rescue of Burbank (Says they never turn down any Chihuahua in need of rescue, but also lists their phone number as "for emergenices only, please". :/ )

8913 W. Olympic Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Web Site: Chihuahua Rescue We rescue Chihuahuas at Chihuahua Rescue. As seen in People magazine, TV & more- Sanctuary for over 200 dogs.

Chihuahua Rescue of Burbank Hotline
Emergencies Only, please
(818) 972-9228

EMail volunteer Dave at: [email protected]

Long Beach Small Dog Adoption ( Will allow finders to foster in-home and will list Chihuahuas in those foster homes)

Web Site: Long Beach Small Dogs

Email Carol at: [email protected]

Santa Barbara Chihuahua Rescue (May allow finders to foster in-home and list Chihuahuas in those foster homes)

c/o Barbara J. Hout, Esq.
P. O. Box 3474
Santa Barbara, CA 93130

Phone: 805-563-1385

Email: [email protected]

Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego
(Note the number is a FAX, no phone number available)

Web Site: Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego - Home

Fax: (858) 277-8436

Email: [email protected]

Small Dog Rescue

Web Site: Small Dog Rescue.Org small breed dog rescue and adoption in Chico, CA, Redding, Sacramento, Butte County

Covers Chico, Sacramento, Roseville, Lincoln, CA Area

P. O. Box 8914
Chico, CA 95927
[email protected]

Chihuahua Rescue and Transport (No phone number)

Web Site: Chihuahua Rescue and Transport, Inc. - nationwide Chihuahua Rescue group

One email address covers questions regarding adoptions and surrenders: [email protected]

Facebook page for Pet Airways of Los Angeles Chihuahua Rescue:

Web Site: Pet Airways?? Los Angeles Chihuahua Rescue ? | Facebook

California Dog Rescue
Web Site: California animal rescue and adoption assistance

Site above has a grid with a VERY large list of California shelters and rescue agencies, including public and private. Includes many animals and is not Chihuahua or even dog-specific. But the columns will tell you which ones to contact. You can pick and choose from this list as the last column on the right tells you the facilities that are no-kill.

Web Site: Chihuahua Rescue

Site above has a shorter list of just Chihuahua rescues, has many states including Western states. Again, there's a big demand for Chihuahuas at rescues in Colorado ... particularly Denver area, so if trying other states may want to consider Colorado first.

Since Colorado is looking for Chihuahuas, here's one specifically for that state:
(Note: Web site lists as a "online store" but actually links to their rescue site)

Chihuahua & Small Dog Rescue, Inc.
Contact: Sue Fisher
53 Monk Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80911

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (719) 291-3536
Web site: Our online store is now open! Please visit Shop Online Page

Chihuahua Rescue in various states:

Web Site: Chihuahua Rescue Groups

This last one doesn't have an individual web site, but does have phone and email contact as well as a contact name:

Chihuahua Club of Northern California, Rescue
Contact: Renee' Harris, Rescue Chairperson
P.O. Box 1696
Forestville, CA. 95436
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (707) 887-0190


Last edited by TheGoldenRetriever; 04-07-2010 at 12:43 PM. Reason: Clean up web site listings. :)
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