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Old 06-17-2005, 10:22 AM
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I'm new to this forum and found this thread when searching for information about allergies. I have two puppies. The younger one, a siberian husky mix, had a rash with a few blisters on her belly last week. My mother noticed and told me it looked like a side effect of hookworms. Well, the vet told me that she had hookworms, but we hadn't treated her because she was ill and the vet wanted to give her time to recuperate. After being treated for hookworms, the rash disappeared but now she has been itching chewing around her tail and near both hind legs. I changed the food this week to Eagle Pack. I typically add garlic and brewer's yeast to their food, but had run out of the brewer's yeast for about two weeks. I started the yeast back this week and have been putting aloe vera on her red spots. It seems to be clearing up, but she still seems itchy. Also, just FYI, I put some A&D diaper rash ointment on her when she seems itchy and that seems to soothe the itch.

I had another dog that died a few years ago and he suffered with allergies (the vet said he was allergic to fleas) his entire life. I had no idea that diet had such an influence on a pet's health. The vet at that time told me that Purina was fine for my dog. It wasn't until my mother took him in and started giving him brewer's yeast that he started to get better. I am doing things completely different this time with my babies!!
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Old 07-08-2005, 09:29 PM
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Originally Posted by JoAndGreytdogz
I am new here but found this thread regarding allergies and had to respond. One of our greyhounds was very sick when we got him (needless to say he wasn't a good racer and retired young - to our benefit :-) ). After Muchresearch and investigating, we finally figured out it was food allergies. It took us the better part of a year, but we figured out he is allergic to most foods. He couldn't eat Any kibble (we tried most brands including the holistic, allergy formulas, etc...).
At first we went through our vet - who wasn't any help at all (sorry to any vets on this board) - they seem to know little about allergies, especially food allergies.
We also tried a holistic vet, who started us on the right track but in the end, we had to do our own research and investigation in order to get to the "bottom" of the problem.

It was the process of elimination that pointed us toward what he is allergic to exactly. We started with a Very plain diet (cooked sweet potatoe with skin, white fish, and another food that I can't remember at this moment)- no supplements. This was fed to him for 6 weeks minimum - until it appeared his symptoms were gone or on the mend (actually he was in such bad shape, it took many more weeks than 6 for him to even start getting better).
Then we very slowly started adding one food at a time, adding a new one every few weeks, providing he didn't react to the new addition. Because he is allergic to SO many foods, this took a Very Long time as we had to start all over again each time he reacted. But we eventually managed to figure out what he could eat (list is much shorted than what he can't eat).

In the end, we put him on the BARF diet (bones and raw food) and he continues to do exceptionally well. His diet consisted of raw turkey thigh meat, raw ground turkey, raw turkey necks, cooked white fish once or twice a week, and a mixture of specific vegetables, - ground up (only the veggies he isn't allergic to), and supplements.

It is now over 2 years later, and he still has the occasional bout with allergies but only very recently has been able to tolerate a little of Solid Gold Fish kibble and we have found a store bought "treat" that he able to eat, in moderation, without reacting.
We have found that if we give him too much of either of these in a short period of time, he reacts.
It is very difficult to find foods without wheat, rice, chicken, or any of the foods that he is allergic too....

His system is very delicate and we have to be very careful what he gets to eat. It has taken a few years, but it is much better than it was.

Within a year of mostly clearing up his problems, he became a very happy dog. He is such a character, smiles all the time (he has a huge smile), wags his whip of a tail at every possible moment...generally, a totally different dog than when we adopted him. Well worth all the work...

Good luck with your investigation.
Thank you for your post, JoAndGreytdogz.
It seems I have to do the same thing you did with the elimination diet. I just got a Chihuahua from a rescue and he is about 10 years old and has allergies. His nose is stuffy and his ears are smelly and itchy. he also has some skin rashes which are not too bad, thank god, but itchy sometimes.
I want to do what's right for him, but it is so difficult to figure out what he is allergic to. The vet just said "Allergies!" and gave him some herbal chinese pills to take that didn't help at all. I started cleaning his ears with Maloseb flash and giving him a bath with Maloseb shampoo which are medicated but not steroidal. It helped with the smell already, but he still scratches his ears and nose. And his congestion is not going away.
I am feeding him all lamb Neura meat brand canned food. I hope it'll help, but so far no results. It's only been about a week since I switches him though. He was on Canidae Chiken food before that.
I just ordered some Lamb Crunchies from Foster&Smith cataloge for treats, since I can't give him anything else but lamb at this point. This is taking me so much time and effort to do all the recearch and find the food and treats! I hope I don't have to actually prepare his food because I just don';t know how I'm going to find the time for that. I just hope what I'm doing now will help. I'm also giving him fish oil supplements, probiotics and Prozyme.
He is a really sweet dog, but so skinny and he had worms when I got him. So they gave him broad spectrum dewormer. And he was given 2 rounds of antibiotics for his kennel cough and one for sinus infection. The worms are gone but so called sinus infection is still here and now they call it allergies.
And on top of that I now learned that kennel cough doesn;t even respond to antibiotics since it's a viral infection! He has yeast now due to all the antibiotics he was given! It is so frustrating!
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Old 07-21-2005, 01:49 PM
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I know that this is and old thread but I just wanted to add something. Actually my dogs don't have allergies but I do and I have to take pred. and I just wanted you to know a few things about it. Many of us w/ allergies find this out but Drs don't tell you and I doubt vets would either.
Pred actually lowers your immune system ability to work properly. SO it actually can cause more problems than what it is trying to help.
On pred your diet can really change. Food can taste different, you gain weight, you can also get cravings and munchies. Plus pred can affect you emotionally. I have known many people that can go from sad to happy back to sad so fast on pred. Anxiety is another fun side effect. Then there is the insomnia and tiredness. It's not fun being up until 3/4 in the am and so tired but not be able to sleep. Plus when you lay down you can't say in on spot and have to move around. There's actually more but this is already way plenty to deal w/. I know that this happens to people and I would think that it would also happen to pets onthis stuff and the bad part for them is that they can't tell us that they are going through this. I know that pred can be good and it does have it's place, believe me it has helped me so much but now that I know this and have experienced it I try to use it as little as possible and for as little as possible. I have also turned to alternative meds and therapy. Both have helped. I know I can never give up my meds, so this has helped.
I just wanted you to know this and I hope it helps! I would imagine that it also affects our pets this way and we really should be made aware of this, but of course they never tell us stuff like this.
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Old 08-05-2005, 11:59 PM
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Well I will throw my 5 cents of experience in. I have a sharpei and have had dobies.All have had allergies. Ruling out flea allergies which then development into secondary staph. your much grain,soy in particular,chicken can also aggravate.........lower protein nothing over 21% . Hi protein over 21-22% aggravates skin allergies. I live in the south and with all our humidity and heat we have ALLERGIES..........I have seen the lower protein and lamb and rice work wonders on the itching and chewing themsellves..........especially in those breeds like terriers,poodles,shitzu's ect............doesn't cost nothing but change in food and watch the protein %. It usually takes at least 4 weeks for improvement.......chicken and rice is not the same and most has little rice but alot of grain.........good luck. I was a vet tech for over 10years and I agree long term predinsone has all kind of terrible problems that turn in to more serious health problems...........
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Old 08-24-2005, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by phyl
I had Corgan our Sieb Husky to the Vet about 3 months ago. Doc said he has allergies. He lost some hair inbetween his legs and he was in terrible pain.
He put him on "Prednisone". It worked! But now it's back again. I called and they said to start him on it again......Does this mean he will always have to take it?? Anyone have this problem? I really hate giving him this med. It makes him drink and eat alot. It can't be good for him. I'll have to take him back to the Doc. But thought I would get some input from some of you.....Phyl

well im not sure if this well help... you can try a raw or holistic diet... that gives them alot of wat they need... though the raw diet is like being vegetarian... they also need other things in their diet other than meat... Holistic kibble though is great... you can get raw inside holistic kibble... which is awesome...

also take him off tap water... put a brita filter on or a filter of some kind as long as it is charcoal filter... then use that... water chemicals can cause problems with the skin...

also get some fish oil... salmon oil. or some other fish oil if you cant get that... use olive oil... it isnt as good but it will help... they need those oils in their diets... if they arent getting them they could have skin problems...

also dont give him a bath every other week... once a month then use baby wipes in between to keep him clean... this way he has his natural oils on his body to make sure that his skin is normal...

no im not a vet but i have studied skin problems alot... i work at a holistic dog food store we sell raw, holistic, oils and otehr things... i hope this helps out alittle
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Old 09-26-2005, 01:10 AM
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Purina in my opinion is nothing but garbage... but that is my opinion.. some people my find their dogs are fine on it... a higher quality food will show you much less problems and will end up costing less in the long run because you use less and you have less problems.. Pred.. is not great to use excessively infact I would never give it to my dogs if I could avoid it at any given time... you could try a holistic vet.. as I treat my dogs very well with many herbs.. it might be what you need... but I really wouldnt' know.. good luck
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Old 12-10-2005, 01:09 PM
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Your dog has been subjected for steroid therapy. It requires treatment with the same drug with tapering dose for at least 10 without discontinuation. If you follow this procedure, definitely you will get good results.
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Old 03-16-2006, 07:35 AM
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Default Allergies

Allergies in all domestic animals have always been a mystery. However, after very extensive research on wild as well as domesticated canines and felines one thing becomes very clear. The so called diagnosed 'allergies' aren't really allergies at all, it all boils down to either a lack of something in the diet, or an overload. The lack stems from an inappropriate diet, and the overload comes from a sudden diet change that contains what the animal was originally lacking. In some cases the lack of certain vitamins and minerals in a diet effects the health, but never shows itself, eg., no outward signs at all. Sometimes however there are outward signs and because it is not known what the animal is missing the 'allergy' is diagnosed. Same goes for the diet change when the diet is more complete, however, this doesn't usually last long once the body adjusts to what was originally missing.
This comes from an animal nutritionist of 35 years experience and one that has done research on both wild and domestic canines and felines. If I'm allowed to post a website that gives more details I can supply it.
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Old 03-16-2006, 11:45 AM
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There are certainly diet related allergies but to state that all allergies are a result of a dietary imbalance is I'm afraid way off the mark. There is just too much documented and prima facia evidence to the contrary.
What one can say is that sensitised animals, over time, may become reactive to more allergens and some of these may be contained in the diet. Remove that allergen by altering the diet and you reduce the allergenic load and hopefully the clinical symptoms.
It is misleading in the extreme for anybody to claim any single "cure" or cause of allergies - the interactions at cellular level are just too complex and interlinked to even consider such a claim seriously.
Ledoc is a Veterinarian.
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Old 03-16-2006, 12:20 PM
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But, Doc, if changing the diet makes the "allergic reaction" stop, then you've essentially solved the problem.

Kinda like the guy who went to the doctor and said, "Doc, when I have my coffee in the morning I get a stabbing pain in my eye." Doc asked him if he took sugar in his coffee and the patient answered "yes."

And Doc replied, "take the spoon out."
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