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Old 02-07-2010, 04:38 PM
rubysoho rubysoho is offline
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Thanks all. I am doing more research on the rottie. In the meantime, these are the breeds I have been considering in no particular order...

Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Brittany (any protection went out the window here!)
Smooth Coat Collie
Aussie Shepherd

Still open to more suggestions. I am trying to find a local all-breeds show so I can see them all in person and hopefully meet them and their breeders.

The above group includes a range of size and coats. Grooming is not a high priority for me so if I have to clean the house a bit more then that is not a problem! Although I do not want to be at the groomers every month either.

I do want to do Agility and Obedience.
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Old 02-07-2010, 04:45 PM
Zoom's Avatar
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I was going to say Aussie until you hit the grooming part. They have great wash n' wear coats but do shed quite a bit. It can be managed with regular grooming, baths and a good diet though. Otherwise, they fit the majority of your requirements. And they do come in black bi, black/tan or black tri with minimal white, if you're looking for the common "OMG black and tan, it'll bite me!" reaction. They have decent guarding instincts as well. Now, you're going to be very hard pressed to find a dog with minimal white in AKC show breeders, they breed for as much flash as possible. But working breeders, rescue and ASCA breeders are better places to look. I can give you a list of referrals if this is a route you'd like to go.

Some do chase cats, some are horrible with cats, some have cats as their best friends. It really depends on the dog themselves.
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Old 02-07-2010, 04:50 PM
Artfish Artfish is offline
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A note on rotties and kids... they can be AWESOME. As a kid, our neighbors had an intact male they kept chained out. The dad was a drunk and a mess and the dog was basically a lawn ornament that would bark at everyone in sight. One day, I was walking home from elementary school and passed by their house. The teenage kids were outside and the dog was barking and lunging on his chain at me. Well, of course, the chain busted and that rottie came flying toward me.

I do not come from a dog-savvy or even dog-liking household but always thought this guy was cute. So I saw him coming, knew enough not to run, and just turned to him and happily said, "Hi, Bo!" Sure as the sun, Bo the rottie was positively THRILLED to see me and his whole body wagged to make up for the lack of a tail. And of course I loved up on his smiley self before the teens dragged him away. This guy probably has a crappy life with very little in the way of exercise and socialization and yet he was still so happy to have a kid shower him with attention. All of my other rottie experiences have been positive as well.

Despite the grooming requirements, I think you've described a German shepherd very nicely. A female from German showlines or even German working lines would probably do you very well. Some of the females are around 55-65 lbs which is a very nice, manageable size. You'll have a shadow, but a well bred one will do very well in those activities and that lifestyle. Working lines (and this includes showlines that are bred to work before bred to show) are often VERY biddable... easily trained! And yes, MANY get along extremely well with cats.

A second the boxer suggestion. What about a flat-coated retriever? "Big Black Dog Syndrome" for the deterrent aspect.
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Old 02-07-2010, 05:09 PM
colliewog's Avatar
colliewog colliewog is offline
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You might look into German Shorthair or Wirehaired Pointers too ...
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Old 02-07-2010, 07:53 PM
Bigpoodleperson's Avatar
Bigpoodleperson Bigpoodleperson is offline
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I think a chessie would actually be a really great dog for what you are looking for!! Good luck!
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Old 02-09-2010, 06:39 AM
Paige's Avatar
Paige Paige is offline
Let it be
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I grew up with Brittanys and they are hyper dogs! I have lived happy with a Border Collie for years and before him a Sheltie but neither had anything on my mom's pack of Brits. They were off the charts. I don't know if they are all like this but from the majority I've met they certainly are exuberant dogs.
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Old 02-09-2010, 10:31 AM
Ilyena's Avatar
Ilyena Ilyena is offline
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How about English/Irish setter or English Springer Spaniel? Not sure of the shedding levels of the breeds throughout the year though, I only know that during the summer months the english setters I took care of didn't shed much.
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Old 02-09-2010, 10:57 AM
milos_mommy's Avatar
milos_mommy milos_mommy is offline
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I agree with Rottie, Smooth Collie, or Boxer, I think. A pit bull is more likely to want to be your shadow and some aren't good with cats...although a Chessie might be a good choice, too.
"My favorite color is green, green like newly cut grass. When it comes to green with envy, though, you can stick it up your @ss!" ~ Grammy
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Old 02-09-2010, 08:13 PM
ihartgonzo's Avatar
ihartgonzo ihartgonzo is offline
and Fozzie B!
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Aww, I love Rancid! :3

Anyhoot... I like the Smooth Collie suggestion... because I want to see Smoothie pics! My next dog will hopefully be a Smoothie. Collies are insanely bright, loving, loyal, outgoing dogs and Smoothies are very easy to groom. German Shorthaired Pointers are also AMAZING. So adorable, so active, and super people oriented.

Do you plan on adopting or buying from a breeder?

<3 Erica, Gonzo & Fozzie
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Old 02-14-2010, 08:52 AM
rubysoho rubysoho is offline
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Location: Northern VA
Posts: 44

Originally Posted by ihartgonzo View Post
Aww, I love Rancid! :3

Thanks again for all the suggestions everyone. I have contacted at least one breeder about meeting their Chessies. Still keeping an open mind for the other breeds. I really hope my timeline of October works out. I miss having a dog.
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